It seems to be a bit of exaggeration to call what I've done for the last 26 years an "autobiography", actually. Pretty much due to the fact that I haven't done anything at all, or rather - nothing significant enough to fuss about. I'd mess around with a band couple years ago, just as I think almost everyone did... playing everything and nothing @ the same time, so in the end I still can't play anything really... or not as good as I'd like to, at least smiley I don't think I'm particularly creative - I definitely don't have a handful of ideas, that's why every idea I come up with and regard as worth realising is really explored to the maximum. Now, don't ask me about my influences, there are so many of them... Metallica, Motorhead, Sepultura, Rootwater, The Offspring, The Misfits... just to mention a few. However, when it comes to music I'm not afraid of experimenting and playing with various stuff, I really like to find my own music as diverse as possible - of course, still within some certain, general boundaries smiley And in the end... yes, I'm making the music for myself really, hardly anybody's heard it so far, but I think I don't give a rip about it as long as I like what I do.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Certainty Metal Jan 21, 2006 853
Anxiety Rock Jan 21, 2006 672
Disbelief Alternative Jan 21, 2006 605
Morning Train Rock Jan 21, 2006 640
Us Metal Jan 21, 2006 703
Attention Metal Jan 24, 2006 684
Heads or Tails Rock Feb 8, 2006 675
I Am Rock Feb 11, 2006 683
The Last Walk Metal Feb 18, 2006 668
The Outlaw Metal Apr 14, 2006 1008
Theft Co. Metal Jun 12, 2006 602
Déjà vu Metal Jul 23, 2006 904
Purity Metal Jul 23, 2006 862
Embarassed Metal Jul 28, 2006 708
Toxic OBSOLETE Metal Jul 29, 2006 682
Unnamed Tune Metal Aug 1, 2006 804
Hit and run Metal Sep 3, 2006 854
Void Metal Sep 25, 2006 1041