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Title Genre Released Plays
You Are Missed Pop Apr 5, 2007 1281
Crime Scene (Final) Collab Pop Apr 15, 2007 1234
A Single Stone Collab Electronica May 28, 2006 3274
Slipping Electronica Jun 25, 2006 1648
Sweet Little Daughter (final) Collab Electronica Jun 22, 2006 2489
You Are Missed (Glich Mix by RhythmSickness) Collab Electronica Apr 15, 2007 1506
Every Now and Then Collab Electronica Apr 2, 2007 2214


Title Genre Released Plays


Hi from New York City. Here's where I test the waters with new songs before playing them in public. I hope you enjoy. I'm able to record just about anything but drums and I'm not much of a rhythm programmer, so I'm always looking for good beat makers to collaborate with. If interested drop me a line. I hope you enjoy the tunes, and I wish I had more to share, but I'm working on it.

Thanks to the folks at iComp for a wonderful site that has connected me with a great and talented community.