Hey My name is David I have dark brown hair and brown eyes, i've been playing acoustic guitar for almost 9 months and electric guitar for about 3 months.My lyrics are very deep and usually have a higher meaning to what there saying. Ive always loved to play and listen to music. To me music is one of the most passionate ways to exspress emotion and thought. Music is my medicine, my style of music is Rock and Roll, Metal,Hard Rock,
Rock,Experemental and sometimes PoP Rock and Blues.

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Title Genre Released Plays
Two Sides of One Mind Other Aug 22, 2007 682
jam #3 (Demo) Other Aug 20, 2007 403
Innocents Lost On A Wenesday(Edited By DOS) Other Dec 19, 2006 424
Innocents Lost On A Wenesday(Origanal Version) Other Dec 19, 2006 425
My Last Days(acoustic Version) Collab Other Dec 19, 2006 729
Road To Solitude Rock Jun 24, 2006 576
Everytime Rock May 21, 2006 608
A World Forever Broken Metal May 21, 2006 652
Broken Metal May 21, 2006 682


Title Artist Genre Plays
The Day Of My Last Day Rialsid Metal 669