Busy, busy, busy
November 29, 2011 | 4:02 pm

I explain why I've not been making much music lately.

As I mentioned last year, I got a contract for a collection of short stories. When I wrapped that up, I edited an anthology of local writers. With my science fiction novels, that's a total of four books that I've put out in the past three years, so I'm keeping busy.

Feel free to check out my work over at Amazon.



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It's so cool that you are writing and putting your work out there. Excellent stuff. Thanks for keeping us posted, too.
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Thanks, Rebecca. I'm also working on a new song (slowly). We'll see how that goes.
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Gosh, that's very impressive! I'd love to get a book out there, so it's great to hear that others on here have already done this. Good job, I'll check the title out.
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