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Artist Icon WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL WITH LOGIC PRO X? by thebenteights (4 days ago)
The artist tries to be cool and use the big state of the art LPX and suddenly finds himself in a total WTF situation.
Artist Icon Debut Single Coming Soon! by Archaos (12 days ago)
We will be releasing our first single this coming Saturday the 17th of June, 2017!
Artist Icon Embracing constraint by eido (17 days ago)
The challenges - and benefits - of limitations in the creative process.
Artist Icon Maybe A Cassette Release by artneuro (26 days ago)
Maybe the problem is digital after all.
Artist Icon Collab by irok (27 days ago)
my limited skills on this and that... guitar & drums
Artist Icon Oda sobre la melancolia by blancof (1 month ago)
Building My Own cheap guitar - Franky. It´s not the best sound in it, but is good for the money. It was funny to build it. Hurting my ears. Bad eq.
Artist Icon Gregg Allman passed away by KCsGROOVE (1 month ago)
Gregg Allman died at age 69
Artist Icon Amongst The Mountains by Komit (1 month ago)
New EP released on May 6th.
Artist Icon Me is a snail by pharmakeus (1 month ago)
Why I am a snail
Artist Icon Studio Live Session by mre (1 month ago)
Recording session with Paoul Gagnon Sextet
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Podcast Image AVoxx
AVoxx Audio Art
dirigent RSS   iTunes
Podcast Image The musical poetry of solotramp
solotramp's poetry with musical backgrounds posted on iCompositions
solotramp RSS
Podcast Image The Worlds of Mungo and Death Nougat
Selected Mungo and Death Nougat music from iCompositions
Mungo RSS   iTunes
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