A new CD and some ancient history...
October 28, 2014 | 11:45 am

a special relationship with Icomp...

I signed on this site almost 10 years ago. As i write this, i can hardly believe it. But to make a long-long-long story short, let's say that, in many ways, changed my life. yes. oui. From trying to use this funny little thing called Garageband to collaborate, meet, enjoy, listen and share the love of music with friendly, playful, super-talented people from all around the world. Hell of a ride...

I didnt even know this was possible, believe me.
To this day, i have 452,969 listens, 4781 downloads, 317 songs up and running...Left 4,895 comments, listened to thousands of fantastic tunes...And you know what ? Only for the FUN of it !!!

So...i'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely and deeply thank all the curious, open-minded, cool and always caring listeners and friends that kept on clicking on the play button...
And to celebrate those 10 years, Petra (brnPetra) and myself have done a new CD, called "Undervattens himmel" with local musicians from Toulouse, France and Göteborg, Sweden, and also 2 icompals, Johan Olofsson (jolofsson) and James Calore (jacalore). This CD and this music probably wouldnt exist without Icomp. So..come on over, say hello, we leave the light on (and a candle also for the rattlesnakes). Cheers !



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10 years soon flies by, your music is a mainstay in listening enjoyment. Yes thank goodness iComp happened along or I'd have missed some excellent music from you Dyl! smiley
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Hi Dyl & Petra!

Both of you have tremendous talent. I'm honestly happy every time I see one or both iog you upload a song!

Congratulations on the CD I am out to look for it !
Thanks for being here Dyl and Petra!

Elaine smiley
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Underwater Sky - great title! Or would you translate it as The Sky As Viewed from Under the Water? Like that, too.

It's so cool what iComp can add to a person's life. Congrats on the past ten years and here's to ten more!

Will definitely come check your CD out. Great group you've got there in terms of the people I'm aware of already and will enjoy hearing the one(s) I don't know yet.
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Kevin, Elaine, Carla, merci !
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Beautifully stated.
You are an awesomely talented cat who deserves to be heard.
Looking forward to hearing the disc-
"just for the FUN of it"!
Stay cool.
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The two of you are very talented and fresh, long been a fan of you both seperatly and together. icomp has had an effect on lots of folks most positive and some negative, for me it gave me a platform when I needed one badly, since then however I have cooled off. I'm glad you two continue to play and perform, I wish you many years of joy doing so...
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Steve, Dave, thank you !
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Congratulations and best wishes on your new project! smiley
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Thank you Graham !
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