I was born at very young age and as soon as I could hold a crayon was off on a career in graphic design with a focus on low-wall embellishment.

After several years of time-outs and lessons in interior home repainting, I struck out on my own to find my way as an artist: graphic, martial and performing, with brief careers as a professional juggler, vocal talent for broadcast, and eventually as the Art Director for Priority One Publishing and Melton Printing before joining The Master's Press in Dallas, Texas.

I played drums all through the public school band program days and had any number of high-ideal, low-talent garage bands on my resume before finally throwing in the towel and beginning a family of my own. Today my drums sit lonely and dusty in the back corner of my home office while their promise lives on in digital form on my desktop.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
GoogyFlicker World Feb 11, 2006 1487
Liquid Timidity Jazz Feb 11, 2006 1588
Vocal Test A Cappella Apr 4, 2006 1497
Imposter - first draft Other Apr 18, 2006 1396
Guitar Test 1 Metal Apr 19, 2006 1890
In Love with Love Inspirational Apr 29, 2006 850
Goats in My Pants (Short Version) Comedy May 8, 2006 2117
Goram Hump-Monkeys (rough cut and unfinished) Metal May 9, 2006 1412
The Twisted Ballad of Farmer Bill (original Hillbilly Solo Mix) Explicit Country Sep 9, 2006 1811


Title Genre Released Plays
2nd Cadavre Exquis Group C Final Other May 8, 2006 3764