I have been busy of late, but I'm still around!
I am recording a 'proper' album at the moment with a few friends from Icomp. and it is taking forever.

What with me running a business and all that, time sure is scarce.
I hope to upload a few demo versions of the tracks that will appear on the album real soon. They will be works in progress and I'm looking forward to hearing some feedback from you guys.
A couple of tracks from my music list have been re-recorded and re-worked into new songs and the difference is amazing.
I will keep ya posted.

I moved to Australia in 1999.
I sold a huge amount of my music gear before leaving Scotland apart from two guitars and an amp.
I tried out with a few bands, but never really clicked with them on a musical level.

I discovered Apple Mac!
I played around with Garageband and thought it was kinda cute putting all these loops together and creating backing tracks for videos.
I then bought a good mi-di keyboard and started creating my own loops and putting half decent tracks together.
I bought tons of software instruments and then I got addicted to it!

I try and get a track together every month,but that usually turns into 2 months.
Now that I have my own business to run finding time to record is a bit limited.
That's actually a good thing because I have learned to take my time and try and get things sounding better.
I also have a habit of working on a track for a while and then leave it unfinished until the spark of inspiration brings it all together!

I have moved up to Logic, but I will always use Garageband as the main sketchpad as it is so damn good for those of us that just want to lay something down quick while the vibe is there

I record mostly instrumental grooves with the intention of luring someone in and adding vocals.
This sure has paid of as I have had some great singers add their brilliant vocals to my music and take it to another level.
I am constantly blown away by some of the talent on this site.
My music seems to suit the female voice.
Rinca ,Chella Elaine ,theFace and Mystified have all worked with me and I am so happy with what they have done.

I have many musical influences,at the moment they are;

Cut-Copy- Ladyhawke -TV On The Radio- Keane-Bats For Lashes -Goldfrapp Doves -Nightmares On Wax- Aphex Twin -The Presets -Tegan and Sarah- Riosin Murphy -Morgan Page - Garbage and most chill-out and trance from Europe and many more and I would say they are what I aspire to be, musically

I am totally into this site,(as you can probably tell) and I hope it continues to bring out the best from everyone who gets involved.

I hope you enjoy my music...(the newest songs run from the top)........

Thanks for the support,

BAMPOT smiley

Check out my other sites for altenative versions and brand new demo material;

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Title Genre Released Plays
TIME IS THE ENEMY Collab Dance Jan 7, 2010 2170
I SNAP BACK Collab Electronica Oct 25, 2009 2150
IN YOUR DREAMS Dance Jan 19, 2009 2091
THE BELL JAR Collab Electronica Dec 15, 2008 1605
WICKED GAME Collab Dance Aug 3, 2008 3800
HALCYON DAYS Collab Dance Jul 7, 2008 2497
LA LUNA Collab Dance Jun 20, 2008 2866
FLIPSIDE Electronica May 12, 2008 2197
RESURRECTION Dance Mar 24, 2008 2043
THE DEPARTED Ambient Jan 3, 2008 1573
LOVE & TEARS Collab Electronica Nov 26, 2007 2671
LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE (True Brit) Explicit Electronica Oct 1, 2007 2288
DON'T FEAR THE REAPER Collab Dance Sep 1, 2007 8387
GETTING THERE Collab Alternative Aug 25, 2007 2186
GROOVETUBE XXX Explicit Collab Dance Jul 29, 2007 2491
IT'S JUST MY HEAD TALKING..... Electronica Jul 21, 2007 2177
A TIME IN OUR FUTURE Electronica Jun 24, 2007 2230
SEARCHING (Featuring Kirsty) Collab Pop May 13, 2007 3330
ANGEL Collab Ambient Apr 8, 2007 3054
THE KILLING JOKE Collab Electronica Mar 17, 2007 2477
NECROMANCER Electronica Feb 11, 2007 2380
WELCOME TO YEAR ZERO Electronica Dec 31, 2006 3281
EVEREST-THE HARD WAY Inspirational Dec 10, 2006 2689
GET IT Collab Ambient Nov 12, 2006 2716
FREE Dance Oct 22, 2006 2915
SHADOWLAND Electronica Oct 2, 2006 3763
PESCARA Collab Dance Sep 3, 2006 4106
SATISFACTION Collab Rock Aug 20, 2006 4208
SNOWBLIND (The White Lady Sings) Collab Ambient Jul 24, 2006 3297
CANDY (Club-Mix) Collab Alternative Jun 18, 2006 5599
SABAI Ambient May 28, 2006 2352
TWILIGHT (Moodswings revistited) Collab Electronica May 14, 2006 3203
MOVERS & SHAKERS Dance May 8, 2006 2037
YOUR CALL IS IMPORTANT TO US Comedy Apr 30, 2006 6763
MOODSWINGS Electronica Apr 14, 2006 2548
JOYRIDE Electronica Apr 2, 2006 2662
FEEL THE LOVE Dance Feb 19, 2006 7315
BREATHLESS Electronica Jan 22, 2006 3132
CRYSTAL Electronica Jan 4, 2006 2282
MIRRORBALL Dance Dec 18, 2005 2769
DUKE Electronica Dec 7, 2005 1970


Title Genre Released Plays
Snap Back Smack Down Music Videos Oct 17, 2010 1455
Thriller (the duet!) Explicit Pop Nov 1, 2009 1462
THE NEW TASTE OF LIFE Dance Apr 6, 2009 1479
Building a Mystery (Bampot Re-Mix) Inspirational Feb 8, 2009 1802
Fat Dub [Bampot Mix] Ska/Reggae/Dub Oct 27, 2008 3440
Only You Electronica Oct 11, 2008 1855
Time to decide Dance Jul 7, 2008 1112
It's My Life Pop Jun 23, 2008 2245
It's My Life (Backing Track) Electronica Jun 22, 2008 4177
Good Times Dance May 25, 2008 1402
Many Too Many (Genesis Cover) Rock Nov 26, 2007 1995
GROOVETUBE REMIX Explicit Electronica Aug 19, 2007 1940
JOYRIDE (dE3P remaster) Electronica Mar 30, 2007 1722
Everytime,Everywhere House Nov 5, 2006 5720
Feel Free Dance Oct 22, 2006 2467
Embrace The Light Electronica Jul 20, 2006 2715
"Angel of Mercy" FINAL MIX Electronica Jul 6, 2006 5338

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Zombie's Groove pharmakeus [+1] Latin 1883
Substance and essence Narananda Classical 1166
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You Dont Know What Love Is dirigent [+1] Alternative 2144
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Exposure Naaji Alternative 1384
Dance! MarioMonroe Dance 1053
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My One And Only Love (kinda) RubyDubidoux Other 1712
The Music Is Moving (peeps/crunk) RubyDubidoux Dance 1667
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