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Pangaea (a double CD)
Hundreds of millions of years ago, all of the world's land masses were joined together into one "supercontinent," Pangaea. Rifts in the earth's crust caused separation of this massive landmass into what we now call today's continents.

Fractal Garden is the internet collaborative music project of John Aldrich and Jay Loeper, with special guest artists. Our Pangaea CD concept was born from the idea of joining together that which was split apart. Complete strangers from the US and the UK, who met on and share the love of creating original music, lent their talents towards this goal. Today's internet connections and digital audio software allow us to musically bring our continents together again for this double CD. The range of musical genres we explore on this project are as wide as the distances that separate us from each other, but we hope you find the common thread of our music throughout.

John Aldrich, aka DigitalGreyOrchestra: Keyboards

Jay Loeper, begrudgingly owning the name of the Ignoramus: Guitars, Bass

And featuring the talents of the following artists:










Disk 1

1. The Chase
2. Brighter Days
3. The Space You Leave
4. Glidin' on Water
5. Leave it Alone
6. Lush
7. Can't Look Her in the Eye
8. Alone with You

Disk 2

1. Stomp!
2. Fractured Mind
3. Wind Chill
4. Mirage
5. Break the Silence
6. Outta My Way
7. One Day
8. Closing Time

Produced by Jay Loeper

Art by John Aldrich




Jacob's artist icon
Their first album was awesome. This one is twice as good with twice the songs and twice the CDs.

I can just never get enough of the Fractal Garden sound, and this album has some of my all time favorite songs not just on iComp, but period . I, for one, can't wait to hear what's next.
Latest Song: Couch Sack
Artist Page Send Message February 5, 2008 | 7:40 pm

borris's artist icon
This is a cool idea. I'll have to check this, and 'Between Strangers' out.

COMMENT: iCompositions artists do get some notoriety here and there but, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often - outside of iComp members putting projects like these together.

Way to go with these CDs. Best of luck!

Latest Song: Brompton Cocktail
Artist Page Send Message November 20, 2012 | 4:14 pm

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