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August 1, 2011 | 6:21 pm

I get a lot of my song ideas from dreams

Again last night I had a dream which included a piece of music I had never heard before. Luckily enough, I woke soon after to do what I always do when this happens; I sung the tune into my phone's voice recorder to work on the song later.
This has happened to me many times before and several tracks on my two albums came to me this way.
I don't know where it comes from, but I'm very grateful!



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Cool! I've heard from people that this is sometimes how they write some songs, heard about hall of famers even having this too. Sometimes I will remember a song in full from a dream, but unfortunately get most of my ideas while I am trying to go to sleep smiley Much of my latest was "heard" when attempting to have a nap! So I guess I am tiredly grateful for a similar gift smiley
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I've occasionally had a dream that has had a musical theme to it - some song or refrain that I hear and which, in the dream, I think is the next big thing. But then, when I wake up, it runs away before I can recall it. It's maddeningly frustrating. And I have no idea of whether the tune in the dream really would have been something viable or not. But, judging by times when I do remember other things in dreams - ideas for TV programs, books, etc. - which, upon waking, are never as good as they were in my dreams, I think it's probably no loss that I don't recall the tunes.
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I often dream of music either being played by me, such as a wailing guitar lead, or I'm singing … of which, neither do I do in real life. I mean, I play guitar and I sing, though not to the excellent extent I dream it happening. Dang it! And usually, upon waking I promptly begin loosing significant portions of the melody and the whole idea of being able to do anything with it quickly evaporates.

Perhaps daytime ideas are a form of recreated dreamt ideas that I just don't recognize.

I also dream in color, I fly, I can stop "scary" dreams, and rewind bits of dreams in order to have it play out a different way. Sometimes, though, the rewinding/going-forward gets stuck in loop mode and continues back and forth until I have to wake myself from the craziness.

Dreams are fascinating!
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