Hey Guys! I'm Sly and welcome to my page!
Not sure what to write on here so here's a little about me.
I'm a 48 year young guy from Grande Prairie, Alberta that plain simple loves to play music. I've been playing drums for quite a few years now. Played the bar scene in various cover bands. Over the years,I self tought guitar,bass and a little keys(Well! still learning). As far as singing,this is fairly new to me,but hey!If I don't try, I'll never get better. I have a small recording studio in my home and enjoy writing and creating new song ideas. Music is my passion and I love every aspect of it, including playing, producing, recording and mixing it. Every song I write is a lesson, It's unbelievable how much you can learn if you really want to. My passion is Rock, but I love any genre that plain simple has a beat! I do play all instruments in my songs(Well I try anyways,lol)Anywho! Take a listen to my songs and let me know what ya'll think! (good or bad, I can take it, lol)

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Wish For Good Music Videos Mar 16, 2014 414
Going Backwards Rock Apr 9, 2012 878
Choices Rock Apr 9, 2012 414
Need More Time Rock Nov 6, 2011 1599
Starting Over Rock Nov 6, 2011 365
The Follower Rock Sep 23, 2011 431
Moments Rock Jun 19, 2011 376
It's A New Day Alternative Aug 22, 2010 747
I Can Share Rock Aug 15, 2010 888
You Can Rock Jan 31, 2010 587
In Time Rock Jan 10, 2010 719
The Bubble Gum Song Rock Dec 23, 2009 903
Escape Rock Nov 19, 2009 627
Bring It On Home To Me Collab Rock Oct 13, 2009 760
Respect The Storm Rock Aug 9, 2009 591
The Easter Chicken Collab Rock Aug 6, 2009 741


Title Genre Released Plays
GauraNitai Alternative Feb 11, 2010 908