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Title Genre Released Plays
TURN ON THE LIGHT (techno) Electronica Sep 30, 2008 2393
LIFE I LOVE YOU (electronic) Electronica Aug 30, 2008 560
I SHALL OVERCOME (club) Electronica Jun 11, 2008 1057
NO COCAINE (club) Electronica May 17, 2008 1115
OUR EVOLUTION (lounge) Collab Electronica Apr 19, 2008 1046
GAME FOR LIFE (club) Electronica Apr 17, 2008 649
MUSIC ENTERPRISE (club) Electronica Apr 2, 2008 682
UNDERGROUND (club) Electronica Mar 15, 2008 1069
SHAKE YOUR BODY (club) Electronica Feb 4, 2008 629
DESERT ISLAND (lounge) Electronica Feb 3, 2008 635
EIGHT VOLT (club) Collab Electronica Jan 7, 2008 1648
DAVID LYNCH remix (electro) Collab Electronica Dec 30, 2007 1849
MIDNIGHT ILLUSION (lounge) Electronica Dec 26, 2007 1075
NIGHT JOURNEY (trance) Electronica Dec 10, 2007 1287
CLUB RESIDENCE (club) Electronica Dec 4, 2007 910
VIOLET CHILL (chillout) Electronica Dec 3, 2007 1097
NIGHTCLUBBER (club) Electronica Nov 6, 2007 875
TOUCH TO TIME (lounge) Electronica Oct 23, 2007 773
MYSTERY WOMEN (electro) Electronica Oct 20, 2007 763
GUESS (techno) Electronica Sep 26, 2007 574
CRY FOR YOU (ambient) Electronica Sep 19, 2007 822
ECSTASY (trance) Electronica Sep 19, 2007 1114
DEEP MODE (deep house) Electronica Sep 3, 2007 4196
EMOTION (trance) Electronica Aug 12, 2007 656
SHADOW (electro) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 760
NIGHT LIGHTS (deep house) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 594
LOUNGE TIME (lounge) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 585
LIFE IN MEGAPOLIS (trance) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 658
ESTUARY (electro) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 588
GHOST AND HUNTER (drum&base) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 674
MY TRAVELLING summer remix (trance) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 531
CRAZY CHIPA (house) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 886
FIND AND LOSE (lounge, drum&base) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 529
FUNKY YANKIE (electro funk) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 671
WATER MIRROR (lounge) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 701
RED ROAD (electro) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 630
FANTASY LIFE (trance) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 577
COMPROMISE (trance) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 599
HEAVEN'S LIFE (elctro with guitar) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 627
SUNRISE (lounge) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 625
MY TRAVELLING (trance) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 710
DREAMER (electro with piano) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 584
ANGEL'S SOUL (electro) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 593
BREATH (drum&base) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 619
PEOPLE (trance) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 656
TRANCESOUND (trance) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 568
GREEN CONNECTOR (trance) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 691
SMOOTH DREAM (house) Electronica Aug 9, 2007 977
MUSIC SPEEDWAY (trance) Electronica Aug 8, 2007 647


Title Genre Released Plays
Turn On The Light Dance Oct 4, 2008 3130


Hi, my name is Alexander Glushko.

I was born on June 14, 1984 in the little town named Dneprorudnoe, Ukraine. I was fourteen years old I first took an interest in music. Unfortunately that time I hadnít my own computer and couldnít write music and I had no choice only to dream of it. But I didnít waste my time. With some of my friends who liked music like me I organised a rock band! There were five teenagers. The point was that those days I liked rock and metal. I had a collection of many different musicians and music groups and particularly I was proud of my collection of Metallica. I got all their albums. I knew a biography of each band member of this band!!! I liked them very much. So we organised a rock band. Our band had one bass guitar, two acoustic and two electric guitars and of course drum kit which was in my room. I played a cool red electric guitar with bright yellow plastic under the strings and good brown finger-board with different rock pictures moved under the layer of a special guitar varnish. I enjoyed it very much! We always gathered in my house to compose and play different music and when my parents were out we made a great noise. It was great! Now I remember it with smile. Iíll never forget our youthful striving to become a famous rock group one day. It was very funnyÖbutÖ
But suddenly I moved to Moscow. I was there before for many times and I suggested it could happen. It happened in 2000. There I finished last year of school and then passed my exams to the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry with good marks. From my first year I had so many different and interesting news, innovations, met new people and especially I started intensive studying of medicine so I hadnít enough time for music. May be thatís why from 1998 till 2002 my experience in music paused. In that time line of my music style changed from rock to electronic. Moreover all my old friends stayed in Ukraine and of course our young experience in rock music was over. It was sad. But I opened another progressive music styles for myself and began interested in them. My life was going on and I knew it very well!
In 2002 I bought my first personal computer under Windows OS. I was very happy. It was my first computer. I enjoyed it. I looked for and learned some programs for creating music but nothing interested me! There were only simple programs. So I continued to find something more powerful and once met Reason by Propellerhead. I heard it was good professional software for creating music on computer. I interested in Reason and bought this program in 2005 and I remember it cost 25 dollars for illegal version!!! When I used it I was very surprised of its functionality. It is real good program and if you learn it well it will give you an excellent result and ability to make a high-quality sound. So for two years I used Reason. And one day I met Mac. I found a lot of information about Apple computers, Macintosh OS and of course Garage Band.
It was time to choose! And I did! So I have had Macintosh since I bought it in 2005. I liked it three years ago. I like it today. Simply I think Mac gives you an opportunity to realise yourself in different ways in your home. As you remember I grew up without any personal computer and have been writing music since I had Reason on Windows and the advent of the Macintosh and its unsurpassed Garage Band software made so much pleasure for me to create music! It was like a new age. I canít imagine any program which can be more useful than Garage Band except Logic. I didnít work in Logic. Itís a really great program! And I think everybody who worked in this software can/will agree with me. Iím sure with this software we can do moreÖ
So as you can understand I canít live without music!!! And I will grow up and up in my ability to create quality full of feeling music for youÖ

...enjoy my music and stay in excellent mood...

I wish you every success!

For any information welcome:

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The world biggest music event - Winter Music Conference

Alexander Glushko

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Title Artist Genre Plays
Turn On The Light dirigent [+1] Dance 3130
The Universe is so sexy tonight (tonker toy mix) Lapskin [+1] Electronica 1010
I Feel Like (Deep Rmx) Rodolphe Electronica 739
The Four Freedoms daddepants Electronica 1958
DownDownDownDown JoeGooch Electronica 2017
Not in the Game cloverclan Electronica 555
Into The Dream SimonPetersen Electronica 836
Minimus Maximus DjDetski Electronica 1390
Giving Up BranDaMan Electronica 605
I Need U - I Feel For U archie7777 House 1253
Malpais: David Lynch DavidBowles Electronica 1311
Atomic Machines cloverclan Electronica 680
EUROTRASH GIRL Dyl [+4] Alternative 5453
DreamLight DJGRIFFIN Dance 3299
Chemistry daddepants Electronica 996
Somethings Gotta Give jimmyd Electronica 676
LOVE & TEARS Bampot [+1] Electronica 2678
Sixty Four Bars-Worth of Heaven DjDetski House 1743
Interstella DJGRIFFIN House 2418
Ways To Win A War DjDetski Dance 1103
UCHUJIN.- ufos and aliens DJGRIFFIN Dance 1969
sunshine remix bekka House 1054
Soma tone 921 Electronica 3577
Hyundai UVAtastic DJMarvel Electronica 1210
Hyundai UVAtastic DJMarvel Electronica 1210
The Bionic Cowboy DJGRIFFIN Electronica 1608
Encore (don't stop) MIR [+1] Funk 2287
Something Nothing (on the Indonesian Beach) DJGRIFFIN Electronica 1801
That horn of yours anoukh Dance 1187
Shake that II anoukh [+1] Dance 967
You Won't Break Me Remix Geechi3 [+1] Electronica 2044
Why Dont You Get There [Special Club Mix] archie7777 House 932
Gotta move it (rmx03) freeSounda [+2] Electronica 1751
Si tu no vuelves fromano [+2] Pop 5021
Strida Rider rex Electronica 1398
Dream of Satisfaction freeSounda [+2] Electronica 1269
Aim for the Stars BranDaMan Electronica 780
The Last Flower Geechi3 [+1] Electronica 3864
ELECTROCUT Rodolphe Electronica 1117