September 27, 2007 | 9:06 am

Our latest offering, and our final song for our double CD, Pangaea, is here.

We've been steadfastly working on songs for Pangaea for the past year or so, and Mirage is our final song. We can now get to wrapping up production on the CD and have it out before the year's end. Woohoo!

Featuring the unmistakable talent of Dave M on vocals/lead guitar and james.moore on drums, this classic Fractal Garden rock track is a nice exclamation point to songs that have featured several of our favorite artists here on iComp. Not sure who those artists are? Just check our song list -- you'll find 'em.

Pangaea is a concept that was born and grown here on iComp. Is that cool or what? It's like shopping in the world's coolest store with a great BIG shopping basket!



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Guys it's been my pleasure to appear on several of your tracks .. I know it's a major drag having to wait on me, but I appreciate your patience.
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Ahh can't wait to buy it.

So when's the next CD? smiley
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