Hello all!

My name's Curran. I really have no background in music theory or anything, most of my interest in songwriting stems in my love of singing and writing. I always got tunes stuck in my head and one day I decided to take to garageband and give songwriting a shot. I'm a recent graduate from Vassar College with a degree in neuroscience and I'll be starting a job as phlebotomist this summer (I'm sure I'll find some song inspiration there). I hope to go to medical school in a few years but in the mean time I'm going to make some money in my hometown and hopefully crank out a few songs in the process.

My music is generally pretty dark... I have a hard time writing happy tunes for some reason. I guess I'm just never inspired by positive emotions or stories in a creative sense.

Now that I don't have much on my plate I'd always be down to collab/add vocals to anything if anyone's interested.

That's pretty much it.


Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Seven Nation Army (Cover) Alternative Mar 2, 2016 649
Jolene (Cover) Other Nov 10, 2012 1025
Death by Beauty Alternative Sep 10, 2012 1090
My Secret Song Explicit Alternative Jul 11, 2012 950
Black Eyes Alternative Nov 25, 2011 1077
Static, Please Dance Jun 22, 2011 1105
Delivering Dahmer Dance Jun 19, 2011 951
I Love Reality TV Dance Jan 9, 2011 1365
Restless Dance Jan 6, 2011 1024
Roulette Alternative Dec 30, 2010 1074
Anthem of a Hedonist Other Aug 14, 2010 1192
Susie was an Angel Alternative Jul 14, 2010 1296
Satisfaction is a Myth Dance Jun 30, 2010 1229
Mommy, Mommy Dance Jun 4, 2010 1183
The Sad Little People Alternative May 31, 2010 1845
I'm Not Bad Collab Pop Apr 30, 2010 1451
Push Back Baby, I Need You A Cappella Apr 20, 2010 2315
Disillusions of Broadway Alternative Apr 16, 2010 906
Peacoats Alternative Jan 7, 2010 683


Title Genre Released Plays
Push Back Baby (I Need You) Alternative Apr 21, 2010 1141
Wii (I've Got My) Electro Mix Electronica Mar 31, 2010 1552


Title Artist Genre Plays
Between the Lines RTe [+1] Ambient 979
US Barretok Blues 1131
MOLLY (Esquire's Mix) NEWCLEARPOET Dance 392
This Thing With You And Me Bachthoven Other 421
Her 'Tude 'n Her Twang DonnaMarilyn Country 788
Oasis carlajpatterson [+2] World 1219
The Summit ShadowofNine Classical 541
Rebecca - A Fairy Tale 8MonthMalfunction [+2] Childrens 989
Silent People KennethLavrsen Pop 1540
coming home that80sboy Electronica 883
Conundrum (Live) brewchugger Alternative 791
Jaywalker pharmakeus [+1] Rock 1443
No tengo ganas de cantar (Spanish ) telo12 Other 687
The Lawless Spectacular Chorus Line Mallet Anthem ZipZipper Alternative 1226
Send Him To Rehab jonsmjohnson Country 848
Never Look Back - from "Moll Flanders" ihussain Classical 1764
DriNk N Dro MikeD4209 Hip Hop/Rap 441
The Vocal Series ShadowofNine [+1] Alternative 730
Rock In My Shoe (feat. Romy Harmony) C_Man Electronica 2234
Sleeping Beauty Vixen [+1] Folk 1591
Going For Re-Entry With Dr. Holly Goodhead artneuro Rock 2288
You And Me ZipZipper [+1] Electronica 811
Flying Carpet Narananda Ambient 825
My Man Deebeesea [+1] Blues 1036
W O M A N 101 RedthruNthru [+1] Blues 1401
Space Walker EvilFactman Other 461
Moonlight Shadow (Cover) Vixen [+1] Folk 2441
Country Richard YounHawk Hip Hop/Rap 550
Pales Blues New Remix ;-) toveco Blues 991
Life is a Dream [DEMO] DJ_Siatt Dance 586
Love Before Death ZipZipper Electronica 1041
We Grew Up beanpolewatson Rock 533
DRUMMER IN THE SKY moffFROMyork Ambient 1517
Sweet Love MusicLeft [+1] R&B 1549
Can a Duvet Stop the Living Dead? thenownows Pop 1497
Dangerous Games Sabine [+1] Alternative 1392
Pavane Opus 50 (Cover) ZipZipper Classical 798
Fear Was Growing (MelancholyMix) C_Man [+1] Alternative 1039
My 69 ziohousedj Dance 467
Boarding School RevJoE Ambient 866
Merchant of Spite MikeHuntingford Pop 839
Nightmare (original vocal version) robby_reverb [+1] Pop 638
The Drive **Epic** jasonhunwick Hip Hop/Rap 583
Really Perfect PrinceHabibou Pop 540
i gotta shave. painfaker Rock 536
Moments LilDude Rock 435
CRYSTAL SISTERS [+1] Alternative 1220
Luminous Flight videoscore [+1] New Age 2961
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