My name is Micheal Wark. I record under the moniker CALCHAS [pronounced: CALL-cuss]. My friends just call me Mike.

I've always loved music, and always wanted to be in a band.

When we were little kids my younger brother Tom shared this dream with me.
I had a small reel-to-reel tape recorder and a broken acoustic guitar with two strings. Tom constructed a makeshift drum-kit out of cardboard boxes, large tin cans and plastic jugs. We wrote and recorded several tunes. Of course, they were crap! I remember constructing a wah-wah utilizing a vacuum cleaner hose. I played my guitar into one end of the hose, while Tom alternately cupped and un-cupped his hands over the other end of the hose which was held close to the microphone. It actually worked quite well! We sure had fun back then...

Tom eventually played drums professionally for some twenty years. I ended up choosing another life path, which---for me---made my dream of performing a practical impossibility. In spite of this I have been playing at the guitar, and at songwriting, for many years.

Then one day back in late 2005 a friend introduced me to Garage Band. I immediately saw the potential, and went out and bought a Mac, a couple of electric guitars, an electric bass, and some cheap keyboards to use as an interface for piano, organ, and synth. I've been writing and recording pretty steadily ever since.

I began posting at in 2006, and first began posting here not too long after. It was too much trying to be active on both sites (while working at both a full time AND a part time job), so I pulled back from icomp.

In 2011 my Mac crashed and burned, and for nearly six years I stopped writing and recording. Then, on August 1st of 2017, I retired from my full time job, and bought a new Mac. Since then I've written and recorded about 20 new tunes and remixed and remastered at least 15 older tunes. I'm happy as a pig in slop!

My main musical influences are classic rock, folk, folk rock, and progressive rock. Love the blues, but can't play them to save my life!

Macjams seems to be nigh unto death these days. I don't expect it will be around much longer. Whether or not this proves to be the case, I am henceforth devoting myself to this fine community. So far folks have been very welcoming, and for this I am grateful.

I hope many of you will share in my musical adventures. I have every intention of sharing in yours!

Be well friends!


Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Ariadne's Thread Rock Nov 15, 2017 144
Just A Man (After All) Rock Nov 10, 2017 178
STRANGEROUS Rock Nov 3, 2017 201
After August Folk Oct 27, 2017 193
ZEPHYR (Just Can't Stay) Rock Oct 19, 2017 224
Good Man Down Rock Oct 13, 2017 378
Freedom's Child Rock Oct 9, 2017 362


Title Artist Genre Plays
Bengawan Solo - River of my Dreams (Cover) Kaverley [+1] World 38
If I Could Just Hold You FreeEarCandy Pop 67
An Orange Horizon (CTT) becwil Electronica 66
Conclose RTe Dance 125
OUT OF MIND (3) KCsGROOVE [+2] Rock 187
Hypnotic Man Narananda Ambient 160
Drunken Blues 2 Alakdanilo Blues 178
Stop and Smell the Flowers cacciamai Alternative 183
You're coming home to stay LaFayette [+1] Other 475
Girl I Love It So Much Kaverley [+1] Rock 256
BRASS ALERT RiGee Classical 184
Kingfisher's trance Narananda Ambient 189
WINTER RiGee [+1] Folk 218
Bramasole(Christophe Beck Tribute) falconep World 196
Lost All Your Love ModifiedFish Pop 133
Weeping With The Willows Neumuzik Alternative 146
Descending Turnaround Blues {Economic Migrant Mix} pharmakeus [+1] Blues 205
82 rocked irok Rock 136
Ready for the psy LaFayette Other 312
In the Escher House {Walking with the Clavinet} pharmakeus [+1] Alternative 232
Pictures of Ships BlancFroid Alternative 224
Rhapsody of Love Kaverley Pop 186
Overall Blues Neumuzik Alternative 187
The Munsterz Matt Granz Surf 709
Justice sammydix [+1] Other 238
CHORAL RiGee Inspirational 193
Baby I'm On My Way FreeEarCandy Pop 259
The Void RazbaqueDirge Alternative 178
another version tireiron Alternative 178
Static Heart JanaSaisQuoi Electronica 267
Going To Find A Way gold6821 Rock 155
At The Pub With The Sullied Prophet - Not Famous Badstone_Music New Age 262
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out allisonbartonrice Blues 117
Another You (jeremy Heilman) ScottCarmichael Rock 326
Nothing Looks Good on You sammydix Rock 297
I'm So Glad allisonbartonrice Blues 158
Bonny Brae ScottHorwath [+1] Folk 295
Grateful Eyes FreeEarCandy Folk 277
rokpop 2017 120 irok Rock 209
Innit Neumuzik Rock 244
Boomerang LaFayette Other 525
Weight Of The Coin FreeEarCandy Alternative 227
WAR ON MY SCREEN (#3) KCsGROOVE [+2] Rock 365
Hang your belts! SebastienGabriel Pop 369
BEIJING GIRL toddbrown Folk 200
Angelina Larzman2 Pop 195
Two For Flinching THE_K_TEAM Metal 219
By All Means wescurry45nion Blues 223
Friends Taluyaq Alternative 234
Scarborough ScottHorwath New Age 278
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