Hi, people call me Matthew. ^x^
I play guitars and keyboards but my main musical instrument is bass guitar. To create my music I use samples and editing technics as well.
♫♪♫ ^x^
I join together many sorts of music styles while creating my songs and I have much fun doing that. I think I like to challenge recording different music to see how em I getting on with the stuff so you can find a quite wide range of categories on my artist page.
Sometimes while working on a song I play my guitar, bass or synth and it's all supported by rhythm from a groovebox and sometimes I make my song from a scratch.
I'm glad to share my music with you. ♫♪♫

My influences: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Parliament, AC DC, The Beatles, Steve Vai, Jimmy Hendrix, Krzysztof Scieranski, Prodigy, The Doors, Cold Play and many others.

Much love,peace and freedom. ^x^ ^x^
Matt ^x^

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
The American Dream Pop May 1, 2017 372
The Calm Maker Ambient Jan 7, 2017 314
Shallow water dive Electronica Dec 9, 2016 300
Alfa Dance Nov 8, 2015 385
The Beatles *& QUEEN covers Collab Rock Nov 25, 2011 1256
PJ Harvey Down by The Water (cover song) Explicit Collab Alternative Nov 4, 2011 1099
Swinging Moon Jazz Oct 22, 2011 742
All I Need is Your Kiss Rock Oct 5, 2011 2264
Let Yourself Down Rock Oct 2, 2011 611
Rainy Sonata Classical Sep 21, 2011 707
Fix You - Cold Play cover Pop Sep 18, 2011 741
Personal Jesus - cover Blues Sep 3, 2011 1182
I Play The Guitar for U Funk Aug 6, 2011 869
Funky China Girl Funk Jul 29, 2011 4705
Flying Through The Atmosphere Dance Jul 8, 2011 638
Alice in broken woods Electronica Jun 26, 2011 899


Title Genre Released Plays
Sunny Days Jazz Jul 5, 2011 1003
Cry me a river ACID Jazz Apr 22, 2011 628


Title Artist Genre Plays
AVARIA - Frica KaztravetH Industrial 309
All Alone feat. Angela Sheik (Dirty House Mix) C_Man Dance 1442
Get Away MurphyMusic Rock 912
When Kool Planets Align MikeHuntingford Pop 1050
Pragmatist Conspiracy_of_the_Crest Metal 627
Ventures Medley (Walk Don't Run/Lullaby of the Leaves) Shadownight5150 Surf 849
Piano Improv.2011-42 telo12 Classical 575
Free The Beasts dubclu6 [+1] Ska/Reggae/Dub 461
just a little song... painfaker Folk 463
Free to See Rasa_Priya Rock 1000
Blackbird RiverJunkiesMusic Alternative 549
My Last Serenade (Killswitch Engage Cover) jett22251 Metal 839
One Last Chance (original song) IbanezDude321 Pop 579
Face Baby aka Mellow acidjazzdika Spoken Word 691
Virtual insanity jacoust Funk 785
Blue Flute Colab Telemetry [+1] Jazz 1054
Mute It vegetal Dance 3978
Give me one reason Vixen [+1] Blues 1255
Till Alva Twooffour Other 990
For Better For Worse Twooffour Rock 521
is it relevant Lapskin Electronica 678
hey baby joecharles Hip Hop/Rap 761
Can I Play acidjazzdika Spoken Word 730
New Funk 2 anders007 Blues 650
Nothing pharmakeus [+1] Alternative 1346
Pales Blues Deebeesea [+1] Blues 1378
What the funk w1av Jazz 816
BTSB 2 FishCow Other 535
s o f y a Mikee Alternative 679
Big City Dreaming DanielLambert Electronica 700
Who's Gonna Love Me (StillInLoveElectroMix) C_Man [+2] Dance 1009
Thumb and Bass Munkio Funk 1427
Rushhhhhh letileti [+1] Dance 4286
Younger Woman Blues ClayPotts Blues 1511
Blindsided Blues ClayPotts Blues 1918