"Down from the rain-swept moors of the Derbyshire High Peak, comes Chordwainer. A bizarre musical chimera fusing influences as diverse as Steve Earle and Neil Finn, Paul Weller and Show of Hands, Neil Young and the Imagined Village".

Anyhow, I do hope you like the tunes! These are essentially guitar based songs with some keyboard and percussion additions - I've a preference for more natural or traditional sounds. There are more than 40 Chordwainer songs now, in a variety of styles. More recently, I've tended to move away from the electric stuff and more towards the acoustic. Since I got myself a really nice Mandolin, the direction has been definitely towards contemporary folk/singer/songwriter.

Initially Chordwainer was meant to be simply a name for the project, a vehicle for the songs as recorded. Perhaps inevitably, I've become determined to drag myself out into the world and perform the songs in front of an audience. So in addition to performing occasionally solo, I'm also one quarter of High Peak-based folk/roots/acoustic four-piece, Raintown Seers.

If you're curious, Chordwainer was chosen as a name for this project after long deliberation and numerous hopeless non-starters. There's two strands to it - if you're really into SF then you might know of a classic SF novel "Norstrilia" by Cordwainer Smith. I thought that was a cool name, and I stuck an "H" in there, because I usually start with a couple of chords on the old guitar.

For the more nerdy, these are all done in Logic Express 8/Logic Pro 9, on a 21" Intel Imac via MAudio preUSB audio interphase, and through MAudio BX5a powered monitors. My guitar is a Lowden F32Ce Single cutaway acoustic. Oh and of course a Moon Standard Mandolin - a little piece of hand-made joy it is too. Keys via MAudio keystation 49e.

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Blue Cat Bewiderment June 27, 2010
Chordwainer does proper gig - it goes OK, sort of....
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Torres injured in Chordwainer gig fiasco April 3, 2010
Some degree of exaggeration employed here. Indeed some aspects may be factually incorrect!
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Chordwainer under the knife July 9, 2009
Always had a somewhat sceptical view of the medical profession - not always justified.
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Post-gig Quality Meeting April 17, 2009
really losing it now..........
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Chordwainer - a live act? Discuss.... April 17, 2009
the lure of self-inflicted public humiliation proves too strong!
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Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Treeline Rock Mar 8, 2015 325
Tailspin (Cover version) Country Jun 9, 2012 293
Wichita (Orig. Gillian Welch) Country Feb 16, 2012 401
Secretly Sipping The Blues Away (Featuring Lisa Lovatt) Folk Feb 16, 2012 793
Here Come the Brides Folk Jan 2, 2012 544
Can You Tell Folk Jul 12, 2011 425
John Riley Revisited (v2) Folk Feb 13, 2011 399
Derby Ram Folk Aug 18, 2010 644
John Riley Folk Aug 18, 2010 530
Merrie England Folk Jul 2, 2010 488
Flawed Character (new version) Folk May 2, 2010 331
The Last Boat Folk Dec 31, 2009 568
Grumpy Old Man Blues Dec 11, 2009 627
Galway Girl (Cover version) Country Nov 13, 2009 821
Peter's Stone Folk Nov 12, 2009 518
Flawed Character Folk Sep 10, 2009 650
You Always Hurt The One You Love (Acoustic) Country Jul 24, 2009 911
Low Tension Folk Jul 23, 2009 736
Secrets and Lies Folk Jul 3, 2009 520
All the way and back again Pop Jun 15, 2009 545
Hey My Friend Country Jun 5, 2009 559
Song for Gordon Folk Jun 4, 2009 630
Benny Rothman Folk Feb 22, 2009 885
Not the years but the miles Alternative Dec 24, 2008 582
Impulsive Pop Nov 6, 2008 612
Salvador Folk Nov 6, 2008 656
The Other Shoe Folk Nov 5, 2008 578
Its Only The Love Pop Oct 4, 2008 632
Slow Lightning Rock Oct 4, 2008 1200
Standing Stones Pop Sep 11, 2008 734
Getting Warmer Rock Sep 11, 2008 754
You Always Hurt The One You Love Pop Sep 11, 2008 1126
Where Are You Now Folk Sep 11, 2008 644
Freetime Rock Sep 11, 2008 641