Who doesn't love music? i mean, seriously? I've loved it since i was born and will love it until the day i leave this plane of existence.

That being said, i'm new to Garageband and making music on the computer. So what can I say? I'm a hack! But guess what? I love every minute of it and hope to inspire other up and comers who have a hearty desire to create and love their own creations. Be the pebble that is thrown into the pond and see what happens! Always striving to learn more as the days go by.

Any critique, help, suggestions and comments are welcome. Positive and negative.

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Thank you! April 20, 2012
A thank you letter to you fellow aspiring musicians and a little about me!
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Title Genre Released Plays
Your Daily Dose of Magik Other Oct 31, 2013 897
Wine Under the Eastern Stars Electronica Sep 9, 2013 345
SouroboroS Ambient Jun 7, 2013 362
Black Sun / Seventh Moon Electronica Sep 25, 2012 551
Truth is Yours Ambient Sep 12, 2012 243
State of Flux (Olympian Remix) Collab Electronica May 22, 2012 530
D'Ark Ambient May 19, 2012 466
QuantAZm Electronica May 13, 2012 527
MahNAuraKhul 2.5 Electronica May 4, 2012 708
As The Stomach Turns Other Apr 29, 2012 272
Can't Catch Me! Other Apr 29, 2012 762
Bogged Other Apr 23, 2012 348
Entering The Fallen City Other Apr 19, 2012 467
State of Flux Electronica Apr 17, 2012 657
A Fog Approaches Other Apr 17, 2012 441


Title Genre Released Plays
State of Flux Part II Ambient May 6, 2012 485