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Notice to subscribers of ad free that change credit card 1 year ago
Hi fellow iCompers

I just got a new credit card and I updated my card on Paypal the day I got it.

A few days ago I received a note from Paypal that my 2 dollar payment to iComp did not go through because of problem with credit card. So I checked on Paypal and surely there was no longer a credit card attached to the subscription. It was easy to fix but this took me by surprise. I have other subscriptions like Netflix with the same problem. It seems that changing the credit card on Paypal does not automatically update the card on your recurring payments. Maybe because you can have multiple credit cards attached to Paypal and choose which one to use for each subscription. I still find it a bit silly that it does not default to a new card when you only have 1 card attached.

When a payment fails you cannot trigger a new payment. But unless you remove the subscription, Paypal will automatically retry the payment 1 week later.

I hope this little piece of information is useful to some of you.

And to @pm - naturally I will continue to support this wonderful site. The payment should hopefully be retransmitted on the 31st (tomorrow) according to the Paypal info smiley
Connecting MIDI Keyboard to external Speakers wirelessly 2 years ago
It is difficult to get a wireless interface for sound that does not add delay. Delay is OK when you play music from mp3 files etc. But when you play on a keyboard even 100 ms delay destroys the way we humans work as musicians listening to the music we play live. It is the same when you use a like Logic or Garageband and set the buffer size very high and add plugin effects that add delay. When the gets above a limit it becomes difficult to keep the timing and tempo. Bluetooth audio links used to send audio from a smartphone to a stereo are often adding an insane delay. Bluetooth used for handsfree phones in cars are optimized for delay but even they are often adding too much delay for live music playing and their sound quality sucks. FM radio wirelss are usually very fast but can be noisy. So watch out what you buy and make sure it is meant for live music playing.
Stage Name 2 years ago
CraigJKey is pretty cool. Otherwise Craig James is a good name too.

All these initial only artist names are impossible to remember from each other. And the first impression of an initial only name is that it is a rapper or a DJ.
IComp has become extremely slow after August 30th 2 years ago
Site is flying at interstellar travel speed now. Great smiley
IComp has become extremely slow after August 30th 2 years ago
Since this morning the 30th of August European time iCompositions has become annoyingly slow. Each page you view takes 15-30 seconds to load. It used to be a few seconds. On my iPads the text loads in small sections and it keeps on changing and moving the columns to the right as it loads. It is almost as if nothing gets cached by the browser and the browser keeps on calculating sizes during loading.

Something has changed that seriously degraded the performance and it is not a nice experience
Official Song Plugging Thread 2 years ago
Hi All

First off all I want to apologize for all the songs I did no hear the last month or so. I have been busy cleaning up a hobby room and throwing away a ton of stuff. I have not listened to any music for many weeks smiley But now I am back at the keyboard. I have worked a bit on a big project with Stan and I hope to post that soon.

I have posted a little jazz/fusion type thing inspired by the Copenhagen jazz festival. A melodic easy to listen to piece. Enjoy
Official Song Plugging Thread 2 years ago
I have tried to recreate Kraftwerk's Neon Lights in a modern updated and much shorter version.
Back in Logic ... 2 years ago
There is a great free training. See this earlier post I did

You will be happy with Logic X once you learn where things are. This series of training videos will give you first the overview and then all the details for each element as you have interest for
Effective Criticism 2 years ago
I agree with you Dustwood. You cannot hear people clap unless you play live. I regard comments my way of clapping. But I also occationally leave constructive feedback. And there I want to remind all that receives and gives feedback that feedback on art is subjective. There can be exceptions where feedback is very technical in nature like an advice to avoid clipping or quantization noise. But mostly it is subjective. One commenter may like a detail that another will not like. And it is OK. Both OK not to please everyone with art and also OK to give the comment.

We also have to remember that it is the experiments that may sound ugly or not succeed complely that invent new expressions. The painter that throws a bucket of paint on a canvas to trigger the unexpected. The guitar player that bangs the strings with a key. The analog synth player that cable up modules to produce a distorted feedback loop and filters it to pieces. Even when not a new international hit, it inspires us all and creates ideas. A site like this is perfect for sharing these experiments and that is maybe where it is most important to give each other feedback.
Official Song Plugging Thread 2 years ago
I was inspired by the solar eclipse last week. The result is a classical piece with some modern synth and beat added. Enjoy
Official Song Plugging Thread 2 years ago
It is not often that I post a cover but in this case I just had to make this. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it.
Camel Audio (Alchemy) out of business 2 years ago
It was just a loose rumour before but did not believe it to be certain. But now there is a trustworthy source...

Camel Audio was sold to ... Tada! Apple!

Read the story here
How to make beats from scratch 2 years ago
Oh I love this video. Smart boy. And the thing is... This is how the adults in the music industri make a hip- hop song all too often.
Official Song Plugging Thread 2 years ago
You tell Stan Loh a story Christmas evening about a ghost in a Danish castle and on boxing day he returns a song about her.

I have had the pleasure to work with a great vocal artist Steve Hales for the first time and he had added power and professional sound to the project that Stan and I have worked on.

The ghost is called "The White Lady" because she is seen in the white wedding dress that she wore when she was killed in an accident when her coach went into a pond and she was stock and drowned. The story says that she is searching for her husband in the park around the castle around midnight.

I spent two nights at the castle but I did not see her. But maybe she was out there in the cold searching.

The castle dates back to the 13th century. It belonged to King Valdemar II. The treaty that gave Norway its independence from Denmark was signed there in 1814. Hans Christian Andersen stayed there and you can see a poem written by him in a small shed. A beautiful place by the ocean. Today a hotel and congress center.

A great place deserves a great song. We tried our best at least...
Camel Audio (Alchemy) out of business 2 years ago
Camel Audio mostly know for their great Alchemy synth is out of business

Existing users can login to the website and download all the purchased programs and libraries.

They say they keep this online till mid this year but the way they have done it and the lack of any reason why they close down - I would get my backup downloaded within the next weeks so make sure you can still use the synth if you change computer or the hard drive crashes.

The iPad version is already gone from the app store with no way to restore in app purchases. Many people are angry in the forums

There are rumours that it is Apple that has purchased Alchemy. But I have not found any reliable source other than a tweet. For now noone really knows why.

Sad that a company goes down like this. And it also makes me nervous about all that expensive software we buy and have to activate online to use it. We have no guarantee and no rights if a company goes bankrupt. We can end up with not being able to use the software. Then piracy may become the only way.
Happy Holidays 3 years ago
Thanks. I wish the same for you and for everyone.
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
For the first time I have made a song with my sister Djinnie. She surprised me in a very positive way.
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
She Who Must Be Obeyed rules everywhere except in the Area 51 where we poor men have our last hideaway. Who knows what little secrets we are keeping there.
Word Association game 3 years ago
Quicktime player broken in iOS 8.0.2 3 years ago
It went quite OK going from IOS 7 to first 8.0.0

But Apple did it again. In 8.0.2 they changed something so the Quicktime player is goofed totally up when you look at any song here on iComp.

The HTML5 player is OK working. But with some cosmetic artefacts.

So @pm. Once again Apple makes life hard for the web site admins. I hope you can find a work around it again this time.

I did not check this on iPhone (mine is too old for IOS8). It is on both my iPad 3 and my iPad Air that I see the problem.

Word Association game 3 years ago
Chordal Theory Lessons Thead 3 years ago
Super cool links. Thank you. I am learning a lot from them and in an entertaining way
REALISTIC Strumming Guitar Under $50 3 years ago
Thanks for this hint.
Tipping Musicians 3 years ago
Yeah. I love this video
Keep or lose Popular Songs This Week list? 3 years ago
In the 3 years I have been here, I have only seen 1 person openly cheat. And that person could have been dealt with using the existing terms of service and privately without any fuzz. And that is what I encourage PM and the moderators to do next time. If someone cheats, remove the song witout public notice and allow that person to repost it without cheat. Only few will notice and the offender will quickly learn to behave.

Also note that some of us have experienced that the listen counter jumps an insane number in an instant. That is a glitch on the server and not people cheating. It happened also to me where a song jumped 10000 and I had PM reset the counter back.
Keep or lose Popular Songs This Week list? 3 years ago
During the 3 years I have been here the only two events that I made me grumpy was
1. Excessive uploads of song several days in a row
2. Commenting on 50+ songs in one hour and obviously not listening to most

Pretty minor things. In total I think this site has a community culture that works better than all other places I have looked at and the only one that I bother posting my music at. I love you guys and I wish I could meet many of you face to face.

I think the issues here can best be resolved with a little more bold moderation happening behind the scene.
Humanization Pro/Con 3 years ago
Humanization is a good word for the feature of adding random variation to time and velocity to notes. But noone should expect sound to become really human.

But it is a good tool when used the right places.

In Logic my experience is
- Humanization of hihat and cymbals in programmed midi drums can really bring life to it. I actually mainly humanize the velocity and turn off humanization of time if my music is more in the electronic genre.
- Humanization of kick and snare is OK for velocity in small amounts but those 4 to the floor and the snare afterbeat usually sounds better on the exact beat
- Humanization of jazz drums does not work. Humanization never makes good syncopation. Syncopation is far away from what humanization can do.
- Humanization of strings works badly in Logic in my experience. If you layer some string tracks and try to humanize the timing the problem is always that the humanization cannot handle well the end of notes and I always end up having to add the human touch manually. With Kontakt based strings I have really bad experience when notes on the same pitch overlap after humanization. Some notes stop working then.
- Humanization of played keyboard instruments that have been quantified first does not sound very human either. Then it is better to quantize less than 100 % and manually fix very off beat notes.
- Electronica arps are supposed to sound accurate and quantized but the humanize function can add a lot of cool stuff if you only use it to randomize velocity. But often the arpeggiator in a synth plugin can randomize better and give cooler results.

So use Humanization as a tool like phasers, tape delays, EQs, etc but do not expect miracles that makes human art from bits and bytes. Try it and try to randomize other things than time. If it sounds cool it is cool. If not, good old control-Z is there to remove it again
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
The first collab between grathy and myself.
And for sure not the last

A jazz waltz
Logic Pro vs. GarageBand latency issues 3 years ago
There are usually two latency makers that I know of

The one you probably already looked at is the audio buffer setting in Logic. The smaller it is, the less latency. The larger it is the less effects and software instruments load the CPU.

Trick is to set the buffer to 256 and not use too demanding plugins when you record. And then later add the effects and software instruments. The faster a machibe you have, the less a problem you have with a small buffer

I bet this is what you have set already. So next step

Any type of sound effect that uses "look ahead" delays the sound.

Adaptive limiter should never be used until you done recording and playing midi instruments. Compressors must also be avoided until you are done with the recording. Equalizers can delay sound if you use the phase linear type. So use the normal type. Or disable them.

The very advanced reverb plugs can also delay but not that much as far as I experience.

It is normal to add compressor to all vocal tracks and a reverb. And on the output channel it is normal to use the adaptive limiter to cut the spikes and increase loudness. But disable all these when you record

In Logic i have the feeling that even when the adaptive limiter is turned off but still in the channel strip, it can cause delay (must be a bug). So I remove it and add it when I am done recording and playing and have done initial mixing.

3rd party loudness plugins add even more latency. They all use "look ahead" which means it needs to take data from the future into its calculations. This is impossible so they delay the audio so the present is the future for you, so to speak.

So go and chase those plugins and try to disable them

Logic has a low latency mode you can enable. This turns some plugins into a lower quality mode when recording and back in full quality and latency when playing back. This is also a good idea to try and turn on when you record. It does not affect the quality of the recorded audio
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
It took me two weeks to squeeze the sun, a beach, a dusin of lovely ladies, some drinks with an umbrella and the lambada into an mp3 file. Hope you like the result
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
Stan (Lagusaya2) and I have a new collaboration posted.

A sweet romantic song that Stan has written. He sings and plays guitar. I do the bass, drums, and accordion.
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
Don't mix the cool vocal version Cinderella just posted built on a previous collab between alanatopic and myself.

Swing along this feel good jazz song "You Got Me Crazy"
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
My wife says that I am her Little Transformer that turns into a monster when I play drums on the keyboard.

That gave the name to my latest piece which uses a drum sample library called MegaMacho Drums (for Kontakt 5). If you have dust on your speakers turn up the volume and click the link below here.
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
I was in a romantic mood when I composed this piece. Simple with a strong melody line

Oh that love smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
I have been a bit offline here on iComp over the Christmas holidays. The reason is that my Macbook Pro broke slowly down and I ended up buying a new Mac Mini. And you all know how long it takes to setup a new computer incl all the software and all the plugins.

But here is the first project on the Mini. A collaboration between Stan Loh and myself.

Strive On. And with that I wish you all a happy new year with lots of new music
Lyricist looking for music/musicians 4 years ago
I have the opposite problem. I have at least 20 songs here on iComp with a melody that I wanted to write lyrics for but gave up on. Melodys come out of my sleeves like a waterfall but I lack words.

You are both welcome to add words to any of my songs. We can always find singers here that will love to sing them.

Or PM me with a couple of examples of your work. Maybe I get inspired to a new melody. I do almost any style of music because I like most styles of music
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
The last two weeks have been hard at work and with some bad things I had to do. So the past week I did not have time for my music or to listen to yours. I am trying to catch up now and I have a happy disco piece for you to listen to. Something to put light back in life
New Mac Pro...WOW 4 years ago
No @becwil. Since the Retina MacBook Pro the RAM cannot be upgraded. Soldered to the motherboard. You have to choose the max when you buy or you will regret. Even the harddrive is none standard and difficult to upgrade to a larger.

I have upgraded both RAM and harddisk on my MacBook Pro from 2011 and I cannot imagine me buying any computer without being able to upgrade these factors. Stupid Apple. Trying to force us to buy new computer every 2nd year.
New Mac Pro...WOW 4 years ago
My MacBook Pro has started having video problems (seems to be a commonly known quality problem with the early 2011 model) and I refuse to buy a new MacBook pro which cannot be upgraded with RAM any longer.

And the MacMini is a bit old now. So I am looking at the MacPro as a replacement. Just the smaller configuration.

I also consider changing over to Windows.
It really depends on the price of the Pro once I see the detailed price incl the extras I want.
Mac Air 2013 4 years ago
With 6-9 tracks I am sure Logic X can work. What really eats RAM are sample based plugins like Kontakt.
Modelled synth plugins mainly eat CPU.
Recorded audio with simple built in native Logic plugins will work OK I am sure.
And none of the EXS24 sampled instruments are gigantic so a few of those should go fine too.

It is sad that newer Macs cannot be RAM upgraded any more. The buying advice I will give to anyone is - go for the max. You can always buy an external Thunderbolt disk or an large external monitor and save on a smaller screen or smaller disk. But go for max RAM in the newer Mac laptops
no links created when using the @ symbol 4 years ago
Looks like the . before helps??

Or what?
no links created when using the @ symbol 4 years ago
Blog Filter 4 years ago
I understand what hiphopmoses is refering to.

I saw the blog post the other day where a person had registered, posted a blog post which linked away from the site. No music uploaded here.

If the same person had posted a link to a place selling enlargement pills it would have been more clear that it was forum spam and the moderators would have removed it silently.

In my view it does not matter what you link to. Porn, used cars, comic books, and yes, an external music site. If a posting clearly has the purpose of increasing Google ranking and fishing hits then it spam. Forget TOS etc. It is just spam and should be removed.

The problem is not very huge. It happens a few times per year that someone posts spam pointing to a music site. So there is not really any reason to be very upset about it.

I encourage the moderators to be brave enough to make the judgement and then let the rest of us support their actions. Waiting a few weeks to see if the bloke does become really active either as listener, blogger, artists or whatever may not be a bad way to handle it. And if it turns out to be spam then delete the entries and the account silently.
no links created when using the @ symbol 4 years ago
This problem is back again.

I just posted a long list of usernames as I always do and exactly the same way as I always do on

And I tried twice and no auto linking happening.

I also noticed that my old songs with Danish characters that I had fixed once already were goofed up again and fixed again.

I think this site has an issue the character sets.
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
My latest is a bit of a genre mix. World, pop, electronica.

As always with focus on melody lines. Also mixed different rhythms and synth patterns as well as old Chinese instruments.

Main vocal is carried by a female vocals backed up my different voice patches and choirs.

iCompositions play feature suffers visually by IOS7 4 years ago
@pm Yes much better. As I said many times... Your the best! Thanks

To those iPad users that cannot see any improvement... Neither could I. Until I went to Settings > Safari and cleared all the history and user data.

Once you return and log in again things are much better on the iPad.
iCompositions play feature suffers visually by IOS7 4 years ago
I just upgraded to IOS7 on my iPad.

I have a long list of both good and bad things to say about that in general but I will stick to a problem you see on this site.

The new IOS7 displays the little multimedia player very differently.

It is bigger so it covers the text and link that allows you to change between Quicktime playback and HTML5

And it does not show the progress slider so you cannot easily move back and forth in the song you are playing.

This is a problem with IOS7 so it does not help changing to Chrome.

A work around for the user is to zoom in on the player feature. This changes it maintains its size on the screen even if the page zooms in and this also allows makes the slider visible so you can move around in the song to hear a detail again or jump over some intro that is a bit long.

To pm. If you have access to an iPad with IOS7 you may want to experiment with the HTML around the player. Moving down the Quicktime/HTML text a tiny bit might help on that problem. And for the player, maybe there is some padding in the table that does not allow the player to fill the entire width of the cell. It is only a tiny bit you have to zoom in to make it show the progress slider, so if we are lucky it may be possible to work around without changing the great layout that iComp has.

Pretty annoying that Apple changes things so poorly.

I have not yet tested this on my iPhone.
Word Association game 4 years ago
Constructive Criticism, Please 4 years ago
This thread is a good idea. I love to know as a frequent commenter that a person would like honest feedback.

What bugs me a lot is when people ask for feedback and themselves cannot be bothered to give any (like having given less number of comments than they have uploaded songs themselves)

I am perfectly OK with people uploading music and never giving comments. I am still getting some free music, and I quickly learn to not spend time commenting on their music.

Giving constructive feedback is hard and time consuming. You need to listen to the song several times and maybe spend 15 minutes writing the feedback. I am not going to do that for a person that has uploaded 30 songs and given 15 comments ever. It is not reasonable.
Constructive Criticism, Please 4 years ago
Isn't it strange that many (not all) of the artists that ask for constructive criticism are the same that upload song after song and hardly ever bothers giving feedback to their fellow artists?

If you want feedback then give feedback.

(PS - don't start a flame war by starting a discussion on this. It just needs to be said open what most people here know, but some have not learned yet)
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
My latest music is inspired by comet ISON which may become one of the brightest objects on the sky end of the year if it survives the trip around the sun. ISON is a comet that has never been by humans before and it may be the first and last time it makes the trip. If it makes it we should be able to see it for a month and all over the earth. It is not in any danger of hitting the earth. The music I have made starts dark and spooky but turns into bright light and strong melody. And ends with the comet on its way back into deep space, maybe never to be seen again.
Upcoming Server Maintenance 4 years ago
One more bug. When my favorite artists post a song I get 2 identical emails sent the same time. I have received many of these duplicate emails now. It has been confirmed on the chat that it is not only me that see this
Word Association game 4 years ago
Upcoming Server Maintenance 4 years ago

Look at

Seems that there has been problems again with the @usernames

And why did the statistics of that track not reset Thursday?

The are more Thursday songs that are more than 8 days old with statistics not being reset
Songs with No Titles 4 years ago
Confirmed. Danish letters work again, too.

Thanks pm
Songs with No Titles 4 years ago
I have a song that has no title any more and it has a none English letter in it. So it seems the new server has not been setup for international characters
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
This song was victim of bad timing with respect to the server maintenance so it only got 4 days of exposure (like all songs posted on Wednesday last week). So I think it deserves a 2nd chance to be heard. So I plug it here
Upcoming Server Maintenance 4 years ago
I can also see that songs posted between Sunday and Tuesday a week ago did not get the statistics reset. So they stay on the hit lists an additional week. Good for the artists in question. Bad for new songs that will never have a chance to peak
Logic Pro X 4 years ago
New version 10.0.2 available on app store.

I have not tested it yet myself, but hopefully more of the user interface bugs are fixed.
Introducing Comment References 4 years ago

Yes. It works sometimes. But often it does not

Let us see this time
Introducing Comment References 4 years ago

One last try. Still Safari on iPad but this time with the names before any other text like I normally always do

I also went back and checked. I have referenced several of the people listed in scaustrita's example earlier and it worked so I do not believe in the opt out explanation. This will be my last trial post. Promise
Introducing Comment References 4 years ago
Worked with pm now

Trying myself

Introducing Comment References 4 years ago

Seems the @ feature is indeed broken.
Introducing Comment References 4 years ago
Trying again


Introducing Comment References 4 years ago
It only works first time you submit a posting. If you edit it later it will not work.


I have recently included some listed above and it works. No opting out

EDIT: actually there may be a point. It did not work for me just now editing manually on my iPad. There may be a newly introduced bug.
Word Association game 4 years ago
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
I have been mostly posting happy major key strong melodies.

But this time I have created a melancholic sounding minor key tune with a long chord progression with many coloured surprises. I personally think it is the best melody line I have created. Huge orchestra arrangement supports the melody. Enjoy
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
My latest tune, and my first project done in Logic X from scratch.

First comments indicate a Spy Fiction quality. And now they say it, I agree. But it was written as a funky dance piece. Enjoy
Logic Pro X 4 years ago
Note that Apple has already a bugfix update 10.0.1 on the App store.

It is only the app that gets updated. Around 31 Mbytes. Updates quickly.

Hopefully that cures a few graphics glitches I have noticed
Logic Pro X 4 years ago
Omnisphere is available in 64 bit. And it works great in Logic X.
Happy B-day becwil 4 years ago
Maybe a bit late to say happy birthday now. But never too late to thank for all the hard work as moderator here.
Logic Pro X 4 years ago
I have also been playing with it tonight.

First impression.

When you open Logic X the first time and start downloading gigabytes of samples etc, you can play with it while it downloads but performance is bad and buggy. It is best to leave it till it is done. When you open the loop browser first time, Logic freezes and cannot do anything else than indexing the loops. So my advice is: download all the extra first. Then open the loops and wait for the index to be built. Then you can start playing.

I have opened a song from Logic 9 with around 20 tracks incl third party plugins like Zebra, Omnisphere, Kontakt. It plays OK. But Logic X has same problem with Kontakt as Logic 9. While Kontakt loads hundreds of megabytes of samples into RAM everything is unstable. So always wait for the large Kontakt instruments to load.

I can confirm that Logic 9 continues to work after Logic X is installed. All the Logic 9 instruments you already have are not downloaded again. Only the new (unless you overwrite the suggested downloads)

So should you have old projects with 32 bit plugins, you can still load good old 9 and continue working.

Logic X has a user interface style like Garageband but it is still far more advanced. But people going from GB to Logic will have a bit easier transition. Old Logic 9 users are not too much in trouble. I do not get an impression of a dumbed down user interface.

The new arpeggiator is really cool and fun. And the first arp I have seen that knows what scales are. This is very useful. The arp in 9 sucked. No more horror environment to use an arp

Only negative is that texts and icons are larger in Logic X so all the windows need more screen real estate. But it is also better for the eyes. If you have a 13" screen it will be a challenge and you should get an external monitor. I use a 24" Samsung monitor and it goes very well.

All audio plugins look like in Logic 9

The iPad remote control is cool. You can now play chords in Logic from the iPad like you do in the Garageband iPad app. Try this with an arppeggiated synth. No more excuse for electronica people to not have arppegiated chord progressions in tracks. It is dead easy now. Really cool and fun.

That is what I have for now
Logic Pro X 4 years ago
Apple changed the practical way that licensing is done when Logic 9 moved to the App store. I originally bought my LP 9 as a physical package in a store and that only allowed one installation. But people that bought it from the App store seem to have the same conditions for Logic as for any other app.

Logic is so cheap and Mainstage almost for free that it is obvious that Apple want to sell you Macs.

You will never give the password for the app store to a friend because you also give him access to purchasing software and other products from the store and from iTunes unlimited from your credit card. Any bug fix upgrade requires the app store password also in future. I think they have found a really good model that gives us honest guys the freedom to install Logic on more machines and buy more expensive Macs, and at the same time make it way to risky to pass on copies to a friend via app store access.

It works this way for Apple because Logic only works on Apple hardware (and for a geek or two with enough guts and brains to build a Hackintosh)
GarageBand vs Logic Pro 4 years ago
I am installing it right now

I recomment this free training that shows the new features.

In fact a pretty good intro for beginners too
Logic Pro X 4 years ago
Doing the upgrade of both OS (Lion to Mountain Lion) and Logic Pro X right now.

From all I have read and at first glance also, it seems the installation of Logic Pro X (LP X) leaves behind your Logic Pro 9 still working.

It is also clear that LP X does not have the 32 bit bridge. I will not miss that. In LP9 this 32 bit bridge thing crashes all the time. I have 1 plug that is not 32 bit and I never use it.

I am very exited about the new features in LP X.

Check out this video tutorial. It shows the new features and the training is free

There will probably be some child issues and a 10.0.1 soon but I am so exited about the new features that I am willing to cope.

I will share more experience in a few days.
Cannot Load Music on icomp 4 years ago
@pm your are the one and only - always taking care of us. I can confirm that the HTML5 feature has enabled playing the music on my Android phone. Great work. Thank you SO MUCH smiley
my player don't play the songs just loaded 4 years ago
Telo12 just said in a comment on my latest music that using Safari on his old 10.6.8 machine works.

I can also say that latest Quicktime on Internet Explorer 10 seems to work so the 32/64 bit problem sees to be an IE7/8 issue. So try upgrading both Internet Explorer and Quicktime if you are on Windows. Or use latest Firefox or Chrome.

I still have no solution that works on Android based phones or tablets.
my player don't play the songs just loaded 4 years ago
Probably the usual problem with Quicktime still being 32 bit and some 64 bit browsers simply wont work with 32 bit plugins.

I have many friends on Facebook that have given up playing my music that I post links to because they cannot play the music. The browser just shows the page with no player and some Quicktime icon. And even if they install Quicktime, it does not work because their 64 bit Internet Explorer in Windows 7 or 8 is by default 64 bit.

You cannot play the music on an Android device either. I have tried 8 different browsers on Android and I have given up.

@pm you should consider presenting the player in alternative technology to Quicktime when the browser signature indicates 64 bit browser or Android. More and more people cannot use this site as they get newer operating systems and Android based devices. Just don't replace it with Flash because it is even worse. Replacing the Quicktime with HTML5 is probably still too early. You probably need to present different players depending on the browser signature.

To those that want to use the site as it is

On Mac Safari / Quicktime works great.

On Windows a 32 bit browser is needed. You can install both a 32 bit and a 64 bit. In fact on Windows 7 Internet Explorer is by default installed both as 32 bit and 64 bit. Quicktime only works in the 32 bit.

Android you are screwed

iPhone/iPad the site works great

For persistant musicians that really want to use the site, we will cope. But it is a bit sad that I have to put my music on alternative sites to enable my friends and family and work colleagues to play my music.
M-Audio audio interfaces 4 years ago
I am extremely satisfied with my PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL.

The drivers run so stable on my Macbook Pro (Lion). I chose this 4 input model because it enables me to setup live gigs with up to 4 mics/instruments without needing a mixer. And there are no noise problems at all with it.
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago

I admit. These words will not change the world. But a smile on your face should be possible.

My latest
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
Rock and roll. Organ, and choir.

Rock around the old BBQ. With good friends, cold beer, and a big dirty steak the size of a toilet seat.
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
My latest piece takes its inspiration from the world of magic. Melodic synth music played in Dorian mode.


request for assistance 4 years ago
You do not need a cable to connect iPad or iPhone to iTunes on your mac. As long as the IOS is fully up to date, and the iTunes is up to date, you can sync and transfer files WI-FI

I assume you have a wireless network at home.

One little detail. If the device has a screenlock with password, then it is my experience that the device needs to be opened up so it is not screenlocked for iTunes to be able to sync with the device.

Also, the wireless sync has to be enabled on the device (default is off, only needs to be enabled once)

Bluetooth is mainly for accessories or connecting to a car stereo.

If the iPhone has a good data plan and the iPad does not, then it works great to enable the wireless hotspot on your iPhone and then connect the iPad to the iPhone when you are not home. But remember that Bluetooth has a very limited range. A few meters. It may work 10 meters but a little electrical noise in the room and we are down to few meters. That is true for all devices. Not just Apple.

For Photos having to use iTunes is a pain. I am a true iTunes hater. I can recommend an app called PhotoSync. It has endless possibilities to transfer photos directly to anywhere.

I used iCloud in the beginning but soon got annoyed that all photos I took was transferred from device to device in a way I could not control. And you soon need more space than the free.
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
My latest is a happy instrumental pop song

Lyrics and vocal collab highly welcome. Like always. Enjoy
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
If you like a romantic melody give this one a try
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
The electronica genre is very broad and cover anything from 10 minute monotone drum machine beats without melody to classical compositions of symphonic nature that happens to be played on electronic instruments.

I love the sonic universe that electronic instruments is capable of and the fast arpeggiated patterns that no fingers can play without aid. But to me melody and chord progression is essential, and always part of anything I do.

My latest piece is no exception. Several melodic themes based on a 4 chord progression with a modulation on the 4th chord, and a high tempo beat. And inspired by the fear that earth will one day be hit by a comet or meteor.

Don't worry. Not a depressing piece! Just fun
Windows based laptop, are there any good music apps to use? 4 years ago
I use a Mac myself (Logic) but I have seen friends using a rather low cost DAW program called Mixcraft from the compagny Acoustica. I was impressed with what you got out of the box with that.
Effective Criticism 4 years ago
This is how I act as a listener.

I always give a comment if I listened to the end of a song. If I think a song is not to my taste I normally stop half way and I never comment on a song I did not like.
I have a broad taste from classical, to hard rock, so I tend to comment a lot.

When I do give criticism I always try to imagine at what level the person is at. It is easy to tell a person that his piano play is computer mechanical, his vocal is untrained, his guitar play is not like a pro etc. But that you can say about 99% of us. I still play one hand at a time when I do piano and use all sorts of aids for it. And you can hear it. And the artist knows it already.

I cannot help a very skilled musician with his instrument. I can tell him when I hear something that is really good in my ears so he know that it is worth repeating again in future songs. Critique does not have to be negative to be effective.
Drummers Beware !! 4 years ago
Word Association game 4 years ago
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
Stan (Lagusaya2) just posted one of his best songs.

He delivers a good vocal with harmonies. I have had the pleasure to play all the instruments, and arrange and mix the whole thing. I am especially pleased with the harp melody line that I added to go hand in hand with the vocal melody line.

Also note the wonderful lyrics. Sad and happy at the same time - a last farewell.
How much time does it take you to create a song? 4 years ago
I usually work on a track over minimum 2 and normally 3-4 days. In the weekend I will spend maybe 4 hours and during work days 1-2 hours usually with 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes when I come from work. And then an hour late when the house is calm.

It typically the final production part where I try to make midi instruments sound natural, add effects, mix, and master where I work the most hours in a row. This is the hardwork part. But when creating the song, I rarely work more than 30 minutes at a time.

One thing I do often in the morning is to let Logic play my unfinished work in loop while do the SSS (shower, shave and ...). And I often get ideas for the next step or for changes to melody or words for lyrics while I do this. My wife has a longer commute than I so I can do this alone without driving her crazy.

I often create my chord progressions in misc. applications on my iPad. Being in bed, in the sofa, etc with feet up helps creative thinking.

With few exceptions, I have no clue where I will end when I begin. I rarely start with the melody. I often start with a sound. Then I create chords and get a progression going. And then the melody comes as an inspiration.

I can easily create a progression and a melody in 30 minutes. Than the next days, I build up the song by adding instrument arrangement, structure, maybe a bridge, a start, an ending etc. That is what takes time.

And Lyrics for me is a total disaster. I can spend weeks writing 10 lines. I am terrible with lyrics.
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
Cinderella asked me to create the backing track for the Sara Bareilles hit King Of Anything. I had never heard it and I rarely do covers. But this song caught my attention and I accepted. And Cindy has done a very good vocal performance on this quite difficult song. Difficult because it requires a very good timing incl harmonies and also a good range.
Effective Criticism 4 years ago
My approach to music that I find terrible is usually - silence

It is also a matter of taste. I am not a big fan of rap. I love electronic music but not if it hasn't gotten chords and melody. But lots of people love rap, And lots of people love music that is mainly a cool groove/beat. I love a good soundscape but not a 10 minute long dark expression of horror. I prefer happy or beautiful music. I am very broad in my taste. I like rock, metal, techno, classical, jazz, musicals... I am even a huge Celine Dion fan! But even I have limits. And instead of showing myself as a closed minded fool, I stay silent. Taste is taste and cannot be discussed. I think silence is the right reaction to that.

Then there is the difficult one. People that are not at a very high level musically. And there I choose to see the glass as half full. Even a beginner musician with the heart at the right place can move me. It happens every day. And then I encourage by saying what I find is good. And when more is posted by the person and I hear improvement, I comment on the improvement. Noone ever told me my piano play is primitive. I know it is. I practice every day. I get better every day. But it takes years to learn as a 47 year old. Thank God we have collabs when we really want a good musician for a song.

Only time I give negative feedback is with simple technical problems that only require a little instruction to fix.

I have personally received very nice feedback the past two years. As examples I have been told that my strings in classical pieces I made sounded like block chords and that I should try and make more swells. That feedback really helped me. I still fight to get it perfect. But my pieces are getting better and all I needed was to pay attention to the note velocity, attack settings, and create some note overlaps etc. A few hints helped me to improve.

If the artist is known for spending hours on sound engineering I will give him more critique on the sound than I do with an artist that plays his piano using the built-in mike on his Mac. It is good to know the level of an artist and adjust the critique to match. If in doubt I advice to leave it.

The one thing I never really use is the rating starts. I give none or full house 5. I cannot see what 4 starts gives anyone. Should they sell their car to buy more gear then to get 5 starts for production? So I let the starts mean - darn good, extra bravo. I think most here does that. And that is OK I think. I do not care if I get 3 or 4 starts for production. It is the words that count. And I love every bit of feedback I get. Even if it is just "Killroy was here and listened".
Raise the GarageBand flag... 4 years ago
The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.

I am a 47 year old guy who has been an electrical engineer in radio communications for 25 years. I played a little drums as a boy, but until two years ago I never played any instrument, until I bought the iPad version of Garageband.

Two years later and I am still a happy amateur. But boy, have I upgraded my gear!! I have Logic (which is now dirt cheap in the App store) and I have Native Instruments Komplete, U-he Zebra, Omniphere, Real Guitar/Les Paul/Strato, EZ Keys, Chromaphone, Lounce Lizard, Saxlab, Melodyne, Roland A-800pro, Røde mike, Roland SPD-SX. I love these toys and all the possibilities it gives me, that lies way beyond by skill level as a musician.

But what I really envy is the musician that sits by a piano and plays a beautiful melody, recorded not even with Garageband, and it sounds so beautiful. And I comment on a lot of music everyday made on primitive gear with the heart at the right place.

Diversity is a strength, not a problem. There is room for everyone here. Rich or poor. Only things you need are

Love for music
The willingness to participate in the community. And even listeners that only listen and comment add to this site.

I started posting my first songs at different sites. I quickly ended up only posting here on iCompositions, and there is only one reason. The people. The wonderful beautiful talented caring people that make this a nice place to be no matter if you played music since you were 5 or you are a middle aged guy like me that cannot yet play my keyboard with both hands simultaneously. No matter if you can read notes. No matter if you use Garageband or Mixcraft. Or an old tape recorder.
Logic Studio For Mastering ??? 4 years ago
In Logic Pro a nobrainer simple mix master workflow that works great for most home made music (we are not talking pro stuff for commercial publishing)

1. Anything you record through a microphone NEVER NEVER turn up the input volume on the sound module so the audio is clipped. Most sound interfaces today record in 24 bit easily and has a signal/noise ratio magnitudes better than the ambient noise your microphone picks up. Better safe than sorry. Don't try and maximize like you did in the old days with tape. Be safe. Record safely below the clipping limit. You can always turn up the volume in Logic. If audio clipped the only way to save it is to re-record it.

2. Once you have all your tracks start mixing the instruments and panning them left and right to get a wide and clean sound where all instruments can be heard. Avoid that any instruments go into the red. If an instrument needs to be increased a lot to be heard, and if, when you do this, it goes into the red, it is a good indication that you should use a compressor. This will enhance the instrument and at the same time limit the peaks. Use the presets in Logic and try the different ones till it sounds good.

3. Time to set the overall limit. Keep the master and output channels at 0 dB at all times. No need to touch them for any normal use.

4. Open the mixer and select all the tracks except the output and master tracks. Listen to the loudest passages of the music and reduce the levels of all the tracks so the volume meter on the output track average around the -6 dB point. This means when you look at the music the level dance around -6 dB and go both below and over. At this time expect some peaks to go in the red. For music with drums and bass easily up to +4 dB. A this point it is OK. We fix that in the next step.

At this point you should have a clean sounding mix but it is probably not loud enough and if you bounce it to mp3 now, the peaks in the music combined with the normalizer will make the music sound low. Full of dynamics but too low. Time for the magical tool.

5. In the output channel we insert a standard Logic plugin called the adaptive limiter. By default it will limit the output to 0dB and provide a 3 dB gain. I bet these defaults will work in 90% of the cases. When you look at the plugin the left volume meter shows the level going into the plugin. This is what should dance around the - 6 dB point and occationally go in red. On the right you see the output level. It will then dance around the -3 dB point (which is equivalent to sounds twice as loud) and the limiter will make sure the peaks above 0dB are cut off. You can increase the gain a little above 3 or below. Only few dBs. Too much gain and the dynamics of the music is gone, crushed. Trust your ears.

When you record music never have the adaptive limiter running. Always disable such plugins when you perform music. An adaptive limiter is a plugin that look ahead in the future and sets its levels in advance. This sounds much more gentle and nice. But it also means that Logic needs to delay the sound you hear to make the plugin work. It is difficult to play the keyboard or even sing if the actions you do are not heard by your ears until some fractions of a second later. This is called latency. The adaptive limiter should only be turned on when you listen to the final mix and when you bounce to mp3/m4a/aiff or whatever.

You can buy better adaptive limiter plugins like the Waves L316 but I personally think the adaptive limiter in Logic does a very fine job for most amateurs. I would rather spend the same money on a nice synth plugin if I was on a tight budget.
Bajanxed! 4 years ago
Word Association game 4 years ago
Word Association game 4 years ago
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
To me a good melody packaged in a nice hamonized chord progression is what makes good music. That is why all it takes is a voice and a guitar to make magic.

The electronica category may turn many off as it is a genre where artists often focus more on rhythm patterns with drum and bass sounds and cool sound effects.

I think the combination of the two is magical. I love layering several arppegiated instruments with different patterns but playing the same chords on top of each other, creating a weaved coloured layer of hundreds of notes that lick your ear. Combine this with the energy of good techno, and a pop melody you can sing in the shower.

Listen to the cat chasing a rat, and let the notes lick your ear and your feet move up and down to my latest track. Even if you normally do not like synth music.