My story is pretty simple. I've always sung, from the time I could make noise... but somehow along the way I lost the courage to sing in public. I found it again back in 2005, starting with karaoke both online and in bars. As much as I love singing others' music, I was really wanting to make my own too. Since I can't play any instruments well enough for people to hear, I felt hindered - until I discovered Sony Acid Pro. I would still prefer to be making organic music but I work with what I have.

The songs I post here are a sort of chronicle of my life in the last 6 or 7 years... and also of my education with Acid Pro and its many features... I am still an idiot musically but at least I can bang out a tune now smiley

My influences (both musically and vocally) are an ever growing list. They include - but are not limited to:

Radiohead • Portishead
Tool • Morcheeba
Tori Amos • Moloko
Suzanne Vega • Bauhaus
Duran Duran • Martin Sexton
Nine Inch Nails • The Cranberries
VNV Nation • Tragically Hip
Massive Attack • Jill Scott
Angie Stone • Nerina Pallot
Snake River Conspiracy • Lamb
Carina Round • Neil Young

I am just finding my way back to my music now... and realizing how much I missed it, especially surrounded by so much talent in a place like this. I am in awe at the quality of music here.

I am on the verge of an evolution... partially because of the music I listen to, and partially because I am yearning for a change. We'll see what my time spent relearning Acid brings smiley

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Just... wow. May 7, 2009
It's amazing what you can find on the net once you sort through the fodder.
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Title Genre Released Plays
Mad World Collab Pop Jul 30, 2015 458
Synthesis V2 Electronica Feb 23, 2015 351
Synthesis Electronica Feb 16, 2015 397
Untitled-Embryonic Version Electronica Feb 12, 2015 627
Absolution Collab Electronica Jun 4, 2009 1877
Broken Wings Inspirational May 23, 2009 1118
Angel From Montgomery (Bonnie Raitt Cover) Folk May 10, 2009 4202
Better Days Collab Hip Hop/Rap May 8, 2009 1185
On My Own Collab Hip Hop/Rap May 8, 2009 910
Trigger Happy Jack (Poe Cover) Alternative May 7, 2009 1574
Something Has to Give Blues May 6, 2009 1416
Connections Electronica May 6, 2009 915
Careful What You Wish For Electronica May 5, 2009 709
Wild Horses Electronica May 5, 2009 1463
Enjoy the Silence Electronica May 5, 2009 4286
Dignity Collab Electronica May 5, 2009 1099
New Leaf - Autumn Rust Mix Electronica May 5, 2009 617
New Leaf Electronica May 5, 2009 755
Inertia Electronica May 5, 2009 705
Jaded Electronica May 5, 2009 639
Horizon Electronica May 5, 2009 747
Goodbye House May 5, 2009 804


Title Genre Released Plays
Crashing Down Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Jun 9, 2009 1024
On My Own Hip Hop/Rap Jun 4, 2009 921


Title Artist Genre Plays
STARDU[M]B - [M]elephants & [M]hales MoorNoki Electronica 750
Lost in Thought (Instrumental) RazbaqueDirge Ambient 731
Red Wood ScottHorwath Inspirational 988
Many Moons (acoustic version) KCsGROOVE [+2] Rock 709
lyla's curse part 1 lyla Electronica 1164
Last to Know (Week of October 12th, 2014) RadioSeanovan Folk 645
You're Just A ***** Naaji Dance 2829
The Sky Isn't True Trilobite2 [+1] Alternative 2163
Gone Away (Acoustic Offspring Cover) PinkFreud Rock 5497
Mad World (acoustic backing - cover) PinkFreud Rock 2000
Goofy's Concern (Butthole Surfers cover) PinkFreud [+1] Punk 1327
STUCK Barretok Rock 1812
Inconvenient Girl Naaji Dance 1182
Life Verbalist [+1] Hip Hop/Rap 1094
Rape Me (Nirvana cover - lounge mix) robby_reverb Alternative 7007
Gone GhostMusic Hip Hop/Rap 887
Release Me Naaji Pop 910
Song for Gordon Chordwainer Folk 621
Dead Air With Words PrettySaint Other 639
Triple C, P n A Verbalist [+1] Hip Hop/Rap 2168
highway-getaway! that80sboy [+1] Pop 1885
Sign of the Times Litherman Alternative 1217
Resignation(Open Verse) Verbalist Hip Hop/Rap 1342
Siolencer PinkFreud Electronica 1277
Scattered Thoughts Verbalist Hip Hop/Rap 880
where did you sleep last night? Dirtys_wine Rock 591
Blues for Collab (#4) Enjoy!!!! Filmscorz Blues 927
3:20 Corey_Edwards Electronica 596
Tearduct HayleyDeakin [+1] Metal 867
In the middle madmindrecords Inspirational 809
Blues for collab (C minor) Have fun!!! Filmscorz Blues 993
A Li'l Bit of Fun Naaji Funk 1388
Winter Song cuddabrown [+1] Electronica 1016
Fragile Filtered Vox blues69 Pop 718
Walking In My Shoes (Depeche Mode Cover) GaryHunter Electronica 1452
Stereo CC3 Mairuzu Electronica 784
Cruel Hearted (A Disco Song!) Naaji Dance 1447
Mohab Collab Demo track allanirvine Rock 697
the sound the space brunochabert Electronica 663
Let It All Out allanirvine Rock 1273
Blue Rodeo (cover) Kronn Rock 697
Are you out of your Vulcan mind?!? gevve Rock 851
Lisa let your love shine (rough demo) pinkjimiphoton Rock 811
I Believe jamesjrn Pop 985
One More Chance - Updated Mix MikeBrooks Rock 997
Gypsy Wings RedthruNthru [+1] Blues 4047
Hell On Earth Ft DJake Verbalist Hip Hop/Rap 867
Unstable Verbalist Hip Hop/Rap 728
Have A Guess... Forse Metal 1117
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