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RIP Steve Jobs 6 years ago
I would like to thank Steve. You were hot brilliant and hot.
What Are You Listening To Today? 7 years ago
Skrillex and Deadmau5
CD Baby -anybody using it? 7 years ago
i just put up one song with it. Seeing as i need money to do the rest of the stuff i figured I would wait until the next two projects are done before putting them up.
Who I Miss.. and hope to see back really soon... 10 years ago
i miss M M M
Looking for a cellist... a real one... with a reall cello 10 years ago
i have an idea

but it requires a cellist

i could do the parts with the guitar but it won't give me the sound i want.
Tony Wilson 1950-2007 10 years ago
tony defined my music taste

one of the first people to coddle bands like the sex pistols and the clash by putting them on tv. He created the manchester scene. I'm sure he would be the first to say. "Oh well, Everyone's got to die sometime."
k i havent posted anything on iC like forever.. soo 10 years ago
i have two new works in progress


multiple versions from multiple people

good luck
Miss Theeeeng... Are you coming to my dinner pah-tay? 10 years ago
ive seen beasty boys and sonic youth together... it was the awesomeness
Miss Theeeeng... Are you coming to my dinner pah-tay? 10 years ago
party crasher....

my dinner party was designed to be awkward but if say an angry gopher riding an ardvark were to burst in the room...

that would just ruin everything.
Miss Theeeeng... Are you coming to my dinner pah-tay? 10 years ago
1&2) My mother and my dad (its a guilt thing.. try not inviting your parents to such an important dinner)

3) anyone robotic with function buttons (for a conversation piece ie: "what are those buttons for?" "They are for functions")
4) Doctor Who (in case u want to leave fast to another time or if you spill something on your boob)
5)a talking snail (so the conversation will never seem slow in comparison)
6)the pizza guy (he brought dinner so its only polite)
7)one ex boyfriend (providing hes not an artist)
8)current fictional lesbian girlfriend (to rub in the face of the ex boyfriend and cause general discomfort)
9)Travel agent
10) Open spot

no other canadians or brits
No polititions
no artists though
your all drunken self absorbed drug addicts with no real long term social skills.
no business executives... cuz my Parents will always be "why you could work with them" or something like that
ORIGINAL MUSIC NEEDED! $100 + FAME! 12 years ago
it was spam
anyone hear Lilichi's show tonight? 12 years ago
as always you are great
WEEKLY TOP FIVE is a fraud 12 years ago
i have no idea why i have so much traffic OR why everyone is talking about my ... I have been completely immersed in World of Warcraft and my sons nasty cough.

this song was crap .. it was. i am completely unaware of this problem save for a comment I made weeks ago maybe then completely forgot about. I am TOTALly against clicking up songs.

plus my son is real sick ... i have no time to sit here and click my songs up the chart. Not for greed or to prove a point. IN fact this note took more time out of my day than I care to expend on stuff like this.

Woodguy.... while i appreciate everyone your hero worship its unfounded. I have done nothing. This situation is ridiculous.

To say or insinuate i had ANYTHING to do with this is making me a tad furious.

for all of you leaving me private messages in iChat.... I did nothing.

someone is using my song to make a point... or something but it isn't me or anyone I know of. I would have chose a better song too.
y'a-t-il des francophones ici ? 12 years ago
so i won't
Read the Terms . . . WELL! 12 years ago
but fair use does not exist anymore. Thanks to laws past in the last couple years, copyright holders are getting paid. But more often than not if a label is involved then the copyright holder is not the artist. still

Fair use:
[color=red]sampling[/color]: ... generally its up to the artist and their lawyer to figure out how much they have been infringed upon and decide if its worth the bother to do anything about it. James Brown sued and won over a drum sample... that he never played.

as a rule...A sample if made unrecognizable or changed 30% or more (to be decided on a one to one basis in a court) is ok.. same as visual art.

[color=red]Covers[/color]: are generally ok so long as you are not making any money off of them or are playing live and giving credit to the artist who created the song. The second you make money.. it has to be properly divided up according to copyright law. They can not stop you from making bad covers of the song and making them publicly available. UNLESS it is harmful to the artist and their income/public stature.

however.. the laws change on a weekly basis these days. All because of Record companies struggle to stay in business. And ...they do have to send the site cease and desist letters before starting any crazy legal action I believe.

but I could be wrong... its been known to happen 5 or 6 times.. I could be talking through my rear. according to site policy.. we do what we do. I however think some short samples should be allowed. The only problem is who would police them. I have seen some people post a song right on the site that is not their own and in fact was the original recording... unchanged. Thats happened a few times.

[color=orange]MY SOLUTION[/color]:
Send a letter to the artist that you covered or sampled the song. If they tell you to pull it.. then pull it. Even give them a week to respond. If not then that should be fair use. I have run across a couple artists who just like to hear it first then its ok with them so long as no cash is made. because for them its like radio. Free advertising.
I am experiencing latency delays when recording vocals in GB 12 years ago
I usually save the file and restart GB. how much ram are you using? which mac?
suggestions 4 a better icomp 12 years ago
I meant the top new additions... instead of one column have 3. allows for more songs.
suggestions 4 a better icomp 12 years ago
A top sectio 3 column view would be a could way of extending life of those up.
#of uploads 12 years ago
if people upload more they should automatically stagger every 8 to 12 hours to post. This way it gives a chance for everyone to actually listen to different tracks by different people
Another newcomer with questions... 12 years ago
Lugosi wrote:

1. If I save a garageband file, does that single file save all settings I've changed? What about to non-standard AU instruments? And what about sound files?
2. What do you guys do to back up your work? I suppose an external drive would be the best solution but cant justify the cost. I have a dual layer DVD drive though...

Any thoughts appreciated - realise I'm being a bit paranoid!!

Oh and while I'm writing:
- partitioning my hard drive - necessary / worthwhile / how?
- any general tips for beginners?!


don't bother partitioning drive .. buy external firewire drive or dual layer dvd drive. I would justify an external drive as worth it before any other purchase.
.. and .band file will open so long as you have same things installed as when you recorded song. including all au instruments etc.
where are you getting them from?

Partitioning is only worth it if you have a big drive and you are willing to clean wipe and start over. Other wise..not worth it.

beginner tip: have fun, don't eat yellow snow, and never create a living monster with flesh from various corpses. Its just a bad idea all around.
Jharley/zallaz on BBC 12 years ago
you sounded great.. fantastic
Jharley/zallaz on BBC 12 years ago
I am so excited for you. I will be listening. I wish I was there to watch.
three way collaboration played on BBC 12 years ago
Zallaz, Lillichi and a production credit for Blacklily(me). Corporate Geek gets played on the BBC on the ROB da BANK One-music show. Also placed in the UNSigned Section Mr daBank has called it his favorite Unsigned track THIS YEAR!!

COngrats to those involved and thanks to Rob Da Bank and the BBC

BBC One-Music with Rob Da Bank

see the tracklist for the show here
The Hand That Feeds NIN Clearwater Mix 12 years ago
it was probably more than 8 mb
Nine Inch Nails and GB 12 years ago
powermac99 wrote:
Be extremely careful when you post remixes. If you include any sample of the original song, you're infringing on their copyright and iCompositions could be sued. If you've seen our footer, you know that we don't want that. NIN remixes are probably alright but any other song is strictly forbidden (if this applies to you, don't make the moderators hunt you down; just delete the songs yourself).

this is the only song Reznor has allowed people to remix and post freely. He should aware of the iC remix postings by now and would have sent a letter if there were problems. So far I belive this was his intent.

about that other thing. No answer from interscope or reznor. maybe you can give it a try.
iCompositions Mentioned on Cnet 12 years ago
my boyfriend will hate this but...

The guy is right. I have had enough rants about the lawsuits and industry. Now about this ""

anyone want to note the similarity of

time to get a lawyer...!

oh wait, ..thats right... I don't give a flying pig nut. Maybe I should post some music there. do the deal that way.


Maybe its time iComp make the transition to "label" or "digital distributor" fro pay sites like iTMS. Have a section where there still is free stuff but have a pay only section. Big commitment for PM but it could be a legit way to generate the income iC will eventually need. We have enough members now to warrent some commercial interest without selling out to one of the big five.
capacitor mike distortion on GB 2 12 years ago
rhonie wrote:
Hi everying.

I think this mic/vocal distortion in GB2 thing is a major bug. I upgraded,
starting with my laptop to be safe before I upgraded my workstation where all my master files are.

My mobile preUSB does nothing but distort when I try to record vocals. There is no way to boost the volume either (on the moble amp or
any volume control that I have found).

Needless to say, I am out of commission until this is resolved. Any ideas?

Very sad....

reinstall mobile pre driver and make sure levels are down. I use mobile pre and it works fine.. some installs go funky though . I would try unplugging rebooting then replugging it in mobile pre for another solution.
What do I need to plug my mic into my laptop 12 years ago
just give us the specs of the console and I will let you know. Does it have midi/usb/firewire already installed? or a model number
doh! 12 years ago
I really don't know what to say

doh! 12 years ago
this is nice

real f'n nice

I'm very happy... I am very thankful to Rob Da Bank at BBC1' One-Music. UNexpected and overwhelming. Thanks to someone for sending it in.

holy cow
Billy Reid in Mac Addict Magazine 13 years ago
congrats Billy
The Use of Loops Only 13 years ago
First lets address the issue of Garageband because you brought up two things. You stated your friends have no respect for garageband. Now Garageband is a fine peice of recording software for those who still play instruments. And now that 8 track simultanious recording is possible there is only a couple limitations left. Thats not relevant though. The fact is that its a great easy to use program. It also lets the musician stay a musician so recording engineers can do what they do best.

The use of loops... well I used them at first and still use drum loops because of location limitaions. Plus I can program the drums and change the loops as I like. But most importantly loops compositions require less of an effort. It becomes more of a puzzle than a composiiton. It doesn't make them unenjoyable unless you run into compositions that use the same loops over and over. Thats the risk. Loop composiitons can become the same as the nest one. At least when someone plays the same some on a guitar as another it remains defined by each personal playing style. Even with no effects. My guitar playing will never sound like other people's guitar playing. (which is good because my guitar and keyboard playing sucks) But at least I am playing. For me its musical growth. Challenging the production to take on a new life thats independant from other songs. Many compositions from some artists (not to be named here) became like a random loop generator. No style. Just aimless sounds. Many others thankfully have grasped the concept of the musical journey.

Garageband = good
loops = dangerous ground but good possibilities
talent = irreplaceable
skills are something everyone can achieve with enough practice
GarageBand 2 problems 13 years ago
the has been numerous issues with people. Two isolated incidents from friends of mine.
one reports system crash then home folder resetting (completely deleting every personal file and mp3/aac file he had).
the other reported finder crash. reboots don't fix it anad hes to frustrated to reset permissions. I don't blame him. While others have not had an issue, I am hesitant to install GB2 until apple patches these potentially serious problems.
10,000 users, what shall we do? 13 years ago
Telecaster (american standard)


A tascam fw1084 or fw1884 to celebrate multitrack recording capabilities with a copy of iLife 05. (or any other firewire multi channel control interface)

A mac mini with iLife 05 in it

all of the above
Playlist idea 13 years ago
...we could have themes based on how people do laundry. <_<
Questions for Apple 13 years ago
How are we able to add all the features it now has for such an premium price? What are the differences with Logic express. They seem like they might be a bit close these days.
Who reads our homepage news? 13 years ago
i love rss
ORIGINAL MUSIC NEEDED! $100 + FAME! 13 years ago
they can offer to buy rights to a song but 100 dollars is cheap. i would not personally join the contest. Coincidentally my latest song is about surfing. kind of a tribute to an iComp artist/band from Maui.

forever is a looong time
Rumor spreading... 13 years ago
the birthday has already been marked with the latest iPod giveaway.
GarageKey vs 49e 13 years ago
macmice too small at $119.00

49e 6 dollars more bigger and I think on aesthetic alone is better. Plus I own the 49e. Best buy. the 49e which I own is a way better buy.

macmice should drop price 20-30$

although I would not object to one sent my way for review purposes.
What song are you listening to right now? 13 years ago
sloan - money city maniacs
love and rockets - no new tale to tell
ilkers -arycanda
jeff buckley -lover you should have come over
Diana Krall -and I love him
van morrison -just like a woman
fruit bats -when you love somebody - fruit bats
sloan -500 up - sloan
Grant Lee Buffalo - Hyperion And Sunset
The Styrenes - Drano In Your Veins
anyone use AMGpaks? 13 years ago
I will be posting a review on AMG's Let The Beat Speak to the tools page as soon as PM is back.
USB Omni Studio & Garageband 13 years ago
check your sound input prefs in the system preferences
Yay! My First 100 views. 13 years ago
congrats smiley
I am Amazed.. such Great Talent here on icomp.. 13 years ago
the talent pool here is incredible. I know things about things too. Thing is ... its all about the DIY. I look up to so many artists here that have this amazing potential.
Halloween Header 13 years ago
happy hallows week smiley
iCiW: Congrats to the Winners! 13 years ago
thanks to all the peepole who voted for me.. too much kids

special thanks to Pam and Larry Jeff and James.. you are all too nice to me.

hi ho to Cheap CHick. (that one is for Larry)

Matt, Emmet, JL, SLIMMIE and PM (who makes me call him PM)

note for Neil Young:

listen to my stuff!
iCiW: Congrats to the Winners! 13 years ago
grats to Emmet ...enjoy your swag
iCiW: Vote for 'Best Vocals'! 13 years ago
we could just limit the amount of people withing the contest. Say cut the "referal nomination time down to a few days instead longer periods"

we could have blind taste tests. instead of having the names up you just get links that say "entrant 1" which would get everyone to listen to all the songs.


I like the current format.. I think its fair. PM will find and eliminate cheaters regardless. I think its wonderful that they have done this and given EVERYBODY a chance to win something.
iCiW: Vote for 'Best Vocals'! 13 years ago
Michael Bradley wrote:
So am I the only person who DID listen to all of the songs in this category (they've been posted for weeks) and DID vote for the song I thought had best vocal? What was so hard about that?

I don't understand why everyone has such a problem with the voting procedure - the rules were posted from the start. This site belongs to the people who started it, and they can run their contest any way the like.
Nobody said that you HAD to enter.

Granted, I wasn't looking forward to plodding through 200+ Loop-Only songs, but the final submissions are apparently going to be whittled down to a reasonable number. So basically, except for the loop-only category, you have a fair chance of being heard and winning. The numbskull who tried to cheat is gone, and the person who is in the lead earned his votes. How is any of this a problem?

And Seth, you gotta mellow out man. Communism??? C'mon...its just a contest.


i agree that they are dong the best they can

I am pretty sure I heard them all... all are very good.
iCiW: Vote for 'Best Vocals'! 13 years ago
Sista Mac wrote:
I really don't think this contest can be fair if members are voting. In order for this to be a fair contest, there needs to be a panel of at least 3 non-biased judges from different walks of life and different music taste(Non Members, with a bio that we could all read so we know who is judging, with some sort of clout). Then judging needs to be done in an Olympian style with a set of points, say between 0-20. Each judge gives a song a point score.Points are totalled and highest scores win. This is the way we run fine art competitions to keep things fair. I too can not take this to seriously at this point.

keeping in mind this site makes no money.. the contests should all be judged by PM and MATT and Gnomes but they have much to do and I think they were trying to promote participation within our own community. Jury by peers.
iCiW: Vote for 'Best Vocals'! 13 years ago
sethjacquay wrote:
I really was hoping this contest would have been
judged by a nonbiased panel who listened to all the content.
Not some ridiculous freaking broken online voting system
with no way to listen to all the songs.
The only reason to complain is that as the talent gets
better on iComp and its community grows to new heights,
these hyped up contests need to appear fair and legit.

so why don't they impliment a feature where you can't be a voter unless you listen to all the tracks listed? I suppose that would be a PHP nightmare.
iCiW: Vote for 'Best Vocals'! 13 years ago
macsnob wrote:
Well I see this category has become a farce.

A poorly mixed comp that no one has bothered to post a comment on and HDWJ are the leaders?!?!

There are many comps with great vocals in this category and these two are not them. It's too bad this category was not taken seriously. smiley

Feel free to rip my comps to shreds when the time comes, but this is a complete joke.

No fear dude.. PM is on the case
iCiW: Vote for the 'Most Helpful Member'! 13 years ago
this is the jlgerk campaign
iCiW: 'Favorite Member' Tie Breaker! 13 years ago
I vote for jlgerk!
Pop filters/windscreens 13 years ago
clothes hanger and a pair of nylon pantyhose.

create 6 inch wide screen area to keep the spittle down and it kills the wind created by excessively exagerated use of the letter P and sometimes B.


don't stretch it too much

dang vaporman already gave directions
iCiW: NOMINATE - Favorite All-Around Member 13 years ago
unfortunately I can't draw female sheep... soooooo

(waits for people to get it)

thank you to all who nominated me...
I already feel like I won something.
iCiW: NOMINATE - Most helpful member 13 years ago
bathroom wall

I nominate jlgerk for mugshots as most helpful to the artists. I would have nominated the admin people but the disqualified themselves
iCiW: NOMINATE - Favorite All-Around Member 13 years ago
SlimGirlFat wrote:
Sverker, Toots, BlackLily and DeputyDoofy, who always take a lot of time to comment on tracks
Powermac for being an extremely accomodating admin person
and Jlgerk, for being a great DJ!
Its too hard to vote for one person.. theres a great bunch of people here on iComps...

and thank you much....
iCiW: NOMINATE - Best Overall Song 13 years ago
i nominate
find me on the backroads

i hope that link thing works

it was a tough decision between Jobu and toots but because I Nathan did the singing on talk to me it pulls it into second place for me but if I can include it as a nomination I will.

this song is short yes but it really makes me part of it. when I listen to this song, my ears and heart demand more. that is what good music should do to people.
both these songs do deserve it.
iCiW: NOMINATE - Favorite All-Around Member 13 years ago
Jubo, Toots and jlgerk

thank you all
iCompositions Favorite Song Contest... NOW Vote! 13 years ago
and a car... filled with gold... on a beach.. in cancun.. with musclebound naked beach slavemen. and a 256 g5 cluster with a personal account at fender and gibson companies.

these guys are running on a low budget dude.. everything cost money. Including bandwidth.
Favorite Song Contest 13 years ago
short song about being content

ADMIN EDIT: Link added, please include links in the future
iSight 13 years ago
Prongs wrote:
I don't think you can use the iSight as a audio source for some applications. GarageBand doesn't let you, and FirstClass doesn't let you either. It has something to do with the sampling rate of the mic. I don't know all of the details.

it tried it.. works fine
So, what do you think? 13 years ago
I really am liking the new design. I'm noticing its a tad slower but that could be my connection today.i like the larger song lists on auditorium.
[Soundtrack] changing the effects in realtime???? 13 years ago
adjusting and recording those effects changes on the fly possible? probably not