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firth of fifth execution - hands close up by Merlin 26 days ago
Ehhhh maestro...grande interpretazione di un classico di tutti i tempi...Bravo come sempre! smiley
Untitled-Embryonic Version by LisaPatric 1 month ago
This is great...I like your sound so much...well done smiley
You're Just A ***** by Naaji 1 month ago
This is great...I like your voice so much...well done smiley
Wind River (For Annabelle) (Updated) by Piyali 1 month ago
This is great...I like your voice so much...well done smiley
God only knows [Remix] by jolofsson 1 month ago
Cool cover one of my favorite pop song... smiley
Existential by jkane 1 month ago
Cool cool cool favorite POPsong...I LIKE IT smiley
My Soul Is your Music by Deloris_Delaney 1 month ago
Very nice voice: I LIKE IT! smiley
MEDLEY_Live in Fossacesia Rock Festival 2013 by CharlyDeeCynthius 1 month ago
@Deloris_Dlaney thank you for visiting my stuff...Grazie per i complimenti! CIAO smiley
Some of my best friends by macoconuts 1 month ago
Macoco bass...grande!!!
MEDLEY_Live in Fossacesia Rock Festival 2013 by CharlyDeeCynthius 1 month ago
@alanatomic, @AngeloA, @jennyLYNN, @ScottHowarth, @A1K3M1, @KCGROOVE: Thanx a lot my friends to visiting my stuff...very much appreciated...I hope to make a new songs in the future to sharing with you the big passion for music...CIAO A TUTTI.
automaton by AngeloA 1 month ago

Re di denari...Bel pezzo amico mio!!!Mi piace!!
Too dry, too hot by MIR 1 month ago
Un pezzo pieno di energia...Mirco sei il re della dance smiley ciao fratello!!!
Charango Fest by ScottHorwath 2 months ago
Very touching...Well done!!!
Darkness (PG-song) by CharlyDeeCynthius 2 months ago
San Jacinto (Peter Gabriel) by CharlyDeeCynthius 4 months ago
Grazie mille!!!
Ciao Baby by Vixen 9 months ago
Ciao ciao bambina...Bellissima canzone in tutti i sensi...voce calda ed emozionante!!!Brava Vixen
Matilde Miel de Luna by MusicLeft 9 months ago
Grandissima performance Antò...E' sempre un piacere risentirti...Ciao I.T.A. Carlo
Norwegian Sunset by Jacalore 10 months ago
A song full of serenity as traveling through the big apple ... which you've captured the soul
my friend James Bravo smiley
MEDLEY_Live in Fossacesia Rock Festival 2013 by CharlyDeeCynthius 10 months ago
Thank you friends your comments fill me with joy even now that I see very reduced my visibility and popularity here in iCompositions ... I will always be happy to share with you my little story musical ...

Grazie a te Alan, a te KC e a te A1K3M1
Nymphs And Satyr (part 2) by thsantac 11 months ago
Delicoius and sensitive tune
Let There Be Drums by KennethLavrsen 11 months ago
Well done!!!
Just The Basics by A1K3M1 11 months ago
Sounds good...Cool percussions and nice arrange
The Last Supper by LaFayette 11 months ago
This is great LF...Well done
Hello Darci by EvilFactman 11 months ago
Great vocals smiley
Glow (A Flake of Snow) by jolofsson 11 months ago
Cool piece indeed...Really appreciated!
Existential by jkane 11 months ago
Sounds good here smiley
Shut It Tight (T Bone Burnett cover) by Dyl 11 months ago
Passavo di qua ed ho molto apprezzato questo country-swing
Good job Dyl!!! smiley
Summa Skankin by Jacalore 11 months ago
Bravissimo il mio amico GIACOMO CALORE...Enjoyed so much
Thanx for sharing...see you soon on Instagram...
Wrath by XmafaX 11 months ago
Sounds good!!!
The Boozehound Maul by JackFancy 11 months ago
Agree with KCsGroove...good song
His face by Babbazitt 11 months ago
Good sounds
lucky man [cover] by eagle 11 months ago
Good tune from your nice are lucky man indeed!!! smiley
Le Temps fera le reste by thsantac 11 months ago
Bellissimi i suoni e gustosissima composizione Thierry...GGGOOOD very GOOD!!!

P.S.:Tu hai i suoni che cercavo da tempo smiley
SECRET SIDE by KCsGROOVE 11 months ago
Well done my friend smiley
The Bridge by SpiresVortex 11 months ago
Bello sto PONTE!!!Molto ispirato!!!Ciaooooooo!
14 Jazz by MusicLeft 11 months ago
Ogni tanto passo ancora di qua e non posso fare a meno di chiedermi<<chissà cosa avrà avuto in mente questa volta il mio amico Antonello?>>.Beh ogni volta scopro nuove emozionanti note uscir fuori dai tuoi emozionanti strumenti ma soprattutto dalla tua grande sensibilità artistica.Non faccio il commentatore di professione e ne mi va di adulare senza motivo qualcuno, ma tu Antò sei e resterai sempre per me un grande musicista...BUONA PASQUA!!! smiley
Ledstjärna with De Udda (Oliva & Elina) by toveco 11 months ago
Beautiful language beautiful song!!!GREAT TUNE INDEED!
The Beast of the City by DonnaMarilyn 11 months ago
Great vocal in this...GOOD!
IT MUST BE LOVE by KCsGROOVE 11 months ago
This is great my friend...your sound is cool indeed!!! smiley
Poco prima di svegliarmi by MusicLeft 1 year ago
Che classe classe di chi tocca lo strumento come se fosse una donna da accarezzare.
Un grande abbraccio da chi ti stima e parecchio!!!
Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) by Dyl 1 year ago
Cool song Scratchy voice track engaging once again an excellent job. Mr. Supparo
Buon Natale
Not Enough Windows by BossHook 1 year ago
Very nice job from your stuff my friend...Merry Xmas and Happy New 2014 full of succes...
The Carpet Crawl | Genesis by trityas 1 year ago
The Carpet Crawl | Genesis, is one of the best song that I have sung in my life... Big hugs
Very nice song KC...I like it so much....Well done
Ultimate UJB by alanatomic 1 year ago
Oh, very nice sounds and cool guitar I LOVE IT!!!
Good compositions in this
Carlo smiley
Flower Power by LaFayette 1 year ago
Nice to listening your stuff again...Really good job smiley
Garage Suite by ohlanda 1 year ago
Beh, che dire? Dopo tanto tempo è un piacere rivedere (sentire) un vecchio amico in una veste così mirabilmente orientale...Bentornato
Get it back by MIR 1 year ago
Toh chi si risente, il mio amico Mirko.Ben ritrovato, che si dice in Ancona?Continua così con la tua bella musica, un abbraccione dal tuo Carlo!!! smiley
Here Comes the Rain Again (cover) by Peter68 1 year ago
I love it
Ill Jill by Jacalore 1 year ago
very soft and relaxing piece...I like "caro il mio amico Calore" smiley
Enjoy the silence (DM cover) by CharlyDeeCynthius 1 year ago
Thanx a lot for visiting this page...To the next guys! smiley
Hero of war by Project__S 1 year ago
Very nice song...bravo
I DON'T LIKE IT by KCsGROOVE 1 year ago
you do not like it?
I like instead smiley
sounds good...
Fly Everything by GaryLester 1 year ago
Inspirational Inspirational, very nice job guys!
Umbrella Song (2013) by zallaz 1 year ago
wow, the song Umbrella remember with pleasure among your best work Kevin ... smiley
Way Of The World (Acoustic Live+ Version 2013) by zallaz 1 year ago
Very good tune
Rasta's Lament by Jacalore 1 year ago
I like it,
Charlie smiley
She Came from Texas by pharmakeus 1 year ago
Very good history western song...
a sign of life by stebarbi 1 year ago
Coollllll... smiley
Looking Back On My Life by KennethLavrsen 1 year ago
Sounds good Kenneth smiley
Moonlight Serenade by LaFayette 1 year ago
Very good smiley
Smoke Easy [I'm a Cigarette] by pharmakeus 2 years ago
Sounds cool. Very creative.
Lest We Forget by Filmscorz 2 years ago
Blue Jubilee by Filmscorz 2 years ago
Fantastic sounds!!!
My Cheatin' Heart by allisonbartonrice 2 years ago
uhhh what a funny country ballad... smiley
The 48 Hour Rag by padowan_learner 2 years ago
Beautifully done
Well enjoyed
Charlie smiley
On The High Sea (Radio Edit) by Axelbreeze 2 years ago
I'm listening David Gahan in this or I'm getting wrong?LOL
very impressive the vocals...Very nice job and the sea playing with you, what a honor! Directly to my favorites iCompers, in this
Bravissimi! smiley
Historia de la silla by macoconuts 2 years ago
Great song from you!!!
No Time by hywel 2 years ago
Very nice music. Loving guitar theme. smiley
You Can Quote Me On That (S*** My Son Says) by padowan_learner 2 years ago

It's nice to listen you here, with a great song entertaining like this!I really enjoyed
The End Of The Dream by thsantac 2 years ago
What a magical atmosphere Thierry and Toveco. It reminds me of some of the first pieces of Jethro Tall manner with a touch of classic soul that enters ... Then when he enters the Moog is explained and recognizes the common origin of so much music that we all shared in our early time (in gioventu').Bravi entrambi!!!
twilight by eagle 2 years ago
Until the beginning of my entry here in iCompositions, I was favorably impressed by the colors and the softness of the sound of your stamp vocal.The most important thing is that your tone of voice does not look like anyone and every time I hear you, I say "this is my friend Arend".
This, That and The Other... by jkane 2 years ago
Great Track work. Original tune, I enjoyed.
Death Valley Girl Trip (inst) by Tribrix 2 years ago
Great work. I enjoyed.
Father and Son (Vocal) by toveco 2 years ago
One of my favorite and artist that I loved since when I was young, but this version is beautiful, full of soul and big heart... Many compliments to all of you!!!
Carlo smiley
Out of the Blue by pharmakeus 2 years ago
Hi what a playing full of soul!!!
LIKE IT smiley
610 del 04 febbraio 2013 by Radio_Charlie1 2 years ago
Entropy by MikeBrooks 2 years ago
This is also a great piece ... full of energy progressive! I really like!
Time Machine by MikeBrooks 2 years ago
Great performance!
We Used To Be Friends (Dandy Warhols cover) by SteveScott 2 years ago
WHAT A COOL performance FROM A unknown SONG, thanx for sharing!
Coldplay song-- "Clocks" by World_Citizens 2 years ago
Fate by MasonHeidger 2 years ago
Bravo, belle musique! smiley
Undertow by Filmscorz 2 years ago
Very nice my friend as usual smiley
cool song...and vocals! smiley
Extensive Train by Narananda 2 years ago
Very fast train...of the future!!!Well done Nara smiley
STACCATO by ClaudeAlain 2 years ago
nice smiley
little horror by Lapskin 2 years ago
Love it---very original sounds and drumming smiley
Allarme Polizia by Genial_Dry 2 years ago

Well well well!
Teach Your Children by jl 2 years ago
Wow what a cool surprise...CSN&Y my favorite!
Best vocals here!
The Dawn by atiluluyuce 2 years ago
very cool!
foolish man keeps talking by ozgurcanalkan 2 years ago
I like it indeed!
BORN TO LOSE by Cinderella 2 years ago
well done ballad for my brand new day! smiley
Lost My Job at the Diner Today by grathy 2 years ago
well done brand new day!!!
Ibidem by LaFayette 2 years ago
Cool work indeed...sounds good! smiley
Hey You (Pink Floyd cover) by thsantac 2 years ago
Excellent cover great voice...Really appreciated!!!
You're the One by SierraRace 2 years ago
Cool lyric, strong song and nice listening...I LIKE IT!!! smiley
Freaks (Open Chain Collab) by JDVLZ 2 years ago
Wqw what a nice friend, really appreciated
A Soap Bubble Over Sea (Part 2) by thsantac 2 years ago

Come ho fatto a perdermi questa bellissima composizione, piena di atmosfera e delicatezza? smiley
Il massimo delle stelle per il mio amico Thierry
Atmospheres by alanatomic 2 years ago
What a cool piece my friends---COOOOOOOLLLLL
Free Love (Depeche Mode song) by CharlyDeeCynthius 2 years ago
Thank you friends for visiting my song, really appreciated.=_=