Just too many influences to mention. I just hope my songs make some people inetrested some of the time. It comes from the brain sometimes, it comes from the heart other times. If you enjoy it just let me know. If you see a way to improve that let me know too. Thanks for listening.

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Way to go October 29, 2005
I'm lazy and too hung up on getting it right.
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Title Genre Released Plays
No Amnesty Explicit Alternative Apr 16, 2004 3623
Shout of Hatred Alternative Apr 17, 2004 8167
Maggies' Cafe Alternative May 4, 2004 3781
Bedsitter Lovers/Turn of a Key Alternative Aug 1, 2004 2051
Shout of Hatred (remix) Rock Oct 31, 2004 1419
2 young 4 tears Alternative Jul 31, 2005 1001
Do you know who U R (Diceman) Alternative Oct 27, 2005 992
Ugly Alternative Oct 28, 2005 1010
Bitter (Twisted up Inside) Blues Jul 23, 2006 1651


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Whiskey On The Rocks (acoustic) teddyelliot Rock 2164