Greetings everyone.

Bernard here on the line, live from Montreal.

While I'm pretty new to home-recording, I've been playing acoustic guitar for over 40 years, mainly on my good old classical Ovation although I now have an old Fender cutaway and a Sigma tuned in DADGAD and also went electric a couple years back getting a Godin Jazz Multiac, a GR33 guitar-synth. At some point I sold some gear to buy a Mac and what I needed to make a workable small home studio.

Talking of work - and music - when I'm not lost in learning how to use Logic and all the rest or in practicing guitar and composing, I'm assisting a musical therapist on a regular basis since some years, while in the summer I do renovation and some decorative arts - mosaic, faux-finish, etc - and put money aside so I can take it easy in winter and concentrate on music. I play with friends every now and then. A couple of us meet every other week. Then there's the odd gig. In the long run, I'd love to publish some music and also play live more - I have a lot of solo guitar pieces going in all kind of directions and enjoy making arrangements too with the guitar-synth and softwares. I'll post some of that here by and by, for the joy of sharing, rough as it may be.

As for my music's style, good question. From very early on, I started to fool around with the chords I'd learn and search for my own color. Let's say it incorporates elements of classical, folk and jazz music, with a pinch of. . .

My all-time favorites ? Well, Bach, James Taylor, Bobby Mcferrin, Al Jarreau. Keith Jarrett and Lyle Mays. Pat Metheny and Nando Lauria. The Yellow Jackets. Michael Brecker and Ian Garbarek. David Darling and Lama Gyurme. To name but a few.

In any case, great to be here
and looking forward
to join the

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Dimensia Blues - by Filmscorz - Collab Collab Blues May 27, 2009 1090
Chutney - the India Jam series World May 24, 2009 1281
Whales & Camels - the Loop Station series Jazz May 20, 2009 1534
Open Sea Ambient May 9, 2009 1539
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Mother - by Mtransue - Collab Rock May 2, 2009 1011
Masala - the India Jam series World May 1, 2009 987
More Is Less - by Awigze Jazz Apr 26, 2009 926
I Try Very Hard Not To Care - by Ramonaji Collab Funk Apr 15, 2009 1210
Innerself - by Filmscorz Collab Jazz Apr 15, 2009 1018
Whales - the Zoom series Ambient Apr 10, 2009 743
Zap - the Zoom series Jazz Apr 8, 2009 743
Sonic III by Filmscorz Collab Jazz Apr 7, 2009 957
Middle Afternoon Musing World Apr 6, 2009 868
Carnaval Latin Apr 5, 2009 1308
Early Morning musing - Remix Folk Apr 5, 2009 967
Giggle Gigue - the Loop Station series World Apr 2, 2009 881
Bamboos Jazz Apr 1, 2009 944
Evening Song Jazz Mar 31, 2009 1647


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concept 185 Fredriksen Funk 730
Gypsy Lady Moviz Latin 1167
Perpetuum Mobile V soulima Classical 2019
The Lost Echo Deebeesea [+1] Jazz 928
Felix Xolv Jazz 807
Jump Into The Fire by Harry Nilsson bud2 Rock 2809
Tell Me What To Do Naaji Pop 1140
Forgiveness becwil [+1] Alternative 1666
Musician Girl LaFayette Other 2553
Boy In The Blue Sky SteveScott Rock 1323
Liliana's Song Santarii Other 1360
Sharp Eyes Softer grathy [+1] Jazz 1094
Four On Six mre Jazz 913
Forever Yours (Jazz Version) LaFayette [+1] Jazz 1438
Perpetuum Mobile IV soulima Classical 1032
Zinc Oxide AcetyleneJukebox Jazz 631
Another Life Vixen [+1] Alternative 1311
Una volta jacoust Latin 1257
Keep Me Here Naaji Jazz 1315
sharp eyes, soft mouth ant Jazz 1691
Sneaky Crooks! pedroberto Jazz 1040
The Funky Side of Things kpenson Jazz 958
I Do Believe nlsn Folk 1234
Here comes the flood CharlyDeeCynthius [+2] Pop 1066
I Came To Hear The Music RedthruNthru [+1] Folk 1913
Shenandoah soulima Classical 962
A Trip To Maryland dirigent Industrial 1034
Way Down Here, West of Where carlajpatterson Jazz 1256
Before You Go (Lyle Mays) pedroberto Jazz 3855
Ac 2 MusicLeft Inspirational 1376
Indian Summer soulima Classical 1004
Emily pedroberto Jazz 1091
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Cuore Parlante (speaking heart) MusicLeft Jazz 1372
MAWGS74 MiddleAgedWhiteGuy Electronica 749
Pavane (De La Belle Au Bois Dormant) soulima Classical 4287
The Magic Garden soulima Classical 1616
Medieval Fantasy (keys added) pedroberto [+1] Other 2981
At The Gate soulima Classical 1572
Astral II MusicLeft [+1] Jazz 1629
Lilla MusicLeft Inspirational 1760
Sleigh Ride soulima Classical 1659
Brandenburg Concerto # 3, Mov't 1 - Allegro (J. S. Bach) soulima Classical 5311
Untitled Ballad paulbmusic Jazz 559
Frosty the Snowman soulima Classical 2090
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