First...I am not a musician,yet. What? Why, then am I here? Music is the driving passion in my life...always has been, always will be. I am a lyricist. Only through the musical rhythms of connected thoughts am I able to create music. This, however, is something I do quite well. I would very much like to toss out some of those words and have them interpreted by the amazing musicians on this site. I am also not a tech wiz. I do however, now own a mac. My love affair with that machine came into being during the love affair I had with a very gifted man. So, by his knowledge of this place, I find myself here. All is by divine I will follow this journey where it may lead. I am honored to be here. I do hope to hear your unique interpretations to my words through the magic that is music. I suppose I will post those lyrics through the blogging section. If you think another place best suited, please share this knowledge with me. I am an able and eager student.

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Need help locating this music. December 13, 2016
I have a song on my MP3 player that shows up only as "My Song 73 2".
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A favor? September 19, 2014
No lyrics right now folks. Sorry about that. But my grandson is going to be 8 in October. I need help.
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The Postman February 7, 2014
A little ditty inspired by the latest Ruby Tuesday show.
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46-2 TOOL Cover September 25, 2013
Music Students...freaking amazing.
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Not MIA August 21, 2013
Always a no show.
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Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
True to my own self Collab Folk Jan 2, 2017 702
Familiar Taste of Poison (Cover) Collab Alternative Feb 6, 2014 1894
In Vain... Folk Jul 3, 2012 1821
Billy's Eyes Collab Pop Apr 1, 2012 1528
He Ain't Comin Back-Luna's pic Collab Alternative Feb 9, 2012 1212
Heat Funk Collab Alternative Oct 10, 2011 1133
Good Enough Man-Demo Explicit Blues Jul 29, 2011 1298
Hello Me (demo) Country Jul 8, 2011 1247
Turn Around Time Collab Alternative Jan 20, 2011 1641
Looney Blue Collab Blues Nov 28, 2010 1133
Get over it-countyish-demo Country Oct 22, 2010 1030
Get over it-bluesy-demo Blues Oct 22, 2010 618
Daddy Folk Aug 31, 2010 1667
Call me Baby redone Explicit Country Aug 9, 2010 1029
Call me baby(open colab) Explicit Country Aug 8, 2010 1535
Reload of Trouble without music Other Aug 4, 2010 927
Trouble Collab Other Aug 3, 2010 1028


Title Genre Released Plays
Ode to The Postman Marty :) Inspirational Feb 22, 2014 1625
Gwen and Lance Alternative May 22, 2013 996
The Worst Part Rock Dec 29, 2012 1037
till the next time Classical Nov 2, 2012 1431
He Ain't Comin' Back (with Vocals) Alternative Feb 8, 2012 615
Call Me Baby Electronica Feb 22, 2011 526
Turn Around Time Folk Jan 20, 2011 1561
Get Over It Other Oct 23, 2010 883
Daddy Don't Go Away (I'm a Coal Miner's Daughter) Folk Oct 8, 2010 4675
A Way of Seeing Spoken Word Sep 11, 2010 1042
Molasses Blues Aug 21, 2010 1654
you look like trouble to me Electronica Aug 9, 2010 555
He was a Geek with a Guitar Country Jul 4, 2010 2467
If Now Were Then Rock Mar 16, 2010 1886


Title Artist Genre Plays
All Alone Broken_Soul [+1] Industrial 186
Not Without the Fire Broken_Soul Industrial 311
Lost Valley Of The Dinosaurs Beatle128 Rock 438
The Box Jam 8MonthMalfunction Blues 616
Cast thy nighted colour off exemptfromgravity Rock 348
Wind And I falconep World 543
Sick Broken_Soul Industrial 443
Whether or not Broken_Soul Industrial 505
Love Interruption (Solo Westy) NewMonkey Alternative 318
Do you Really Wanna Live For A Thousand Years mfwmiles Alternative 344
We're All Going To Die thenownows Comedy 523
Seven Nation Army (Cover) Curran_P Alternative 631
Letting the wound heal Broken_Soul Industrial 372
sound90ish irok Rock 448
Hate filled Eyes Broken_Soul Industrial 434
Drifting Broken_Soul Industrial 447
Take A Chance With Me Beatle128 [+2] Rock 589
But I Don't Care Beatle128 Rock 774
Is Life Worth More then ... Project__S Rock 617
nightshift eagle A Cappella 1067
Diary brewchugger Alternative 728
untitled demo Astronomer Folk 535
Smooth Camel Ride To Ipanema RubyDubidoux [+1] Jazz 1822
Falls the Shadow NomadicMind Alternative 647
Reflection (Remake) Nightingale Folk 381
I'm not in love thgbroekhof Jazz 429
This Ain't Home 8MonthMalfunction Folk 654
I Remember You JeffPaige Rock 669
Untitled scubasteve Folk 342
Miss Flaygy ZipZipper Other 803
The Family Do thenownows Alternative 663
The Many Different Faces of Men Smileygeezer Pop 709
Don't Stop Now 8MonthMalfunction Pop 1007
Little Train AlanStarkie Folk 469
Zuma Beach Acoustipades revoltington Rock 656
The Dance ihussain Folk 1028
Doubting Tree JeffMcCaskill Rock 677
Forgive Me JeffPaige R&B 870
Shut It Tight (T Bone Burnett cover) Dyl Alternative 1316
Miss Emily mikebms Folk 734
What Did I Mean To You JeffPaige Funk 724
An Acquired Taste morkjt Rock 757
Judy Says funkyaxe Ska/Reggae/Dub 340
My Mountain Girl In Tennessee Muzikguy1 Country 400
Betcha By Golly Wow (Stylistics cover) artist08 [+1] R&B 811
fixing a hole eagle A Cappella 1507
Only You (cover) Astronomer Folk 392
It Doesn't Matter Now Astronomer Folk 744
Everybody's Talking (cover) georgeptingley Pop 959
The Gove Song thenownows Comedy 1281
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