I have a lot of older tunes/projects here at the moment. Hopefully will start doing some new stuff soon...

Always interested in collabs smiley

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Seaside New Age Feb 10, 2014 879


Title Genre Released Plays
Angels and Ambition Pop Jan 15, 2011 828
God Bless You at Christmas Holiday Dec 23, 2010 4857
How the Wheel Turns Electronica Oct 23, 2010 1468
I Hate Spiders Electronica Oct 20, 2010 1240
{Adagio} Serenity Ambient Oct 18, 2010 1347
IO (Molten Lava mix) Alternative Jun 23, 2010 1525
2 Steps Back {Goodbye} Pop Jun 4, 2010 6568


Title Artist Genre Plays
The Afternoon of a Peacock Orfeus Classical 715
Snow fall Beat720 Ambient 601
You're Not There eagle [+2] Ambient 1105
LAST NIGHT (Was 2 Tough 4 Me) slenderfungus Dance 380
Midnight Express II Narananda Ambient 706
Shedding the Weight of Ages jptiptonsr Classical 396
The Gradual Resistance (original Rock Symphony 5 minutes long) AmberEm World 725
Water Visions Beat720 Ambient 477
Elf's Destiny ShadowofNine New Age 876
Come on in my flying saucer Narananda Ambient 696
Battle (Original) AmberEm [+1] Electronica 830
Requiem for a bee LaFayette World 1039
The Second Coming Of Prometheus ShadowofNine Classical 674
Orb Engine Ambient 573
Embrace the Apocalypse...NOW (the unofficial soundtrack to the end of the world) mfwmiles Rock 1218
The Thing I Remember RubyDubidoux [+1] Holiday 1128
Hinterland Engine Ambient 519
Angels We Have Heard On High albinoSQUIRREL Holiday 672
Changes in Disposition (Instrumental) RazbaqueDirge Pop 817
Dance With Me ShadowofNine Dance 930
Skyline ShadowofNine New Age 599
Snow Xolv Ambient 964
made in japan that80sboy Pop 1380
innocence eagle [+1] Inspirational 1046
The water rises H2O Other 626
IFO (Identified Flying Object) LaFayette Other 1356
Mellow Dream Xolv Ambient 1076
The Third Side of the Moon LaFayette Jazz 1423
Sunday Engine Ambient 880
Dangerous Games Sabine [+1] Alternative 1403
Flashbacks anjel Electronica 450
Rub-a-dubstep Engine Electronica 700
Kyrie dirigent Inspirational 1535
Games We Play (Remix) Sabine [+1] Dance 915
Not Your Normal Girl C_Man Alternative 5739
The Mad Hatter is Waiting (Open for Collaboration) billylimbo Rock 898
night reflections RiGee Inspirational 748
What If... bassplayer92 Ambient 506
Andromeda bassplayer92 Ambient 512
Dream Texture Aheadwithwings Ambient 847
I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) (Cover) Deebeesea [+1] Pop 2332
If You Can't Sleep RubyDubidoux [+1] Jazz 2896
Phat-free Engine Dance 621
We Can Fly High vegetal [+2] Dance 1076
CAVIA 3 Omar_Sodano Inspirational 456
Was macht der Herr da bei Fräulein Gerda dirigent A Cappella 2112
Magnetic Anomaly Fanfare AcetyleneJukebox Electronica 1416
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