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Your Own CD For Us To Buy! 9 years ago

Fractal Garden's second release, Pangaea, is now available through CDBaby.
From the CD Baby page:

Hundreds of millions of years ago, all of the world's land masses were joined together into one "supercontinent," Pangaea. Rifts in the earth's crust caused separation of this massive landmass into what we now call today's continents.

Fractal Garden is the internet collaborative music project of John Aldrich and Jay Loeper, with special guest artists. Our Pangaea CD concept was born from the idea of joining together that which was split apart. Complete strangers from the US and the UK, who met on and share the love of creating original music, lent their talents towards this goal. Today's internet connections and digital audio software allow us to musically bring our continents together again for this double CD. The range of musical genres we explore on this project are as wide as the distances that separate us from each other, but we hope you find the common thread of our music throughout.

Featuring the talents of:

and John and Jay

16 songs. Two CDs. Available soon on iTunes. Earlier versions of these songs were shared here on iComp. The final CD versions have all been finessed and remixed. The 8 page full-color insert has some rather stellar custom fractal artwork done by John.
Your Own CD For Us To Buy! 10 years ago

Our first album, Between Strangers, can be found at CD Baby, iTunes, and numerous other music download sites. Links to CD Baby and iTunes are below.

Our second album, a double CD called Pangaea, will be out this fall, providing the planets align. Only 1 song left to complete!
iTunes? cdbaby? and others? just thinkin? 11 years ago
Do it, Wood-dude. Though it is a LOT of work, it's quite the accomplishment to see your dream of your own pressed CD realized. Since you (like John and I) are doing the CD largely for personal gratification, any sales that come along are gravy.

Just on the heels of our first CD being pressed, John and I have a lot of recent experience on vendors, services and whatnot. I can share more info with you, but privately. I've offered specifics on these Forums before, but the comment was removed, or deleted, or lost, or something. As such, I'm assuming that it's not cool to chat up that level of detail on this site.

Best of luck!

The first Fractal Garden CD is now available! Huzzah! 11 years ago
And, as of yesterday, we're now back on iTunes, for those that are of the downloading persuasion. In fact, we're registering to 2 dozen other sites as well. But iTunes is the big kahuna of download spots for us. The signature below has a link to our US store -- do a search for Fractal Garden in other countries, and you'll probably find us.
The first Fractal Garden CD is now available! Huzzah! 11 years ago
It's finally out and ready for sale! Our first CD, Between Strangers, has been pressed and is available for preview/sale on You can find it at Completely re-mastered tunes, an eight page, full color CD insert stuffed to the gills with fractal goodness, oh my! There's really nothing like listening to full fidelity music on a CD through a quality stereo system, and I mixed the CD primarily for that environment, though it does rock in the car stereo/iPod as well.

Add to which, Fractal Garden now has three (count 'em, three!) concurrently running CD projects, which includes our quartet rock album with DaveM and James.Moore as well as a separate album of Fractal Garden + special guest. You've already heard one of them, and several more are in the works.

We'll be available via iTunes in the coming weeks, but with PM's permission, I wanted to post (or is it boast? yep, it's boast!) our accomplishment.

You can find more at our CDBaby page as well as our own web site. Thanks again for listening.

Official Song Plugging Thread 11 years ago
The latest from Fractal Garden, The Space You Leave, is now out. Another melodic hybrid of electronica and rock. Thanks for listening.


Get YOUR Music On iTunes. 11 years ago
Can't answer your question right now, hellmet, but we just found out today that Fractal Garden's now available for sale on iTunes (practically worldwide), Napster and Rhapsody. That's phase 1. Phase 2 involves telling everyone that we're around, and we'll probably have an answer for you then. Stay tuned!
Your Personal Websites! 11 years ago
So, John and I finally did it. You can check out our spankin' new web site at , just uploaded tonight, where you'll find out news about our upcoming CD and digital downloading capabilities within the next few weeks.

If you would have told me, about a year ago when I mustered up the courage to post my first song, that I'd meet a really cool musician on a web site, link up with him, collaborate with him, become friends with him, and on a lark, decide to have our own band, our own web site and our own CD, I would have passed you a bottle of antipsychotics and said, "Chow down, dude. You need some of these!" Who woulda thunk it?

Official Song Plugging Thread 11 years ago
Here is the first announced release from Fractal Garden, a very unique remix of Epic, one of my first uploads here at iComp. Hope you can check it out. Our artist page explains more of who we really are (some of you already know us). Thanks for listening to EPIC.

Thanks for listening! Jay
Fractal Garden 11 years ago
Announcing the collaborative musical project, Fractal Garden. I decided to post this under Collaborations, because that's how John and I met: here on iComp, through our first collab we released 1/1/06. We've been having so much fun working on each other's music that we decided to put a name to our project, and here we are.

I'll post in the appropriate thread our newest release, but how cool is this? Two guys, doing their own musical thing, happen to bump into each other on this site, try out a tune together, and surprise each other on how well 2 different styles mesh with one another.

Our goal is to have a CD release, largely on tunes we're previewing here on iComp. But really, we're doing this for the fun of it. And fun it is!

Jay (the Ignoramus)

Our artist page shows more info.