Going Mobile!
December 15, 2015 | 1:44 pm

I've always been limber, but now I'm lite smiley

Since "Day One" on iComp, I've primarily utilized a laptop and USB audio interface, recording probably 90% of my tracks uploaded to iComp in my car. I briefly delved into, then took a pass on, iPad and iPhone recording apps/connectors. Tested them and found them less adept than a full DAW rig (obviously), but times are changing.

I just picked up a *sweet* Rode iXYL condensor mic with Lightning connector and am messing around with a few 4-track apps, again (Sonoma, particularly). BUT, hardware and DAW software companies are starting to take iOS platforms seriously, and are blurring the lines between full DAW and iDAW. (iDUH)

Will let youse knows how it goes smiley Feel free to reply with your mobile experiences. At worse, maybe I'll just use the hardware to do a quality podcast, or record nature sounds to help me sleep heheheh.



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looking forward to hearing the results smiley
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Who ?
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