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Word Association game 5 months ago
Word Association game 5 months ago
Word Association game 5 months ago
stage coach (lol)
What Are You Listening To Today? 1 year ago
"Deep Tracks" on XM Radio, mostly smiley
Word Association game 1 year ago
Word Association game 1 year ago
Word Association game 1 year ago
Word Association game 1 year ago
Word Association game 1 year ago
outlawing Explicits 3 years ago
BLEEP. @!#$%%&635!! Heheheheheheh. (A tad late to the pahhhhtay.)
Word Association game 3 years ago
Word Association game 4 years ago
Word Association game 4 years ago
Word Association game 4 years ago
Word Association game 5 years ago
Word Association game 5 years ago
Word Association game 5 years ago
The iCompositions Flag 5 years ago
don't make me drive out there, lol smiley
The iCompositions Flag 6 years ago
I missed my op in Chi-town...had to work late, couldn't get downtown. Grrr-arrrgh.
Word Association game 6 years ago
I love my headphones! 6 years ago
What are the best reasonably priced headphones for mixing? I have a cheaper set of Senns but my rule of thumb is I have to bring the vocals down about 2db... It will sound great in the cans but I have to make that adjustment for output to other listening systems. I like the sound of Bose hdphns but there really is a difference between recreational listening cans and studio cans. Tough to pick a set for production. More leeway with cans during recording, but finding a good mixing set is hard.
Best Frontman of all time? 6 years ago
Back on the best woman front (no pun intended)...Pat Benatar, Chrissie Hynde and the bigger Heart sister.
Best Frontman of all time? 7 years ago
Plant yah. Daltry. You know who put on a good show? Klaus Mein from the Scorps.
Pro Tools 9 why so expensive 7 years ago
heheh...I buy Cakewalk Sonar (Producer version) somewhat pricey, too. Then a month before they release the next version, they give you the upgrade for free if you buy the product at current version a month before the release...except I always get it way before that window of opportunity and have to pay the $99 upgrade. Once you're bought-in with Cakewalk it's basically $99 every year or two for the next version. How is it with Logic?
Are We A Closed Society, Here On iComp? 7 years ago
keep on typing, Carla smiley
What Are You Listening To Today? 7 years ago
Los Lobos new album "Tin Can Trust"...excellent stuff. And the album before that, from a couple years ago,"The Town and the City". Tin Can Trust has a song you have to download, if nothing else, and add to your collection, "On Main Street".
Something Old is New Again... 7 years ago
What Are You Listening To Today? 7 years ago
Supergrass...Life on Other Planets (album)

Excellent stuff. Same band that did "Pumping on your Stereo" This album is top to bottom eclectic. Tight rhythm section...bass, drums, keys and scorching guitar work. Solid. Interesting lyrics, too.
what do you think is your greatest obsticle when you produce 7 years ago
frickin' drums, heheheh
What Are You Listening To Today? 7 years ago
Joey Defranceso (jazz) a disc called "Snapshot". Has some great organ and arrangements on it, BUT, what I really dig on it is the guitarist Paul Bollenback. This guy has all kinds of chops...reminiscent of a cross between Steve Howe and Les Paul.
iComp iPhone App! 7 years ago function should be top priority for 1.02. That, and being able to tap an artist name and get directly to all of his/her music. Plus, including collabs in the My Songs page.

I suppose if we want to get esoteric a "shuffle" button on "Favorites" would be ultra cool.
iComp iPhone App! 7 years ago
maybe a "Random Song" button, too
there's currently no way to get to a specific artist or song, that I can see (planning to?)
iComp iPhone App! 7 years ago
I would like to see collaborations listed in "My Songs" and search (artists/song) tab
What Are You Listening To Today? 7 years ago
Just bought--The Animals--"Restrospective"
...digging the old grooves. Also, listening to a lot of Spoon and a band called The Futureheads.
iComp iPhone App! 7 years ago
Love the app/idea. Am downloading it now. Great way to increase exposure to the site's artists and augment members' mobile access.
iComp iPhone App! 7 years ago
WOW--this is exciting, PM!!!!!!
iCompositions or iCovers 8 years ago
If you did a statistical analysis based on fact and not biased opinion...I'd estimate 80% of the catalog on iComp is original material. Covers are great exercise for honing your technical chops and for showing versatility, imho. It's a well-established tradition in the music industry to do covers. Most of the covers I've heard on iComp are unique takes and interpretations which add honor to the originals. Some fantastic performances along the way.

That being said, I will speak out against doing "karaoke" covers. Please stop that nonsense. Those do not belong here and it's only been recently the trend has surfaced here. If you want to do a cover, record the tracks yourself or connect-up a collaboration with any of thousands of available musicians here.

I do agree covers should have their own drop-down category, but not be excluded from competing for the top songs list. It's mostly about effort, talent, skill and performance. Originality always adds more points in my book, though, definitely. Maybe "original" works should get an extra point or two in the algorhythm which computes the top tens...who knows (maybe they already do).
Uploading 4 or 5 Songs A Week 8 years ago
I'm just surprised I didn't get more "lmao"'s from my eager beaver analogy, heheheh. smiley

This is the good stuff people! Hello? Is this on? Test...123... heheheh
Uploading 4 or 5 Songs A Week 8 years ago
I like giving a song one week to breathe before I rat-stomp it with another one. But, I've let two songs slug it out and bite each other's ears off, on occasion, sure...maybe even let a bouncy raucous threesome break out, once or twice. No harm no foul smiley Grrrrrowl. Yeah, baby.

Anyway, when I joined iComp, I uploaded 4 or 5 in one day thinking I had to build my catalog quickly so I'd have some content to show. I understand that kind of upload blitz. If you're on a roll and excited to be here, let it flow!

That being said, everybody likes an eager beaver until all the trees are chopped down and there is beaver scat everywhere. Slow down and give the trees some time to regrow and to let the ground absorb some of your sheeeet music.
Best Album Of The (00's) Naughties? 8 years ago
I heard a lot of groundbreaking *songs* during the "Noughties" and bought many many CDs with more than one good song on them. But, thinking classic old school definition of "album" with two sides--which you'd listen to as a whole...over and over again--front to back...I'd say--U2 "All That You Can't Leave Behind" really impressed me the most.

It stands shoulder to shoulder with any Beatles album from the mid/late 60' Rubber Soul or Revolver imho.

If I look at Rolling Stone's list of Best 100 Albums of the Decade, "All That you Can't Leave Behind" is the only one on the list that still has replay value for me(front to back) 9 years after it's release. The rest only have hit songs that are on my shuffle smiley
Giving Song Post The Best Listen ...Wear Headphones 8 years ago
Yah. Mixing and listening are two different things. I'll quick mix in the phones then go to good external speakers to dial it in. Final testing for me is in the car. I try to compare my song's EQ, levels etc to professional CDs or mp3s...try to get it near the same ballpark listening comfort-wise.

For leisure listening, headphones give you those little details which are nice. Again, though, my favorite listening room is the car. Earbuds are probably one of the worst things ever to happen to music (when combined with mp3)--listeners get robbed. Nothing beats a good set of cans that cover the ears (and dim lighting, heh).

I ditto what 8month said...average it out across multiple systems, if possible.
Music Theory - Can someone nudge me in the right direction? 8 years ago
lol...once, I was asked to play guitar in a holiday show and they gave me about 20 pages of sheet music. It was one of those sappy show-tune style arrangements...a cheesy medly of like 20 songs from different eras. I learned more from memorizing those chord changes and time signatures that one week than I have learned before or since (and I took a few theory classes waaaay back when--bored the living @#$% out of me).

I also learned most of what I know from Guitar Magazine for the Practising Musician! The tablature + standard notation, the interviews, etc. I have a ten-foot stack of those in the garage, heheh.
What Audio Interface Device ? 8 years ago
Biggest bang for the buck is Line 6 products. The reason being, they come with plugins and presets that *instantly* improve your sound on vocals and guitar/bass. Pull up "Studio Vocal" patch and you instantly have live noise gate, software pre-amp, anti-sibilence etc. It's a unique approach and saves a lot of time. AND,for guitar you can download presets of almost any guitar player or song, and of course save your own preset combinations of tons of free effects that come with the box.

I have a Presonus Audiobox that seems to have nice preamps to it, but I have so much trouble getting the right sound after that and cleaning up the vox that it's almost pointless for me to own it (and the monitoring is bad...very difficult to get a pleasant balance while recording).
What is the True Meaning of Life? 8 years ago
To experience life *is* the meaning of life. The sum of our senses and emotions--reactions and astonishment--our utterances, actions and echoes all fill the void with raucous buzzing, so this universe will not be empty or meaningless. We are meaning, in and of ourselves, simply by existing and making noise.

We make noise. We move around. Everything, down to the smallest particle, is in constant motion and vibration. Every atom on this planet has a strong or weak relation to every other atom on this planet. We cannot separate our perceived individual physical selves from the physical world by anymore than the distance between atoms (which is imperceptible to us without an electron microscope). We are more like clumped-together grains of sand, animated on a beach (rather than individual beings in our own space).

All energy and matter are is neither destroyed nor created...just perpetually changing form. One clump of sand falls apart...another is made to take its place from the same sand.

You and I are all made up of things that used to be other things. And other things will be made from us when these forms lose cohesion and purpose. It's kind of funny. All systems in the universe eventually break down into smaller parts, but somehow the smaller parts always rejoin into larger systems, again. The question is *why* does the universe produce coherent shapes and lifeforms...and how does it do this?

We live to witness life--to ensure life continues--so silence will not blanket this dimension. It's our purpose to make noise. Like birds filling the air with song, our voices speak. Like repeating waves crashing on sand, our generations replenish our losses. And, like clouds which make wondrous thunder, our minds produce machines and poetry and song and story.

Our breath mingles with the wind rustling the leaves in the trees, whose roots sink deep into the ground beneath our bare feet. We are part of nature...loudly animated...existing because it is preferable to silence and emptiness.

Every season there are bees, but never the same ones. To understand the continuity of this cycle is to understand ourselves. As we see no difference between the bees, neither does the universe take individual appreciation of us. And, yet, we are necessary and integral to reality. Life *is* us. We are an ephemeral expression of the energy which can neither sit still nor stop changing form.
Music Shuffle Game 8 years ago
-The Blue Jam Part 5 (Shred - iComp)
- I Thank You (ZZTop)
-If I Ain't Got You (Alicia Keys)
- Motherless Children (Eric Clapton)
- The Tower That Ate People (Peter Gabriel)
- The Last Dance (Frank Sinatra)
- Where is the Next One Coming From? (Buddy Guy)
- Round and Round (Rat)
- Running (The Fixx)
- Tell the King (The Libertines)
- Tom Sawyer (Rush)
- Where You Go, I Will Follow (Baboon - iComp)
- Helter Skelter (The Beatles)
- You're No Good (Linda Ronstadt)
- Jimmy McKookle Traffic Report (Baboon - iComp)
- Don't Give Up (Peter Gabriel)
- Since You Been Gone (Rainbow)
- Have Love Will Travel (The Black Keys)
- Humanity (The Scorpions)
What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
Been getting into "The Futureheads" and Matt Costa lately. Revisiting the ELO, too. smiley
Open Collab Invitation! 8 years ago's goin' up...postage applied
Open Collab Invitation! 8 years ago
zen baby...zen, heheh

lots of great material here!

Needs bongos and cowbell, though (jk) smiley
Open Collab Invitation! 8 years ago
Mix is nearly done smiley quite the proposition, heheh.
Server Upgrade: Completed 8 years ago
Is it done yet? Are we there yet? Huh? Huh?

"Listen young man...I'll turn this car around right now!"

Goodbye Omar 8 years ago
This is odd. Yoh is one of the people who defended me, once, when I was being maligned by a hyper-critical commenter on one of my songs.

What I would LIKE to see is everybody take the harder road and work things out. Everybody has a temper and ups and downs. I recommend to PM and Omar to chill for a couple weeks (which probably is what PM was doing by suspending the account) and revisit the issue later. Rational heads *can* prevail.

I don't know what Yoh could have said, but for the most part, when PM suspends or bans somebody it's because they went waaaay over the line. I also find it hard to believe, having seen Omar conduct himself here, impeccably for a few years, that he said something requiring suspension.

That being said, I see it as a huge loss for Omar to leave the site. I've seen some great artists leave iComp because they butted heads with PM (I've also seen PM ban some major morons who didn't deserve to be here).

It is what it is. Do your time, Yoh...and come back for the music.
Ten Perfect Albums IMHO 8 years ago
Feck. I hate this question, lol.
Best Decade For Music? 8 years ago
65 to 85 (ok that's 2 what)
Facebook/Myspace 8 years ago
Loving the FB too much I think. Just what I needed...another obsession. Anyway, I'm having trouble matching real names on FB to icomp personas, lol. GL!
What are you wearing as you browse through iComps? 8 years ago
Normal clothing with the weight of the world on top of that. smiley No reason, just moody.
What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
WHO inspires you? 8 years ago
And Django Reinhardt, lately, too.
WHO inspires you? 8 years ago
Lately? Les Paul. The "Chasing Sound" DVD biography on him is amazing. If you're a musician, I highly recommend it.
Open Collab Invitation! 8 years ago
Hey man, just saw this thread. Where is the project an mp3 rough mix to send me?
Les Paul Dies 8 years ago
American Masters: Les Paul "Chasing Sound" DVD. Buy it. Watch it. Understand the man. I defy you not to be changed by his story.
Kind of blue 50 year today 8 years ago
The best thing in life is when you slow down just a little and start to listen to people (and riffs) more intently. Jazz suddenly blooms in front of your eyes. What was once a sphagetti quilt of notes becomes layers of intricate passages...messages from the artist. Little time capsules for the future to marvel at smiley
Do you want to "sound off" in a TV Series? 8 years ago
I'm down wid it! And, up wid it.
the first ten years what do we call them 8 years ago
And, I still don't have my flying car.
the first ten years what do we call them 8 years ago
Yep, I haven't known what to call this last 9 nine years. I thought "Oughts" too. Let's see...we started with the great Y2K scare and fears of the end of the world...then 9/11 happened. Then we fought two wars...both still ongoing. Then we had record gas prices, a stock market crash and accompanying massive global recession. Oh, and iComp crashed last year, too.

I'd say the "Suck-a$$ Double-ought Jethro's" is appropriate.
jharley... Where Have You Gone? 8 years ago
I was *just* wondering about JHarley the other day. Great artist. Been glad to see Ponkey posting here, lately!

Me, I'm recording, but finding my m8's idea of a good mix to be drifting a bit from mine...too long a hiatus, perhaps, sapped the momentum...maybe just an inevitable lull. The Longlines have been mulling over the same tune for 8 months now. We've all got busy lives.

I've moved my social focus to Facebook, btw smiley Ton of iCompers have done the same. Oddly enough that's made me check back in here, more, lol.
What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
I keep replaying Paul McCartney's "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard" CD. I think it's brilliant and very reminiscent of his Wings era music and some of the tunes could've been late Beatles material, soundwise. It's a very soulful album and his voice makes me want to sing along, just like the ol' Beatles and Wings stuff.
What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
Kieser Cheifs, Matt Costa, and The Libertines
Post your best song for the iCompositions Compilation CD 8 years ago
Pick any one of mine, but don't ask me to choose, lol.
For Beatles Fans - Revolution Demo 8 years ago
My nipples explode with the thought of Beatles on DVD-audio and more unheard gems from the vault smiley
Mandatory Listen - Mandatory Comment 9 years ago
Man, that is a nice acoustic pattern! Love to hear stuff like this. Very enjoyable, mellow tune.

BTW, this is a great idea for a thread smiley

Here's one from me and the lads:
How's your ride with iComp? 9 years ago
I'm proud of my achievements within these walls. I value the personal connections I've made, here. iComp has brought out my best writing and performances and will ALWAYS rank among the most meaningful experiences of my life. Meeting numerous musicians in the U.S. and from around the world has been rewarding and valuable beyond words.

That being said...and while I appreciate the sincerity of this thread...we dwell on the past when we're "idling" in the present. When you ride a roller coaster you don't think about rides you've ridden before, do you? So, instead of waxing rhapsodic about where I've *been* with iComp, I'd rather express where I desire iComp to go...moving forward.

I believe iComp can become a much larger vehicle with greater exposure for unknown musicians than it is now. Anybody have any ideas, time, connections or money to donate and brainstorm toward this end?

In order for iComp to succeed in '09, I believe it has to understand where and why its been successful in the past. This is my "C scale" regarding iComp, explaining where my head is at in '09 and what I believe would be invigorating for the site:

C) Bring back the weekly Saturday Night Release Party, or some variation thereof (competition is healthy and we need *some* reason to congregate regularly). In the past, visible moderator presence was also crucial to engaging members and a giving the site it's electric, living feel.

D) Restart iComp radio and expand it. I miss Illuminator and iCR. Reach out to other internet radio stations *and* broadcast radio...remember how cool it was to have Blaine Transue spinning icomp tracks on *real* radio?

E) Advertise more. There's way too much good music on this site for it to remain anonymous and hidden.

F) Generate more external links and hits...spread the seeds on your blogs and websites, link to it and promote it anywhere you belong.

G) Bring in more listeners and artists (again, more advertising)...but I think we should focus on means to open up the doors to non-artist listeners and mp3 downloaders. If there are lots of listeners here, artists will follow.

A) Offer more promotions, contests, games and give-aways to artists. We can certainly come up with one exciting "something" per month. (And, make it so the same person can't win 2 months in a row.)

B) Encourage more podcasts (and videos) and distribute, etc...what are we doing to encourage relationships with indie film makers, record labels, game studios and media content sites?

C) Lastly, we should reach out to past members and encourage them to return and contribute songs...maybe a "Where are they now?" spotlight.

Again, I urge these notes because I want iComp to remain vital and innovative, and continue giving thousands of creative-minded people a vibrant place to showcase their wares. I don't want to bask in the glow of previous years...I want to light it up in '09 and generate new thrills.

Who's with me?


How's your ride with iComp? 9 years ago
"The long and winding road..."
Just saw Jesus Christ Superstar 9 years ago
I heard Cory Glover from Living Colour was doing JCS for awhile.
GB 2009 seems to be brilliant! 9 years ago
You had me at '09 I have to buy it. I am a compulsive upgrader.
Best Song with a male name in it? 9 years ago
Daniel's Song -- Elton John
Just saw Jesus Christ Superstar 9 years ago
Man, that soundtrack was in heavy rotation at my house growing up...along with Godspell.
Word Association game 9 years ago
Word Association game 9 years ago
Brown sugar
Word Association game 9 years ago
"Good Times"
Word Association game 9 years ago
Minmal Hardware Set-Up? 9 years ago
Yah, it's not much to see. Lenovo laptop + Line6 interface + Rode S1 mic. (Also, cables which are too long for the job and a mic clip to put on my steering wheel.) But, it *is* portable. And, if I need to recharge...plug into the lighter.
I miss weekly turnover night 9 years ago
"And, the trees were all made hatchet...axe...and saw!"
Ho Ho Ho! Favourite Xmas songs on iC? 9 years ago
I like Ponkey's punk xmas carols
Whatever Happened To Constructive Criticism? 9 years ago
I think constructive criticism works best in the production and mixing phase. Really depends how you look at icomp. Is it a place for a "final release" or test release for feedback?

I like to get feedback before I release the tune...I don't like to revise things based upon critiques after I release something. I never object to anyone expressing thoughts, observations and opinions as long as they're not doing it out of malice or for sport.

We all *generally* know the difference between constructive and negative comments...and the diff between an observation and a personal slam.

The great thing about the digital revolution is...if someone gives you valuable advice it's *easy* to revise your's not like you have to recall a truckload of vinyl from New Jersey, lol.
The "Vocal Only" project 9 years ago
Hey, can I get in?
What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
Weezer's new one (Red album), a lot of jazz on the radio, Jakob Dylan's new disc
Hidden 'things' in Your Songs? 9 years ago
Lots of my old 4-track stuff had dogs incidentally barking in the background and 5am birds chirping...and cars passing by. Noise filters pretty much eliminate that stuff from mine these days. I used to blend in old taped phone answering machine messages sometimes.

On icomp I have one tune "Into the Sun" the end you can hear some Easter Eggs smiley At the end of "The Boarding Line", Jay imitates an air traffic controller, also. heheh
Music By Non-Human Lifeforms, Discuss... 9 years ago
Cicadas and crickets? heheh...Bees dance, anyway. I should register "" just in case, eh?
Your Music In Second Life? 9 years ago
gl o0o...spin mine if you wish smiley
Locations For Future iCompositions Meetings? 9 years ago
there's this great little shack just outside of Mumbai, serves the best curry in the electricity and we'd have to shout above the din of wandering holy cattle, but I swear it would be the best if we met there...honest!
16th October 2008 iComp Meet California: Oasis, Menlo Park 9 years ago
What did I miss? 2009 in Chicago, yes???
Starting A Band Question 9 years ago
btw...chicks can be a worse influence on bands than drugs or alcohol haha...can't *count* the number of bands broken up by girlfriends and wives

like Bono once said...don't start picking out chinese carpets, heheh
Starting A Band Question 9 years ago
Berklee in Boston is a *great* idea, Ups. It's a great school for music and a great town to meet other musicians. A lot of talent at that school. Tons of local venues for playing with your band and many similar-minded students all looking to create and play music. You might want to finish HS first,

Play parties with your friends for right now. Get yourself a cheap mixing board and PA to start. You can build from there.
New iCompositions Moderators 9 years ago
This is good. I agree we're past the crash and renewing things, progressively. New mods and a forthcoming version upgrade. I'm definitely intrigued.
UPDATE!!!!! Do You Patti Smith? 9 years ago
If there's *anyone* who is an excessive American, it's me! haha
UPDATE!!!!! Do You Patti Smith? 9 years ago
I just have *one* sheepish question to ask now...was that *really* Patti Smith who showed up in forum???

That just makes it priceless (and very, very humbling). I promise to buy 3 copies of "The Coral Sea"
UPDATE!!!!! Do You Patti Smith? 9 years ago
heheheh...nobody got the joke lmao
Best Albums of 2008 so far? 9 years ago
I like the new Weezer disc.
UPDATE!!!!! Do You Patti Smith? 9 years ago
"Ain't it Strange"...another cool tune.
UPDATE!!!!! Do You Patti Smith? 9 years ago
I remember her giving Pat Benetar a run for her money in the 80's...didn't know anything of her much cooler 70's stuff at the time.