Born on iCompositions!

Fractal Garden is the collaborative effort of two iComposition artists that literally would never have met (let alone create music together) had it not been for this great site. The more we've worked together on songs, the more we've found our two distinct musical styles to mesh so well together, and it seemed a natural evolution to work towards a CD release of our tunes. We hope you enjoy our rather unique blend of electronica and rock.

We now have two CDs available for sale through

- Pangaea, a double CD featuring 8 other talented artists from iComp
- Between Strangers, our first release

You'll also find us at iTunes and several other music downloading sites.

Fractal Garden is:

John Aldrich ( DigitalGreyOrchestra): Keyboards
Jay Loeper (the Ignoramus): Guitars/Bass
and very special guests

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Mirage Collab Rock Sep 27, 2007 2322
Brighter Days Collab Rock Sep 1, 2007 2477
Fractured Mind Collab Rock Aug 29, 2007 3164
OUTTA MY WAY (ft DaveM/james.moore) Explicit Collab Rock Jun 18, 2007 2347
Break the Silence (ft pandasdontdance/james.moore) Collab Rock May 27, 2007 2509
Leave it Alone (ft jkane/james.moore) Collab Rock Apr 29, 2007 2623
Lush (ft james.moore) Collab Electronica Mar 18, 2007 3199
One Day... (ft Choirbox) Collab Rock Feb 4, 2007 2432
Glidin' on Water (ft DaveM/james.moore) Collab Rock Jan 14, 2007 2741
Alone with You (ft james.moore) Collab Rock Dec 31, 2006 2887
Wind Chill (ft ghost) Collab Electronica Dec 3, 2006 4338
Stomp! Collab Electronica Nov 19, 2006 3152
Can't Look Her in the Eye (ft DaveM/james.moore) Collab Rock Oct 22, 2006 3013
The Space You Leave Collab Electronica Oct 15, 2006 2587
The Chase! Collab Electronica Sep 24, 2006 3716
Gather your Mind Collab Electronica Jul 9, 2006 2419
DRIVE! Collab Rock Jun 18, 2006 2867
Remember The Sun Collab Electronica Jun 4, 2006 2744
EPIC Collab Rock May 28, 2006 3215


Title Genre Released Plays
The Fire in His Eye Rock Apr 2, 2006 5454
In Solitude Electronica Mar 26, 2006 2714
Between Strangers (a Fractal Garden track) Electronica Jan 1, 2006 6151

Blog rss

PANGAEA!!! January 29, 2008
Our double CD is (finally!!!!) available. Booyah!
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Pangaea is imminent! January 9, 2008
Our double CDs have arrived at John's and my house. And they'll be available for everyone else very soon!
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Our X-Mas present to you December 24, 2007
In the spirit of giving, we're giving as well.
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Mirage September 27, 2007
Our latest offering, and our final song for our double CD, Pangaea, is here.
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The arrogance of it all February 6, 2007
A gutsy move? Nah, just felt like it.
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