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March 13, 2006 | 3:12 pm

I joined this site late, so a couple of my collaborations are on here. One is Bees and Birds with Daphna and Mcboy, the other is Ain't No Way with Stun_Nutz

I just wanted to give a heads up to the two collabs I have on this site. Bees and Birds is an upbeat jazz love song. Mcboy laid down some guitar and drums and I used that to write the melody and lyrics and do the vocals. Daphna then added some fantastic piano and standup bass. I'm really proud of this song, and give masssive kudos to my collaborators for the amazing jobs they did.

The second song, Ain't No Way, started with me laying down an improvised, bluesy vocal to a simple bass and drum track. I sent this to Stun_Nutz and he added all sorts of wild and funky sounds to the track, giving it an otherworldly beauty. It's worth a listen!

-- Joanna

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