Music World Crisis!!!
October 27, 2009 | 7:44 pm

Don't give find job to carry on to must be strong!!!

How is by your place?Here in Italy is very hard to carry on.It's impossible to live with music and arts in general.
Many workers lost the job, but governors and prime minister (the shortly man) changes interests of economical ways (he's lost in personal argument not important for people) and tell us "everything it's ok".
Here in Italy nothing is ok!!!Our kids want live in passion, specially in music, but many people can't live with music, many artists are lost in frustrated conditions, but fortunately icompositions exist!
Just my opinion

thanx to icomp comunity



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Yeah, it's hard here as well. We've just been told that the recession is over - HAHAHA - unemployment is at 12.5 % and many who are working are on forced unpaid furloughs part of the year. People trying to make a living in the arts are up against it big time.
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DON'T worry Charley.....
It's not anything you can do about it now.....
Every country that signed on to democracy, got
robbed by the Banks and Stock Market, they sold
your Government pieces of real-estate, that didn't
belong to anyone, but the Money went to someone....

Now all those Counties will have to close down alot of
things to clear that loss from there books by the end of
the year, or the next election....
Pension Funds, and income from Tax's were spent trying
to make Money and they got robed......
It's going to take 10 yrs. at lest to recover.......

From me to you.... Do what you've got to do, to get what you
need done..... Be Happy in this Sad World any way you can......
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