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Sad 😔 news regarding Woofer3 (John Jenkins) 21 days ago
It's very sad news. John was a fantastic songwriter and musician. It's been a privilege and an honour to listen to his songs and make some collaborations many years ago. I agree with jkane, his music lives on, thanks to Icomp...
What Are You Listening To Today? 3 years ago
An amazing songwriter/perfomer from Sweden : I'm Kingfisher. A new album (Avian) is out soon and you can get some sounds here..

no links created when using the @ symbol 4 years ago
I had the same problems two months ago :

The only solution i had was to...not use this feature !!! smiley
Introducing Comment References 4 years ago
to me too !!! no wrong spelling...i tried many times...works here but not there...is there some tech/os versions specs ?
Introducing Comment References 4 years ago
yep Sir but... i dont understand why on this page
i did the same and was not working (see my last comment)
Introducing Comment References 4 years ago
I've tried for the first time today this cool thing but it seems not working when im editing my comments and adding it...Im on Safari 6.0.4 and Mac 10.8.3

Or maybe im using it wrong ? Simple as @Dyl ?
RIP Ed (Sloparts) Wemmerus 6 years ago
I never had the honour to do music with Ed, but all i can say is that i'm sick of goodbyes. So sorry too.
Clash Tribute 7 years ago
Finally did it...Two years..is that enough ? Some spanish bombs over Icomp...
What Are You Listening To Today? 7 years ago
A band from Goteborg, Sweden, with Jose Gonzales : Junip - Fields
And Ryan Bingham "Junky Star".
What Are You Listening To Today? 7 years ago
Delaney Davidson (New-Zealand) - Self-Decapitation
The Arcade Fire (Canada) - The Suburbs
Los Lobos (USA) - Tin Can Trust
Howe Gelb (USA-Spain) - Alegrias
Josh Rouse (USA-Spain) - El Turista
Have you heard ... so and so? 7 years ago
Just to "update" what geoff_wales said, the link seem to be broken.

Will Charles, yes, deserves much much more listens and comments :

A bright light has been dimmed 7 years ago
I feel so sad. He had a giant soul. And his soul is still here. Such a sad day...
The iCompositions Flag 7 years ago
Sea salt, Mark, sea salt...(and, strangely enough, a little something of permanent ink too)
The iCompositions Flag 7 years ago
So...After a few days in the ashes, here is the flag in the french red room...Couldnt raise it so i bite it...Now soon on its way to Lafayette...And the story goes on...


Thnx from Ramm (chrissie) and Lapotu (john) 7 years ago
I remember very well some of the songs you did together, and i'm very glad that your and HER talent are going to reach out a lot of people. I wish you the best.
The iCompositions Flag 7 years ago
Petra sent it to me - but the planes in Europe had lil problems lately, so i'm waiting - and as soon as i can, it will go to Lafayette's place...stay tuned !
jharley... Where Have You Gone? 7 years ago
Fantastic news indeed, Mr Harley...
Have you heard ... so and so? 8 years ago
Beautiful beautiful pop-rock song by gossamertread, "Journeyman" :

What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
to my ex-wife complaining about me (it's new-metal-grindcore genre). no youtube link, sorry.
o0o says goodbye 8 years ago
Stick to your motto Djev, this is a good one. All the best to you...
What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
That funny crazy guy called Jeffrey Lewis


Enjoy !!!!
What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
Jim White - "If Jesus Drove A Motor Home"

Happy Birthday Barretok!!!! 8 years ago
Je t'aime, Godfather ! Take care of you.
Server Upgrade: Completed 8 years ago
hmm...sorry..but..it seems that the "warning" emails dont come anymore (on comments and messages)...is there anything to turn on again ?
Server Upgrade: Completed 8 years ago
No strange bug but a fine fast thing...thanks..works great.
What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
A great band, Fanfarlo, and their last album, called "Reservoir" (thanks to Brother...)
Where do you come from? How many countries are on iComp? 8 years ago
France..but...i dont know why..i feel like i'm born again in Beirut, Lebanon these days (for same reasons as Yoh..)
Robots listening to our music? 8 years ago
Noticed that too, same moment...crazy listener or what (sleeping on the "play" button) ?
USB Condensor Mic Advice 8 years ago
I often use an Samson USB condenser mic, simply plugged into the Mac, no latency, no problem..of course, sound definition is not the top, but it's worth the price (and all i can afford...hehe). Here it is

Everybody Folk Off! 8 years ago
Thanks a lot Geo and Julian...i cant add much more to the muy fantastico LaMantia gentleman...except that this album wouldnt simply exist without Icompositions and all the writers, singers and musicians i met here. Nuff said...
MUGshot Presents: 8 years ago
Great !
Cancer.... 9 years ago
I wish we all could do a collective thing to help you more, Wood.

But i guess that's what we do here. A group hug. I think about you, mon ami...
Cancer.... 9 years ago
I think about you, wood. I'm hoping for the best. Only.
What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
"You Are All My People", by I'm Not Jim

Fantastic..This is actually Walter Salas-Humara (The Silos) and Jonathan Lethem (novelist)...on this very fine Bloodshot Records label...

site speed/performance 9 years ago
Happens sometimes here too (Firefox & Safari)... Even some chat slowly stopped... It's not related to the activity (i mean not while loading pages or upload). So frozen that i have to check if my connection is not down...and every time it's Icomp issue only...
What Is Your Masterpiece? 9 years ago
I cooked a fine Ratatouille last summer, with fresh tomatoes and herbs from the veggies garden. Everyone loved it.

I think i cant do any better. I can die empty now.
What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
Lucinda Williams, Honey Bee

She's the definition of cool...

What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
I'm listening to the songs i've faved through the years on Icomp (there must be like one week long non-stop listening there), and especially to those two sublime covers :

Strange Fruit - Billie Holiday (by rinca, mbehar and Bass2x)

Famous Blue Raincoat - Leonard Cohen (by lilichi, wal4u and easyesteemer)
What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
T Bone Burnett "Palestine Texas"
Sufjan Stevens "The Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts"
Thomas Denver Jonsson "One Of My Blessings"
Clash Tribute 9 years ago
Go go Eric..i wont do "Clampdown"..no time...it would be great to hear you cover...
Clash Tribute 9 years ago
If i can..i'd try Spanish Bombs...or maybe Clampdown...or maybe nothing at all..but this is a great idea...this band deserves a whole lot of noise..
Locations For Future iCompositions Meetings? 9 years ago
Right, Zal...

Say..my kitchen...June 09
What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
The Felice Brothers, and Pat MacDonald "Driving"
Covers? What's Your Opinion? 9 years ago
Very funny topic..how come those questions never show up in the 'classical' genre ? I'm not an expert..but i've heard there's some covers there too..and no one is ashamed of...even butchering it...
Covers? What's Your Opinion? 9 years ago
Amen, Abstract.
What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
Adam Green's "Gemstones" on heavy rotation ...
Cocosuma's "We'll Drive Home Backwards" in the car...
Richard Ringer's "13" (ladies and gentlemen, this gem is FREE...can you believe it ?)
Covers? What's Your Opinion? 9 years ago
Hehe..Bob..i just read your Oct 06 comment...

Each time i do a cover i harbor some (let's say 7) degree of shame too (especially for "Like A Virgin"). But i like it. And i'm here for the fun only. And the songs. Wherever they come from...

It's a never ending topic. A good song is a good song, and we have to celebrate them all...for better or for worse...

So..come on now Miss Madonna, sue me ! smiley
Link the oldest track you like from here 9 years ago
This one was my number 3 fav on Icomp, song 1078, release date Feb 19, 2004...

Rhonie's "She's Down (on herself)"


Still so good...
What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
New Calexico album, "Carried To Dust", especially "Victor Jara's Hands" and "Two Silver Trees"

What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
Lisa Germano ... "Craklin Water"... so beautiful


Ali Farka Tour & Toumani Diabat... "Kaira"

Official iC4 Bug Reports 9 years ago
It may not be a bug .. but although the case "Notify me when a new comment is posted" is checked on most of my songs...i'm not getting an email..i can see it backstage..but no mail...

I havent changed anything...or maybe i'm a bit sleepy ?
FREE Richard Ringer Album 9 years ago
Downloaded and listened a few times since yesterday.

First, THANK YOU for giving your talent away like that....hehe

Then, i must say that record has many charms. The sound is round and alternative, not too folky...Perfect. Your voice and your lyrics are even more impressive. Love the way you treat your vocals here...a very nice and effective effect.

Guest players are totally in the mood (hi James Trumpa Calore !).

My favs are "The Lusional" and "Morine"..but every song deserve a round of applause.

Bravo Rich, all the best...you're one of a kind...
Dylan has no buddies????? 9 years ago
omg...just came across this THING now...Lili is a crazy Queen.

She FORCED me to make a facebook account (heh..to check some of her fab photographs...)..and now this whole jazz is goin outta hands...

Lord, forgive them, please.
Overlooking Criminals 9 years ago
Not a song, but a band : Fun Lovin Criminals !
Overlooking Criminals 9 years ago
"The Criminal Under My Own Hat"..T Bone Burnett
Covers That Surpass The Original 9 years ago
Elvis Costello "She"...alternative version...hehe...


(i dont know who's this guy but he's quite transfigured by his art...)
Misheard Lyrics 9 years ago
Creedence ClearWATER Revival (Who'll stop the rain):

"And I wonder, and Stella wonder : Who'll stop the WINE ?"
Misheard Lyrics 9 years ago
The entire first Clash album...hehehe...
Happy Birthday Fatchance!!!! 9 years ago
Viva Geo

Viva Omaha

Happy Birthday, Geo..
Artist's favorites own songs 9 years ago
Great idea Pat...I understand this as a "spot" and not a "rate" thing...rating is so uncool anyway...

Let's call the admins now ....
Microsoft acquires iCompositions 9 years ago
Somebody wake me up please.
Ska is NOT dead? 9 years ago
Ska is a fab genre. The Slackers are on heavy rotation here...
loading probs. - quicktime logo only 9 years ago
I'm experiencing the same issues as Eidolonia..with same Safari/Mac system version...Looks like it's a 'slow connection' problem, not a Quick Time problem...(works fine on other sites)...
Have you heard ... so and so? 9 years ago
Well...i have to recommend ONCE AGAIN that fine fine tune from bigt93to98, "Exception to the rule", with perfect lyrics...

iCover Corner 9 years ago
Got some !

A cover of GhostRiders3 :


A cover of pete :


A cover of UncleTupeloFan :


A cover of mfwmiles :


A cover of KDMan :

Favorite Guitar Riffs of All Time! 9 years ago
Comes to mind ...

You Really Got Me - The Kinks
EVERYTHING by John Lee Hooker
Dirty Water - The Standells
Watching The Detectives - Elvis Costello
More Life In a Tramp Vest - The Stereophonics
Hand in Hand - The Del Fuegos
Down by The Riverside - Sonny Terry & Brownie Mac Ghee
Lie Beg Borrow and Steal - Mouse and the Traps
Driving - Pat mAcDonald
God Save The Queen - The Sex Pistols
Shake Some Action - Flamin Groovies
Teen Angst - Cracker
Hurt - Chris Spedding
Louie Louie - Kingsmen
Walking The Dog - Rufus Thomas
Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
My Before and After - Cotton Mather

.....tbc !
Welcome Back 9 years ago
yes, a big THANK YOU should fit.
Something went badly wrong :( 10 years ago
No idea what's goin on..but happened to me too. Looks like for the monday songs the reset has been done a few hours later. No big deal...Maybe the songs are born again...

A week turned into a day. If we keep up at this pace, i will probably die in March....

iCompositons map (zap da map) 10 years ago
Contributed too...
Good to see some Old Timers... 10 years ago
Hey Ed...listening to your recording therapy is OUR therapy too...
I'm off! 10 years ago
I went to see Siouxsie and the Banshees once in 1983. Sound, performance, mood was so crappy i left 20 minutes later. No regrets...I also went to a Prince gig in Paris where he played like 20 minutes and then he left. The audience had no regrets too...me included.

Never happened to me since then (but i must say i never been to a Queen's gig in a stadium or stuff like that (Abba?)...hehehehe).
Who are the sexiest vocalists on IC? 10 years ago
brnPetra...lilichi !
Who are the sexiest vocalists on IC? 10 years ago
nadiestar, pandasdontdance, rhonie...
Who are the sexiest vocalists on IC? 10 years ago
Yohmar is.
Songs with Long Titles 10 years ago
"I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass"
(Yo La Tengo)

"Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off"
(Panic! At The Disco)

"Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand"
(Primitive Radio Gods)

"Objects in the Rear View Mirror May appear closer than they are" (Meatloaf )
How much iCompositions music do you listen to? 10 years ago
I dont have an IPod. But i work like 10 hours a day. And there's this Icomp Radio playing all day at the office.

No one is complainin...

Best way to discover (or listen again to) the never ending pile of talents that is ICompositions...
Loosing my religion 10 years ago
If Jesus Drove a Motorhome (Jim White)

Oh God My Heart Is Ready Now (Chris Withley)

You Can't Temper With The Temple of the Lord (The Saints)

And so on...
Have you heard ... so and so? 10 years ago
Don't miss this fabulous Joni Mitchell cover by the Landreth dream team :

headphone help! 10 years ago
I'm using a pair of GRADO SR60 and i'm totally satisfied..for recording and mixing. They're quite semi-open...so when you record, dont push that volume button to the red...

Gives you also a stylish look from the 50's soviet KGB...hehe


For the price..not sure..but about 70 dollars ?
Happy Birthday, iCompositions! 10 years ago
No place like this place, really.

Thanks to the great team. And Happy BDay.
Today is... ILLU's B-DAY!! 10 years ago
Happy BDay, Illu....and BIG thanks for all the things you do on Icomp, the ICRadio being my only radio playing...

Cheers !

Inappropriate Artist Collabs 10 years ago
Kids, ladies and gentlemen..the first inappropriate collab is up :

Ramzar and me...


It was fun...i hope many more will join the new revolution.

Let's get inappropriate, folks !
Lines We Love 10 years ago
Sometimes I wonder if were livin in the same land...
Why do you wanna be my friend
when I feel like a juggler
Running out of hands?

"Welcome To The Working Week" - Elvis Costello
iCompositions Radio 10 years ago
I've heard there's a guy known as BoosHook that is a pretty good lawyer. He will break their legs !
Inappropriate Artist Collabs 10 years ago
Ramzar promised me a bunch of Ramzary tracks for me to butcher...Yoohooo !

Can we call this a tiny progress report ?
Lines We Love 10 years ago
"Thought he knew how to treat her, and how much she could take
But he Found himself on fire in the middle of a frozen lake."

"Handle Of A Knife", UncleTupeloFan (Icomp artist)

Who was your First? 10 years ago
1st was rhonie (12 oct 2005)
2 ...Must be jkane ! or...Bass2x ?
Have you heard ... so and so? 10 years ago
Best tune i've heard in weeks, months, years...

MrBajen, "Blues for a hip king"

Inappropriate Artist Collabs 10 years ago
I'd stick to :

robotpantyraid and etgilles...

Sounds you hate... but still you use! 10 years ago
Very interesting topic, Hern...

I feel pretty much the same as Barretok. Except that i love the sound of real accordions, real banjos or ukuleles...I hate synth sounds. Midi brass sounds. And i have to distort/filter/reverb a lot the organ sounds i want to use. Everything is so clean in this computer world.

Pete...for the hands clapping, to get a full audience effect, you have to record/add more than 20 or 30 tracks...but still doesnt sound like a bunch of people clappin....Boring.

I remember hating those guitar heroes...long long soloing...and i still do ! hahaha !
iCompositions Radio 10 years ago
Illum, you dont have to ask.

Forgiveness, patience and good thoughts is the natural holy trinity of the Icompers ...
iCompositions Radio 10 years ago
I know it sounds cheesy but if there's anything we can do...

Like ..starting a fund...whatever. We ALL need this radio. And to thank you for running it like you do, Illum.
Songs you love to hate... 10 years ago
OK...especially for jolofsson and markkroch, let's burn some 80's synht icons :

Spandau Ballet - Gold
Ochestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Enola Gay
Ultravox - Dancing with tears in my eyes
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
Real McCoy - Another Night

I love them all !!!
Songs you love to hate... 10 years ago
Same here, henessjon...yuk again.
Inappropriate Artist Collabs 10 years ago
So...me with a christian rock band...plus a lot of 80's depressive synths...

Inappropriate Artist Collabs 10 years ago
Sloparts country music with Bampot electronica ? heh..
Songs you love to hate... 10 years ago
OK..Let's ride then...i ALSO have a problem with Placebo. And Brian Molko's voice. Sorry, but...i just can't stand it. Any song.

Thanks for the therapy, 8MM...
Songs you love to hate... 10 years ago
Nice thread, Ian...

I think you'll find a lot of answers there :


But an update is always cool !

I personnaly still hate "Eye Of The Tiger". Yeah, still. Makes me want to be deaf. Till i'm dead.
Covers That Surpass The Original 10 years ago
Heh..Sid Vicious's "My Way" !!!!!
Covers That Surpass The Original 10 years ago
Et...i TOTALLY agree. Cassandra's covers are always amazing.

She's done The Band's "The Weight" on "Belly Of The Sun" too...so beautifully.