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Ten Perfect Albums IMHO 8 years ago
Security (Shock The Monkey)--Peter Gabriel
--------------My Top 10 Hit Parade
So--Peter Gabriel
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway--Genesis
Passion--Peter Gabriel
Face Value--Phil Collins
Hound of Love--Kate Bush
King Crimson -- Discipline
Wish You Were Here--Pink Floyd
Impressioni di Settembre--Premiata Forneria Marconi
Alla Fiera Dell'Est--Angelo Branduardi
WHO inspires you? 8 years ago
Peter Gabriel
Early Genesis
David Sylvian
Phil Collins
Cat Stevens
Angelo Branduardi
Eugenio Finardi
Premiata Forneria Marconi
David Bowie
Elvis Presley smiley
Neil Young
Jethro Tall
Pink Floyd
Are you on YouTube? 8 years ago
Yes I'm on Youtube
HD video my last up!!!
Covers? What's Your Opinion? 8 years ago
Cover no cover this is the question!!!Maybe some artist don't believe to be a good composer and for this making cover realize the dream to singing in different way many masterpieces!!!
I don't consider a problem doing cover, all icomposers are free to do the best music in own possibility.Making original is different fantastic way to playing music, but someone must believe in own art to be a cool songwriter...Sometimes excess of self cryticism could be a wall for believe in ourself...I had many many rough ideas to original tune, but for making music often we must call professional musicians as often this is not possible...Just my opinion!
Lapskin's 1,000th Track 9 years ago
My compliments Zallaz
CharlyDee|||Cheers smiley
Photo Album Thread 9 years ago
So that's what you look like Lou! smiley
New iCompositions Moderators 9 years ago
Welcome to the team iCompers!!
Would I be representing Italy?
Never say never!!!
Thanx to thing about me!!!
smiley smiley
Bye bye Luciano! 10 years ago
Era un mito vivente...Ci mancherai, ma mancherai all'arte mondiale!!!
Letter "B" rules on iC! 10 years ago
The iCompositions Reformation 10 years ago
Looking for vocalist, Peter Gabrielesque track! 11 years ago
Hy my friend iCompers...My pleasure to collaboration to you in every possible way, thanx to all of you

In your eyes (live and studio remix version)
The Criminally Overlooked 11 years ago - PETER GABRIEL MAN OF PEACE 2006

Thank you Julian for writing about me.J'am very very happy for all that you said about my little performance.When somebody play music, hope the things like this and I it's my pleasure to say thank you for all.(Sorry for my little english)

Carlo Di Cintio/Chieti/Italy