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Artist Spotlight gone dark?! 5 years ago
No Artist Spotlight visible here on Firefox 16.0.1! smiley
I cannot see my download button, etc. 5 years ago
Checked with Safari it's okay! Download + Report buttons there. So the bug must be with Firefox.
I cannot see my download button, etc. 5 years ago
Yes, confirm this bug too! smiley All buttons are invisible. smiley It's only on my own songs - the others from other musicians are not affected.

Mac OSX 10.5.8 - Firefox 16.0.1
Garageband '11 (in iLife '11) 7 years ago
Mungo wrote:
Why did Apple release GB11 for Snow Leopard users only?? Kinda stupid i find!

Because Leopard was released 3 years ago and it uses features that Leopard doesn't have. If you're whining because you have a G5 and can't upgrade to Snow Leopard, the last G5 model was released in 2005.

I'm not whining at all. I just see how discriminating Apple is! I like my Leopard Mac and sure i'm not a capitalist to afford every year or two a new computer.
Garageband '11 (in iLife '11) 7 years ago
Why did Apple release GB11 for Snow Leopard users only?? Kinda stupid i find!
Using synth plugins. 8 years ago
Hi crescent!

You can find many free synth plug-ins plus additional audio plug-ins here:


Check your Mac operation system for each plug-in before you install it.
I need an AC/DC sound on my guitar 8 years ago
I'd recommend you to use Native Instruments Guitar Rig >
There are hundreds of different guitar effects built in!
GB Blog for tips and techniques 8 years ago
Hello Martin and everyone!

Here's an interesting page >

Cheers - a happy music making!
Looking for Accordion 8 years ago
Hey, here's a good one which i have used!

Free stuff!
About BBCode in profile page. 8 years ago
[color=blue]Okay, thanks for your info PM.[/color] smiley
About BBCode in profile page. 8 years ago
[color=darkblue]Hello, i was wondering why it's not possible to make my profile text colored - with BBCode?

Any hint or help please.
Thank you
Are you on YouTube? 8 years ago
Two clips with my ambient music, enjoy![/color]
Are you on YouTube? 8 years ago
[color=blue]Yes, i have my YouTube channel here:

Garageband often cuts off ends of songs! 8 years ago
I often wondered why Garageband often cuts off ends of songs! So i found out how to solve this.

Just drag the end point of the marker far enough from the real end of your song. Or insert a long fade-out into the master track.

Garageband also often produces some rebouncing sounds on the beginning of the songs! You can solve this by inserting a fade-in on the master track. Best if you put the beginning of your song a little more distant from zero point. This works for me.

A happy music making to you.
Good News about DEE - who disappeared from iCompositions! 8 years ago
Hello World,

for all those who are now missing Dee. I suppose she's doing well 'cause i found her new profile on MTMstudionet:

Wishing her and you too all the best.
smiley smiley smiley
Audio Units for vocals 8 years ago
I agree with alanatomic. iZotope's OZONE 3/4 is a great plug-in, highly recommended. Sure it's not freeware. Anyway here you'll find lots of useful plug-ins, audio software and cool stuff:

Hope this helps you smiley
Is iC Slow? 9 years ago
On my side it's somehow faster than before with uploading songs. Sometimes it's very slow with loading new pages. Could be my net connection too...
Derek Sivers useful site with lots of hints! 9 years ago
Derek Sivers writing about musicianship, music industry, labels and more.

I've found a useful site for musicians who want to understand a little bit more about music promotion and the background of music markets.

main site:

Here you'll find an interesting Interview.

And here you can download a free PDF E-booklet
"How to Call Attention to Your Music"

Cheers - hope you like it!
No Hip Hop in the top Songs List 9 years ago
TEakSTa wrote:
Its Funny I never see a Hip Hop track in the top songs list yet

Sad enough. And same happens with Ambient Music!!
I know that's maybe not Mainstream Music. But there are obviously some preferences given to defined music styles or artists. Who knows?

This my opinion
Elizabeth Gilbert on creative genius - a videoclip on TED 9 years ago
Elizabeth Gilbert: A different way to think about creative genius

* Do you feel songs come “through” you?
* Do you wait for inspiration?
* Or do you just work and work no matter what?

* Do you feel you’ve already achieved your “greatest hit”?
* Or is your greatest work yet-to-come?

Elizabeth Gilbert on creative genius...
Watch the clip here >

About this talk/clip

Elizabeth Gilbert muses on the impossible things we expect from artists and geniuses -- and shares the radical idea that, instead of the rare person "being" a genius, all of us "have" a genius. It's a funny, personal and surprisingly moving talk.

I enjoyed it very much - hopefully you'll do the same. Thank you smiley
A good spot for ambient music enthusiasts! 9 years ago
Let me introduce you to this great spot for ambient music:

A good forum where you can listen to ambient and meditation music, download albums or songs and interact with other musicians!

Free breathtaking relaxing music. Ambient and meditation music! Registration is free, new members are heartily welcome.

Download the first album release "Deep Sleep Sessions" by Altus (ANW001-08/09)

Visit this forum and go to catalog section to download all MP3 singles and album releases.
Ambient New World (based in Canada)
Free Ambient and Meditation Music

Big Thanks!
Official Song Plugging Thread 9 years ago
[color=blue]I've recently uploaded some new and old songs of mine. Feel free to listen here:
or here on my music blog:

I kindly appreciate comments, contacts and ideas.
Big THANX for your visits!

Happy New Year! 9 years ago
smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley
Hello to powermac99, the iCompositions staff and to all musicians and listeners.

Have a great year 2009! Let's celebrate it with lots of good music and make it unique. Nice to be here. Big thanks to everybody!
Welcome to iC4 9 years ago
What a nice surprise to see iC4 in a new dress.

My compliments to you, i like the new design. It looks more professional, opener, brighter.
I know how much work this means. A Big, Big Thank You to you and the IC-Team for all efforts and improvements.