My name is Gearoid. I was born in Europe in the late 1950s. In my present sojourn, I find my home in the heartland of America. My musical style is difficult to pin down. Blues serves as the backbone of much of what I do. Yet, this genre label is a bit too narrow as a description for my sound. A friend once told me he thought my music would work well in film soundtracks--low-budget Italian westerns! You be the judge. In 1998-2000 I played guitar and bass with a local blues band. Along with music, I have other passions and responsibilities, all of which are difficult to keep in balance. For this reason I am not currently playing live music. I am in a season of life where writing my own songs and sharing them with others has become a priority. One day I may return to performing live. I hope you enjoy what you hear.

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Songs That Have Tingled My Spine April 27, 2009
The emotional power of song
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What is a Musician? April 17, 2009
Can "musician" be defined?
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Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
The Flight of the Beryl Crow Other Oct 14, 2017 294
A Change for the Better Rock Sep 30, 2017 239
The Cowboy Police Country Aug 21, 2017 348
Leave Stark Behind Rock Jun 25, 2017 379
Demon of the Noonday Sun Rock Dec 28, 2010 2473
Flee the Blues--Remix Rock Sep 22, 2010 711
Within a Turquoise Mist Rock Jun 11, 2010 551
A Tan and Turquoise Other May 6, 2010 470
Juiced on Emotion--Remix Blues Mar 28, 2010 594
The Faithful Friend Rock Feb 28, 2010 636
We Gotta' Say Goodnight Blues Jan 31, 2010 1023
Juiced on Emotion Blues Dec 6, 2009 916
Mr. Vanity Country Jul 8, 2009 648
Stuck in the Rut of the Blues Blues Jun 11, 2009 1222
Belly Button Bug Blues May 28, 2009 1207
Heartland Blues Blues May 22, 2009 672
Haven't Found My Place in the World Blues May 18, 2009 1579
For Sean Rock May 11, 2009 1493
I Want to be Somebody Rock May 7, 2009 1151
Mezclado de Algo World May 3, 2009 844
Black to the Canyon Rock Apr 29, 2009 638
Flee the Blues Rock Apr 26, 2009 711
Goodbye Mr. Vanity Country Apr 20, 2009 865
Theme from "Damascus by Dawn" World Apr 17, 2009 745