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Do any of you use ezdrummer by Toontrack? 3 months ago
I have my midi drum kit plugged into Logic X Pro and have been triggering the internal kits for it, so I have not yet put EZ on Logic. I do have it on my windows system though and find it quite good. I have probably 12 or so of their kits installed. Great stuff.
drummer and vocalist wanted 4 years ago
I don't see any track like that.
Song Lyrics 1 4 years ago
A good way to work flow is to speak/sing it against a drum pattern. It helps you work syllables, and flow. You don't even really need a melody. You can speak the words against the drum pattern. Something simple. Find your tempo and work it. If you do this, then you'll find it helps your word count and flow. Often times you can substitute words that mean the same thing but flow better.
Gently - (temporary name) Need female singer 5 years ago
I have others needing vocals. I'll PM you. smiley
Gently - (temporary name) Need female singer 5 years ago
a reggae project I have been shopping around: https://sites.google.com/site/fjatestsite/make-me-a-believer
Gently - (temporary name) Need female singer 5 years ago
Billy found his singer. Heidi is going to do it. Thanks anyway. We keep trying but it seems like I never get any responses for collabs from this site. I've done hundreds and never anyone from here... Ah well long as it gets done huh? Onward and upward...
Gently - (temporary name) Need female singer 5 years ago
Good lyricist needed 6 years ago
What do you use online to transfer files in a collaboration? 6 years ago
reg_owens wrote:
I use my web site www.regowens.com There are also several free web sites you can use. Google free web sites.

That's exactly what I've been doing. I use 4shared.com embedded into my googlesite. We have over 100 gigs for collabs on the site for free. We've also been using a facebook group for discussing. Works great! No ads and FREE. http://fjam.zapto.org
An Afternoon In April 7 years ago
An online collaboration.

AC-DC style rocker open lead auditions(Bolt Action Reaction) 8 years ago

This is an "IN PROCESS" track. Looking for lead guitar auditions.

I did the drums....
Blues rocker online collaboration seeks lead guitar and back 8 years ago
This one is finished now (from a performance point of view), and is now in Mix/Master mode. If you are interested in having a go at mix/master I can make the separates and or OMF available to you. Here are the two finished mixes we have so far:

Blues rocker online collaboration seeks lead guitar and back 9 years ago
I added some guitar leads (and power chords). I am kinda feeling like now that I have this in there on the chorus, it doesn't need backing vocal harmonies on the chorus. The leads filled this out nicely. Do you think backing harmonies on the chorus would still help this?


I guess I will wait a bit to clear my palette on this and then maybe try some vocal harmonies. Too bad I'm not getting any takers. I wait awhile and then if I don't get any response I do it myself. It's more fun if others get involved but I will do it myself if not...
Blues rocker online collaboration seeks lead guitar and back 9 years ago
(Pop-Rock) March 26 Lyrics and vocals needed 9 years ago
You can join F-Jam if you like. I'll PM you.
(Blues/rocker) RMW (Seeks lyrics, vocals, leads) 9 years ago

Whitesnake style? Seeking lyrics, vocals and then leads. After the vocas are in place where to do leads will be apparent. Lyrics/vox next.
(Pop-Rock) March 26 Lyrics and vocals needed 9 years ago
Nothing that has stuck. Billy actually said he had some vocals for this, but I've not had any success in getting him to show it to me as of yet. I also have not been able to get him to send me separates for the instruments. I've asked him several times. I am just proceeding as if I will not get either.

I've had a few others show interest, but as I said nothing that has stuck with the song...
(Pop-Rock) March 26 Lyrics and vocals needed 9 years ago
No Friend Of The Night (Blues) Lyrics/Vocals 9 years ago