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iCompositions Slogan Contest 11 years ago
Upload your rithm to the world
Article about icompositions 12 years ago
Slothsmolde made the right point!

I saw your blog, now if I like it or not, it's my own taste and I just can say congratulations for having such a blog!

But, the point was that icompositions has an importance around the world that even magazines are writing about how revolutionary this "project" of writing music is nowdays. And where will it take us...
Article about icompositions 12 years ago
Article about icompositions 12 years ago
There's an article about us in an italian magazine, Panorama, written by Lorenzo Arruga. He's the best musicologist and critic in Italy.

He expalins how this works, the kind of music people write, about Mugradio, the way people communicate with music... The importance of writing music with computers, of course, MACS, and that maybe this is the way of creating a new wave in history. Today real composers don't come out easily, but through these kind of forums artists have many oportunities to come out.

Well, many pc's composers are changing into macs after that article... seems incredible, but that's the way it is. The strength of the news papers!!! 8)
Guitar Combos 1.0 12 years ago
does anyone know about this??
can we use it with GB??

if yuo want to check it out...
Guitar Combos
Want to collaborate? 12 years ago
I'Ll try it out!
iCompositions in NY Times 12 years ago
Thanks a lot!
iCompositions in NY Times 12 years ago
Where can I read the article? do you have the web page?
Is Mr. Carr the person who wrote abouit it?

I mean if someone can write here where to go and check it out!! smiley

Loops or no loops? 12 years ago
i wish i could compose like Mozart.....

until then I'm glad loops exist!!!! I find them interesting and helpful. Who has the ability to compose and create, then, he will use them right or less or never. Since I don't know how to compose with my own ideas, I find loops very useful! 8)
Another newcomer with questions... 12 years ago
I wouldn't mind sharing ideas. Let's do it.
iCompositions in NY Times 12 years ago
yes, revolution!!!!!!!
How can music develop with these programmes???? Where will it take us??

can you edit the NY times page??
Garageband in TV spots. 12 years ago
I also noticed loops in comercials here in Italy where I live.

I use final cut pro, and some of my bases are done with soundtrack, so I recognized right away the loops. I also made 8 songs entirely with the loops...they sound ok!! smileyAs soon as I learn how to upload them the right way you can listen to them in my artist page.....
Upload format 12 years ago
Thanks!!!!!!!!!! smiley
Upload format 12 years ago
Hi everyone...
I'm new here, and I tried to upload my music into i compositions, but i have a problem....which format is the right one to upload??????


Thanks for the help!!!!