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Indohung by DJGRIFFIN 4 years ago
Indohung by DJGRIFFIN 4 years ago
hey DjDETSKI !!! glad you like it....yes, I'm up for a collar..

The Sick Rose by AcetyleneJukebox 4 years ago
Gobi Spirit by DjDetski 4 years ago
love it smiley
Clank by DjDetski 4 years ago

Decompression by DjDetski 5 years ago
My Crystal Sentinel by DjDetski 6 years ago

superb. ahaha a little chant surprise too. smiley love it. smiley
ive been doing some similar spacey racing experimental stuff like this recently too.
I love the fact it doesn't break into a banga, that's a very cool vibe at the mo.

sounds great on my speakers and cans, very well balanced and spaced levels.
The Twist by DjDetski 6 years ago
bouncin.. love it.
Main Teri Tu Mera by AcetyleneJukebox 6 years ago
Magnetic Anomaly Fanfare by AcetyleneJukebox 6 years ago
one hell of a wicked experiment! love it.
Talking To The Moon by DanielLambert 7 years ago
A Top creation here.
Kama-Loka by AcetyleneJukebox 7 years ago
cool trippy track, like it when the bass come in.
I C U by DJGRIFFIN 7 years ago
cheers smiley glad you like it.
AIS by DJGRIFFIN 7 years ago
Thanks AcetyleneJuke smiley
Electrified by iloilo 7 years ago
nice one.
Turn it Up (Remix Preview) by Rome 7 years ago
wicked. love the choppy style, but maybe more of a rolling section would be cool too?
nice one
Dead Like Me - INSTRUMENTAL Trippy Mix by EquinoxShadow 7 years ago
Fibrillator by deputydoofy 7 years ago
wicked high energy mix, though it distorts quite a lot from being overly loud, but i am nearly always guilty of that too..

nice one.
End of Summer by MMI 7 years ago
a beautifully chilled number.
Time Glitch (Timeless Mix) by JanaSaisQuoi 7 years ago
Superb !
Requiem by CherBear420 7 years ago
love it from 4:14 excellent.
Resonaught by DjDetski 7 years ago
wicked stuff as always Detski.
nice clean and crisp original sounds, layered really well, builds up a treat, and kicks in wickedly.

A Lonely Winter by DJGRIFFIN 7 years ago
Thanks guys,

hey Detski, Im well, back in Japan, how are you doing? I got loads of tracks in the mix again, will post more soon. smiley
Boba Fett (Vader mix) by gregson74 7 years ago
wicked !!
Just Fixing the Pipes... by DjDetski 7 years ago
way to go dets smiley
awesome production.
Synesthesia by DjDetski 7 years ago
I Know, I Know by shavingronaldscar 8 years ago
love it. wicked.
Sunshine Fragments by DjDetski 8 years ago
superb and fantastic quality. smiley
The Toothman by DJGRIFFIN 8 years ago
cant believe I actually did this.. haha such a **** smiley
Thanks very much Tedfire... glad u like it, yeah see what you mean about the strings, i will tweak them. smiley
Scrapyard Nights by DjDetski 8 years ago
love this.. happy 2010
El Ef Oh by DjDetski 8 years ago

SUPERB!! smiley
Hit The Deck by DjDetski 8 years ago
Awesome, love it. Great new sounds and flavour. smiley
Dub Magic by DjDetski 8 years ago
superb phatness sounds.. love it. smiley
Tears by StepChild 8 years ago
very nicely done.
Project numero uno by anoukh 8 years ago
this is Tops. smiley
STRONGBOW by slenderfungus 8 years ago
You Got Me by DanielLambert 8 years ago
great stuff, love the juicy beginning. smiley
Heard No Evil by DjDetski 8 years ago
wicked stuff as usual. love the little tinkle pitch changes.
reversed vocals evil!! haha, great stuff.

Can't Make No Peace by DjDetski 8 years ago

wicked minimal.

Mistah Mixah by DjDetski 8 years ago

Pumping minimal greatness. smiley
The Repair Constant by DjDetski 8 years ago
awesome detski.
Everything by DanielLambert 9 years ago
great chillin vibes, love the floatiness and heavy epic down beats.
Mind Scanner(w/MusicLeft) by camomilla 9 years ago
very cool grooves and what a Crazy Cool picture... smiley
Trunk Lip - (short Check Bing Mix) by DJGRIFFIN 9 years ago
thankyou, hey Anoukh, now downloadable just for you! smiley
Ive Forgotten Your Name by StepChild 9 years ago
wicked track, nice rolling beats and bass.
Resolution By Convolution by DjDetski 9 years ago
not too cluttered, great as usual, lovely deep and crisp production.

nice old skool scratchin too . smiley
Pigeonless Ping Pong by MichaelDaykin 9 years ago
ruddy brilliant. smiley
Blu Hard Hat by DjDetski 9 years ago
nice simple pumpin track. great little glitchy stabs, and first break down is sick, and build up is even better.
nice one.- as always smiley
Would I Lie To You? by DjDetski 9 years ago
ridiculusly excellent!!!!!!!! what a track. you rok dude.
serious pro-production.
Tripwise by DjDetski 9 years ago
you really taking things to the next level with latest choons. I am blown away with the cutting and chopping up and effects, love the minimal yet full production. superb sounds. well chuffed for you man.
Jam (darkbeat) by DJGM 9 years ago
EXCELLENT. love this.
...and voices singing out of empty cisterns and exhausted wells by AcetyleneJukebox 9 years ago
WICKED! love this crazy sound. what a beat! glitchy circuit bending madness. fantastic.
7 0 7 by DJGRIFFIN 9 years ago
thanks for the feedback. actually i have a very minimal set up mostly work out of my laptop, but always begging and borrowing gear for the odd day off friends and anyone in fact.. i am mad for old synths. I Do have a few bits and bobs in my mum's attic, but I'm mostly on the road these days. ah damn, just heard some distortion that i swear wasnt on what before i uploaded it, im a sucker for pushing them levels too much. smiley
ok will work on the end... i did actually upload this track much sooner than i normally do and the way I work stuff is still like a DJ mixing a set, and slowely evolve stuff until i accidently come across something worth making a track out of.. anyways enough of my blab.. thanks again..
Let me Feel by DJGRIFFIN 9 years ago
thanks guys,
I thought Imho was Emaho for a second, a tibetan spiritual proclomation of amazement! but then i realised it was in my humble opinion! hehe- cheers.
yeah i bet that sub bass pushed the sennheisers to the limit.

Thanks all again, i look foward to start checking out all of your stuff too smiley
The Toothman by DJGRIFFIN 9 years ago
cheers, yeah me rapping... not that i ever usually do, just having a laugh.
[Theremin]-Sally's Song (Cover) by rex 9 years ago
The Ghost of Christmas Glitch by DjDetski 9 years ago
absolutly brilliant Dets. your best! love it, love the new style thats been developing recently too. cool spooky ghools too.
Pawn Takes Knight by slenderfungus 9 years ago
Rubber Ball by DjDetski 9 years ago
wicked groove on this bro. Love it. smiley
Surprise Surprise by DjDetski 9 years ago
what a fat n juicy stab, love it. great glitchiness too... man you good.
Fizzle by DjDetski 9 years ago

tops dets. !!!
Temple Tantrum by DjDetski 9 years ago
ahhhh so cool, thanks bro.. havnt been on here for a while and got a very nice surprise to hear this. wicked track, love the choppin up. and the beat is mega. rolls so well. great production. smiley

man i gotta download this to pump in the mota! wicked wicked wicked...
The Lab by MichaelDaykin 9 years ago
nah, not so into this one, but some cool individual sounds in there.
Satellites by MichaelDaykin 9 years ago
like it, i wanna hear a deeper beat or some rumbling bass line, but wicked track.
Progress by MichaelDaykin 9 years ago

your first tune????????? WTF. cant believe it, no loops????

YOU EFFING ROCK DUDE. supreme talent! great production.. no way your first tune- come on....?? great to find you on here.
Wanna Love you (M Daykin Rmx) by MichaelDaykin 9 years ago
great production. like this a lot. very cool.
Attitude by MichaelDaykin 9 years ago

nice crisp trippy intro, cool beat that drops in, maybe not deep enough, cool groove and soundscape-need more of that, it just drops in then leaves. starts to drag,lost interest until off beat tom weaves in, excellent! but i wanna hear more of that reminds me of plasticman, then im very interested again and it starts to roll...breaks quite nicely and changes a bit, but maybe not enough? nice little chuggy slow tech. the mid beat sound is a bit high in mid range. atmospherics are maybe not decisive enough, kind of hesitantly brought in, could be more full power, cool changes into ambient wierdness, sweet squelchs and echoes. bass a bit weak, a stronger b-line be nice. brilliant beat comes back in with the off beat tom still twirling around- i like that a lot. then drags a bit again, so in my humble 2p opinion i would say, strip back, re structure, give more punch and depth and he presto, one wicked track. I am actually really very into this., actually the last section seems more tight.

i dont think i have ever written this much as a comment.

Superb stuff.

Your Noticed Kid by slenderfungus 9 years ago
very cool.
Dead Mosaic by DjDetski 9 years ago

SUPERB! top tune. I love this push into weirdom.
brilliant minimal grooves. fantastic sounds and beats and bass, i seriously just love this. SO COOL TO HEAR YOUR OWN STYLE AND ORIGINAL THING COMING THROUGH MORE AND MORE!!

i know i have made positive comments on all your recent stuff, but this is outstanding and I think it very special.
Tribal Exploration by DjDetski 9 years ago
2 tracks in one day, what a treat from my favorite artist on here!

pukka chilled beats track.
I especially love the breakdown gruff stabby synth sound that comes in mid way.

nice work. smiley
Ultimatum Synthesis by DjDetski 9 years ago

nice one DJ. when that pounding kick drops, its all rockin. it gets heavy and juicier as it rolls, and when that sweet pad comes in it all rises to another level. superb, builds so well. euphoric housey anthem. lovely levels when it gets going. nice detailing and breakdown. I wanted to hear the go sample more though.. I like the chord changes and key too. basically, wicked tune. different sound to your normal thing but thats great to hear different things and its a collab too, so some credit to mesiah for synths... great collab guys.

you rock detski!
Haunted by AcetyleneJukebox 9 years ago
awesome track. really into this.
Ultraviolet by AcetyleneJukebox 9 years ago
ahhh, wicked wierdness..with such a full sound and mixed so nicely, with loads of cool trippy bits.
Little bird in heaven by brnPetra 9 years ago
Electro Shock by vegetal 9 years ago
yep. lovely rolling along number..
Desperation = Motivation by vegetal 9 years ago
very very nice grand lifting tune.
Outside by vegetal 9 years ago
cool. smiley
Loops from Airy Fields by ElectricLevantine 9 years ago
lovely synth lines. maybe beat could be beefed up? i like this! smiley
Dreamin' by camomilla 9 years ago
great track. brillint. nice rolling summer vibes and beats..
cool artwork too!
Played by AcetyleneJukebox 9 years ago
Orion by KnqulearShift 9 years ago
Brilliant inovative piece. crazy and flowing, marvelous!
Nubia by 921 9 years ago
Loving this. so chilled, intriguing, and pulsating with mind opening inspiration!
Thanks guys so much, glad you like this... yeah Detski, lets do a collab for sure. That sitary sound is actually a higher octave acid 303 bass 3 note arpeggio that I chopped up and altered the pitch and ran through about 10 effect pluggins until it evolved into that weirdness! smiley but you are right about the sitar cos i also had a little bangra mix going in there for a while which i took out of this mix when i was stripping it back.
This is the kind of tune that i have always loved to dance to, so comes straight from my heart!

Thanks all. smiley
Aliens by AcetyleneJukebox 9 years ago
super trippy.. great!
Frozen by KnqulearShift 9 years ago
wicked craziness! love it. great production...last third rocks!
You're All Kinds Of Music by DanielLambert 9 years ago
wicked experimental breaks track! Really into this quirky number.
lost in translation meets Colin Dale.
Run Boy, Run! by DjDetski 9 years ago
have to double hit this, Im well impressed!

what a corker!
Let's Go! (Revised) by jamesjrn 9 years ago
very loud and grooving! very nice flow and composition.
I love the acid stab sweep and the swirling pan.
Dream Cymbalism by feenixx 9 years ago
very cool and super creative mix up. great!
Run Boy, Run! by DjDetski 9 years ago
Good idea, i rekon I could cut to the chase more on mixes too...

love it and especially as its all your own sounds. EQ and levels sound perfect to me and I swear i can hear you progressing heaps with the techy side of things. This is warm, wide, deep, crisp balanced and loud, plus it ROCKS! You going to go on to great things Detski. Loads of talent and potential here, and its commercially viable.

I love the progression and distortion, gives it an edgy unique pro vibe.

This is an inspiration to me too, and I have actually been making a similar speed pumping tune today too!!

The only critique/idea I can possibly come up with after listening to this if I really try is that maybe you could possibly push sounds and key changes a bit further into the experimental??

keep em coming..... smiley
Come with me to Istanbul by ElectricLevantine 9 years ago

Super track and love the changes that you have made on this version, the levels are great and it flows so nicely. still got that live flavor.

very nicely done, and I really like this friendly critique feedback thing we have got going on that helps us all to improve and tweak our works! smiley

Anatolia Meets Central Asian Steps by ElectricLevantine 9 years ago
loud epic floaty skippy tune. I like the loose flow of it although Im always striving to tighten beats and rythms so i often get an itch to do that,- great singing and samples, only ending is pretty poor me thinks. nice taster though.
indie girl by Stockholm 9 years ago
funky little tune. nice vibes.
dark by Stockholm 9 years ago
very space manga! great!
push your elektro out by bekka 9 years ago

oh yes... been a while since i checked your work and Im glad I have! WOW super cool production and vibes.
Sonic masterpiece.

Step Two by DjDetski 9 years ago
very cool experimental dubby steps.. especially love the juicey warm beeline. playing this on some top quality monitors now and sounds warm, crisp and minimal. great stuff. love the jews harp gone acid. smiley

when the atmospheric drones come in it all gels nicer and flows. swweeet!
Neutrosweet by slenderfungus 9 years ago
excellent stuff Dan. love the ideas here, and the live rockin feel.
Skid Pan by DjDetski 9 years ago
very cool groove... loving this. really hearing your styles and mixing developing and progressing very nicely. smiley
Yeah (rough) by MMI 9 years ago
super cool stuff... excellent mixing.