I started with electronic composition in 1981 when I attended the Crane School of Music. I was a performance major on trombone, and took an elective called, "Electronic Music Lab." Back then, New England Digital had just introduced the Synclavier II. It was hooked to an Apple II computer that could print notation on a staff, but couldn't do much else. We laid tracks on reel to reel using this instrument and a few plug and patch analog synthesizers. Let me tell you, it was a lot of work! There were very few examples back then that are anything like what can be created today on software such as Garage Band. Electronic music, as it was known then, consisted primarily of beeps, blips, and static, and it wasn't very inspiring to me. I always wanted to reproduce the kinds of tunes I heard on the radio. Unfortunately, I was very short sighted with regard to where the technology would go, and so I sort of moved on to other pursuits. I left music (and music school) altogether and became an actor where I achieved modest success for a time. My Artist Icon is actually a photo of me off a poster from a sci-fi interactive (Virtual Cinema) movie on CD-ROM called Quantum Gate, from Hyperole Studios. The movie is the legitimate forerunner for all first person adventure games using live action - I believe it's a collectors item now.

Thanks to the evolution of personal home computing and the development of accompanying software such as Garageband, Reason, and so forth, composing studio quality works has now become a reality. The democratization of music composition has finally made what I longed to acheive so many years ago a possibility, and I am eternally grateful to the engineers and web developers whose efforts have brought so much joy back into my life. Thank you icomp, and thank you to all those members whose comments help me to continually improve!

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd cover) Rock Feb 18, 2011 4680
I Need Your Love Rock Feb 15, 2011 820
Meanwhile... Alternative Feb 9, 2011 788
Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) Alternate Version Pop Feb 7, 2011 1143
Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) Don McLean cover Pop Feb 3, 2011 1759
Adrift At Play Ambient Jan 27, 2011 681
Blake's Moto Electronica Jan 5, 2011 562
California Christmas Holiday Dec 18, 2010 2474
Bad Machine Electronica Nov 18, 2010 918
I Am Home Folk May 28, 2010 700
When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around. (The Police, cover) Pop May 26, 2010 536
Electric Avenue (Eddie Grant cover) Dance May 21, 2010 2926
Love With You R&B May 18, 2010 586
Save It For Later (cover) by The [English] Beat Pop Jan 14, 2010 3506
"Heroes" (cover) by David Bowie & Brian Eno Electronica Jan 7, 2010 1788
New Year's Fairy Tale Explicit Punk Dec 17, 2009 1898
Zombie Reprise Ambient Dec 11, 2009 721
A Better Tamara Jazz Dec 7, 2009 637
Thanks Giving Christmas Holiday Nov 20, 2009 1075
Out On The Wing Electronica Nov 3, 2009 628
Puppetocracy Electronica Jul 16, 2009 725
Is Christmas Here? Holiday Dec 24, 2008 971
Astronaut of Love Pop Oct 11, 2008 846
Writer's Block Other Oct 9, 2008 958
Le Tour de France Electronica Jul 13, 2008 892
Brick Town Alternative Apr 22, 2007 1254
Blind Sky Electronica Apr 2, 2007 1393
Once Again (We Shine) Pop Mar 11, 2007 1060
Respice Finem (Look to the end, consider the outcome) Electronica Jan 28, 2007 2621
Maybe Baby Pop Jan 11, 2007 1173
Intergalactic Soul Pig Electronica Jan 7, 2007 1320
Airship Pop Jan 1, 2007 1113
Listen And Be Heard Electronica Dec 28, 2006 1255
Let It Go Alternative Oct 5, 2006 1426
Climb Into Your Wire Rock Jun 10, 2006 1284
Scatology of Nothing Alternative May 25, 2006 1355
Heroine Alternative May 13, 2006 2779
Rain Electronica Mar 28, 2006 1224
The Light Exchanged Electronica Mar 6, 2006 1285
Purple Porche (remixed) Electronica Mar 5, 2006 1291
String Cantata Electronica Feb 23, 2006 1126


Title Genre Released Plays


Title Artist Genre Plays
Twilight LaFayette Jazz 1349
My good ol'France didierlozano Pop 2673
middle age of pop didierlozano Pop 1823
Riverboat ScottHorwath Classical 988
Lady In The Midnight Show tricky Pop 477
i don't care that80sboy Rock 1154
reefer (narcotics mix) Lapskin Electronica 515
Seven down (Overcast) theseedsofautumn Electronica 627
Waiting for the sunrise (Overcast) theseedsofautumn Ambient 615
Time Glitch (Timeless Mix) JanaSaisQuoi [+1] Electronica 2200
Wet Matches 4: The Umbrella Corporation randolf [+2] Spoken Word 3502
Wet Matches 4: The Umbrella Corporation randolf [+2] Spoken Word 3502
I know you hate me but can you at least be nice about it ? ScottHorwath Classical 1531
All the Young Dooods (David Bowie Cover) Baboon [+2] Rock 2415
When I Come Around (Green Day cover) SteveScott Rock 4943
Devouring Dogs FourOFour Electronica 969
Soldier Why Tailisman Rock 1008
Nag Champra Absynth World 1218
YOUR PLANE IS GONE (an angry song) Barretok Rock 2126
The Golden Child ChemicalDistance [+1] Hip Hop/Rap 656
Acceptance Engine Electronica 792
Chasm eurostrike Alternative 1362
I Wrote This Song In Pencil thenownows Alternative 2104
Astronomy Domine (bluegrass version) robby_reverb Folk 1186
Everybodys Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey (Beatles Cover) Tony2008 Rock 1711
Kooks (David Bowie cover) robby_reverb Pop 961
Tea In The Sahara etgilles Rock 1334
MASKED PUPPETEERS Barretok Rock 2457
The Long Way Home (cover) Keith_Medlin Folk 812
I Don't Want To Grow Up (Tom Waits) Keith_Medlin Folk 836
Amnesia Make It Mix jankorteweg [+1] Alternative 980
Wood and Cancer... No.3... Chaos Mix woodguy32 Other 2737
If I am a bug you are a bird moljen [+1] Electronica 1023
Shuffle G Take 3 Baboon [+1] Blues 2290
Always ChamberlainKillpage [+1] Pop 2406
ORANGE TECHNO LOUNGE 3 - Tattoo remix tomtomR Electronica 8396
ORANGE (in)balance tomtomR Electronica 2264
Crimson Sunset [band] Bob6stringer [+1] Rock 3336
Epitaph of the Unseen Man (Jayman Mix) rEach [+1] Classical 2301
A Single Stone ChamberlainKillpage [+1] Electronica 3155
Moonshine Fiasco tomtomR Electronica 2679
Piranha Lake PiranhaLake Surf 3011
Prelude/Little Sass JD Pop 2049
Duke's Return JD Rock 2650
D A R K D A Z E ghost Electronica 1928
A Friend's Lament ChristopherAllen Other 1580
-1990-When is the Rain Gonna Fall Wallace_Landreth Alternative 2076
let me feel (Orangepeel mix) tomtomR Electronica 3491
Why You... [post-band psycho-swing mix] Bob6stringer [+1] Rock 4471
To the Sea Mystified [+1] Other 2947
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