Growing up in Jersey City, NJ Baté has been influenced by hip hop artist such as Public Enemy, De la Soul, The Roots, Wutang Clan, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Canibus, Bustah Rhymes, Mobb Deep and so much more. As in avid listener to Hip-hop/Rap it was only natural for him to pick up the art from all aspects. Baté was an artist from all angles. His hobbies were drawing, breakdancing, martial arts, basketball, football, but most of all writing lyrics. Baté has made many attempts to have his complex lyricism heard since the late 90's with little to no luck at all. Eventually, he came to the realization that not many people had interest in hearing a Filipino rap, or try to rap, regardless of what skills they might possess. After high school, he joined the US Navy because his dreams to become a famous rapper was slowly fading.
Throughout his 6 years of active military duty Baté was able to network like he had never been able to before. Musicians of all genres teaming up and getting together to let the long deployments go by a little faster and to ease the obvious fears of potential dangers. Baté had a rebirth for his passion for music like none other.
At age 26, he picked up his first guitar, learned only a handful of songs and went on to create his own tunes. That opened up a whole new door for him and his prior experience with writing music. He, then, realized he can merge his old style with his new and maybe more people would appreciate him as an artist and not just a rapper.
When his guitar playing surpassed an amateur level, he quickly learned that he cannot just rap anymore, but flex his vocals further to sing along with the guitar. This now became his "Brand" of music that not many artist can imitate. His influences in music grew to RnB singers, such as Musiq Soulchild; Rock Alternative bands, like Incubus; and even old country singers, including Johnny Cash.
Now working on his first full album using his guitar and 15 years of experience producing, writing, performing, mixing and mastering his own work, Baté has become a force to reckon with when it comes to identifying who a true artist is. His debut album, which will be titled "Fighting Nature" will showcase how he has grown to implement all genres of music from rock, jazz, blues, RnB, and hip-hop into a lone solo project. Although he has a lot of work ahead of him, he is determined to create one of the most eclectic solo projects any music lover has ever heard.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
"Schizo Yoga" Explicit Music Videos Feb 21, 2016 362
"Evolve or Dissolve" Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Feb 11, 2016 631
"Re-Enforce My Sanity" Jazz Feb 7, 2016 637
"Resolution" Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Jan 26, 2016 280
"Waste Away" Rock Dec 11, 2015 233
"Don't Look Back" Jazz Nov 8, 2015 257
Drunk Texts Alternative Nov 3, 2015 312
"Can't Move Me" Hip Hop/Rap Oct 26, 2015 243
"ROTFL" Hip Hop/Rap Oct 26, 2015 274
"Souls of Injustice" Hip Hop/Rap Aug 1, 2015 433
"Last Song" Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Jul 12, 2015 574
"Burn Me" Hip Hop/Rap Jun 19, 2015 902
"Menace to Sobriety" Hip Hop/Rap Jun 17, 2015 1019
"Aint Time To Go" Song for my daughter Music Videos Jun 14, 2015 471
"Fighting Nature" Explicit Music Videos Jun 11, 2015 577
Memories and Games (First Post) Explicit Music Videos Jun 10, 2015 927


Title Genre Released Plays
Feed Me Hip Hop/Rap Nov 11, 2015 1675
Huey - Malcol - Coope (The true story) Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Jun 10, 2015 1387