Homeless Ballon is the music project of Helge Krabye, a Norwegian composer, musician and multimedia artist who has composed original music for more than eighty television documentaries, radio plays, fantasy stories and art projects. His music is acoustic (real instruments - no fake) mixed with experimental, electronic effects (MetaSynth is the favorite software). The music is chillout, ambient and electronica. Six CD's and digital albums are available everywhere.

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New music! September 6, 2006
"The Pleasure Is Mine (Choir Mix)"
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Title Genre Released Plays
China Future Electronica May 2, 2006 670
The Pleasure Is Mine (Choir Mix) Electronica Sep 6, 2006 961
Turkish Delight Electronica Jan 7, 2008 649
Silence Ambient Feb 23, 2010 651
Rwanda World Feb 23, 2010 608
Hurry Slowly Jazz Feb 23, 2010 534
Harmony Classical Mar 14, 2010 735
Peaceful Classical Mar 16, 2010 702