I guess I really like to make music using samples of voices and sounds that I record. I use the sound studio program and I try to altar each sample or loop at least a little.
I am always learning new tecniques and try to apply what I have learned. I think my compositions will continue to become more complex and entertaining as time moves on. I really like working with sound, I find myself listening to TV show sound tracks so intently that I actually miss what I am watching.
I would really like a job making sound for like cartoons or advertising. But until then I'll stick with my day job in the Twin Cities.
I think I will have reached a marked significance if I get notified that the US govt. is using my music to make friends and influance people.

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Title Genre Released Plays
Arf Instant Mental Electronica Sep 12, 2005 1325
My dream collaboration Collab Alternative Nov 21, 2005 1253
noisey dishwasher Sound Effects Dec 9, 2005 1681
Collage Radio mp3 Alternative Sep 22, 2007 509
Dog groove (mp3) Alternative Sep 22, 2007 592
Dr. Hook'n You (mp3) Ambient Sep 22, 2007 588
Fallen beach (mp3) Ambient Sep 22, 2007 529
Fluffwieght (mp3) Ambient Sep 22, 2007 580
In my line of work (mp3) Alternative Sep 22, 2007 556
No Loops (mp3) Alternative Sep 22, 2007 597
scotty's big day (mp3) Alternative Sep 22, 2007 744
I am the Man on the moon Alternative Sep 29, 2007 802
Ludwig's Lament (mp3) Alternative Nov 10, 2007 738
US Need You Money(weak vocal track) Alternative Nov 11, 2007 834
US Need You Money Alternative Nov 12, 2007 782
The Peace Ambient May 11, 2008 961


Title Genre Released Plays
My Dream [full collab draft] Alternative Dec 12, 2005 5292
Vap's dream (One more cat licking) Alternative Dec 12, 2005 3181