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High Strangeness at Willow Lake
High Strangeness at Willow Lake features four tracks in the Willow Lake series, which is inspired by Thomas Reed and his family, who have a documented history of multi-generational encounters with UFO's and their occupants.
The title track is taken from the forthcoming book about the Reed case; Willow Lake, the cover of which Thomas has kindly let me use as the cover of the album.
For more information on Tom's case go to:

Thomas Reed commented:
"Your music in Willow Lake is beautiful, it touched me, it was perfect. The arrangement was amazing".
Thomas E. Reed

The album opens with the track; It Was Not A Dream, dedicated to Whitley Strieber and all Experiencers.
Whitley commented:
"Wow, that is haunting and beautiful. It really expresses the loneliness of our situation.Thanks for sharing it, Joe". Whitley Strieber.
As did Stan Romanek:
"Very nice, I like it". Stan Romanek


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