Alrighty, well here's the deal (in a nutshell). I really got into music as a creative outlet in high school (back in '92). Some friends (Mark Derrick and Erich Friebel, to be precise) and I started a band called "Naked Mary". We enjoyed "success" on the underground scene of basement parties and rented VFW hall shows (also part of the scene was the now some-what famous band "Suicide Machines", although they were pimping the ska, Mighty Mighty Bosstones style). Anyway, the band broke up in '94 when I decided to become a Hare Krishna monk and move into a monastary (no joke!).

While I was a monk I didn't do anything with music. Fast forward to 2002 when I moved out of the temple and back home with my father in Michigan. I hooked up again with Erich Friebel (drummer from Naked Mary) and we started a little project called "Mind Wide Open" (actually I think our first show we were called "The Naked Experiment"). Later Mark Derrick (guitarist of Naked Mary) joined us with his guitar skills. We were then officially known as "Mind Wide Open" and pursued instumental, multi-media jam sessions. We played some local venues and art galleries. We then brought on a singer (Rob, friend of Erich) to try a more traditional kind of band. We played one show at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI.

About a month later I met my beautiful wife. She kidnapped me and dragged me to New Jersey, so needless to say "Mind Wide Open" broke up. Before I moved Mark and I put together a 10 track masterpiece known as "The Twenty-four Album" under the project name "The Naked Experiment" (you can actually hear four of those tracks on MySpace:

While in NJ I haven't had anyone to jam or collaborate with, which is why I've delved into the world of computer-assisted music. I actually attemped some computer-based music a few years ago in Michigan using Acid Techno 3.0. You can check out those songs here:

So yeah, that's pretty much my musical history up to the present moment. Right now I call my project "Craze for Gaudy Baubles", which is something I've wanted to do for a couple of years now. I hope you enjoy these songs.

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