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RIP Ed (Sloparts) Wemmerus 6 years ago
Ed was a true and genuine person, who I dearly enjoyed knowing here on Icompositions. I knew he had been sick for a while, and was hoping he would beat it. I'm so sorry to hear this news.
Thank you PM for iComps :) 8 years ago
I add my voice to the accolades.

For Sale.. 8 years ago
Be sure to advertise in your local classifieds. I find that I can sell me stuff there within three days on average.
covers 8 years ago
I'm working on both originals and covers as I write this.
Studio For Sale 8 years ago
Dave stated what I was thinking so eloquently… Yeah, if Sir Paul could pull off the purchase it would be poetic to say the least. He and Ringo could go in halfies!

Zallaz… lose the mustache! It makes you look like a criminal… LOL.
Garage band loops 8 years ago
I completely and totally agree with Bernie…

I have used loops a couple of times now as backing tracks a couple of times now and then added guitars and vocals and cut and spliced and added effects and made some rad sounding songs.

Music is music… loops can be used as a tool just like any instrument. I have heard a few really good loop based compositions on this site without a tad of traditional live instruments and they rocked. Like I said… music is music.
covers 8 years ago
Dave… don't let your wife see this thread… unless her name is Zola...
This is ridiculous 8 years ago
I provide public feedback in the comment box when I have something positive to say.

If the song has promise but was botched one way or another, I might sometimes feel to offer constructive criticism and advice using the pm service.

There is no point on pointing out a flaw in someone's art in a public forum, where that comment never goes away. Sort of like a nasty case of farting in a crowded room I say…

If there's no hope… I just move on.

There's an old saying. "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and annoys the pig."
Garage band loops 8 years ago
Drums loops have been an invaluable resource for me as I make my demos.
covers 8 years ago
Her name was Zola, she was a showgirl
With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there
She would merengue and do the cha-cha
And while she tried to be a star, Dave M always tended bar
Across a crowded floor, they worked from 8 till 4
They were young and they had each other
Who could ask for more?
Acknowledging comments 8 years ago
There is a box in the backstage area that shows when someone has commented on your songs and another one that shows comments on your favorite songs… but I agree that a reply button would be very cool, with a box that is dedicated to that in the backstage area. That would really add a sense of completeness to the communications here. Send the idea to PM… he listens.
The Who Superbowl Show 8 years ago
KC, I think of football as the sport's world's answer to Drag Racing.
The Who Superbowl Show 8 years ago
Jayman would be all for the Marching band proposal… in fact, I'd dig it since my humble little town sports the nation's #1 marching band. I doubt however that the NFL will go back to the old ways.

Cheap Trick would so totally rock the halftime show!!!
The Who Superbowl Show 8 years ago
Yeah, it is hard to appeal to such a wide audience and it does indeed seem that they aren't sure what they are doing completely, but are rather just winging it by and large.

You also have to wonder a bit why they haven't had any of the big name country bands play… I mean, that is probably their largest demographic in the NFL sports culture. I'm sure Garth or Clint or Naomi would gladly play an event…

If we looked into how they (The NFL) run things, we'd probably find clueless, college educated, but stupid mid management people running everything, just like everywhere else that big corporations reside.

Thanks for the link offbalance! That's a great read!
The Who Superbowl Show 8 years ago
haha! My mom (65 years old) was saying that the show, while visually impressive was short on performance. I'll bet there are also some kids going to the iTunes store today to buy a song or two from their catalog.

I was speaking only in generalities of what I witnessed from my facebook contacts.
The Who Superbowl Show 8 years ago
I was looking over my facebook contacts and was interested to see that the over 30 crowd liked the halftime show, and the older they were the more they liked it, while the 20 something crowd all thought it stunk and were saying things like "there hasn't been a good halftime show in ages" which made me start thinking, why is it that ever since Justin and Janet, we haven't had one contemporary music act do the show. There are bands who the kids enjoy who are selling out stadiums and yet we are going back into the rock halls of history… I mean, hey I have really enjoyed the last few years… Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones… it's been great for this geezer! Pete Townsend even made note that he felt the audience wasn't digging his band's show. I wonder if they need to rethink.

It was cool seeing Zack Starkey. Man, he does a good Keith Moon! '8)'
GarageBand and crackling sounds… am I alone on this? 8 years ago
The check is in the mail.
GarageBand and crackling sounds… am I alone on this? 8 years ago
Moses, you were the man with the cure! This thread is over! The new driver fixed everything!

GarageBand and crackling sounds… am I alone on this? 8 years ago
My iMac (intel 2.4GHz 4GB Ram 500 GB HD) using the latest upgrade of Snow Leopard is making crackling sounds when I go to record into GarageBand (Latest version). I'm also using a Presonus Inspire 1394 as my interface. I also have a power conditioner… so I know it's at least not coming from the houses' electrical system.

I haven't experienced this with prior versions of the software, and though the sound isn't recording into the tracks it's definitely distracting. It doesn't seem to matter if it's a mic or a guitar being recorded. Loud crackling and popping. Annoying.

I haven't really recorded in the past year and so I'm surprised to be greeted with this new anomaly as I come back.

iCompositions or iCovers 8 years ago
you gettin all serious on me??? smiley
iCompositions or iCovers 8 years ago
Hey! I said this topic was done (stick a fork in it) a whole page ago! LOL. smiley smiley smiley
iCompositions or iCovers 8 years ago
Baboon… you're just saying this because we did a cover or two… I mean, man! Sgt Peppers rocked! smiley
Wedding Bells, iComp match making service 8 years ago
iCompositions or iCovers 8 years ago
iCompositions or iCovers 8 years ago
iCompositions or iCovers 8 years ago
You'll never find me tripper!!!
Best Album Of The (00's) Naughties? 8 years ago
My Favorites are:

Ween - La Cucaroacha
The Apples in Stereo - New Magnetic Wonder
PowerFlower - The Death of My Guitar
Mike Coykendall - Hello Hello Hello
Blitzen Trapper - Field Rex
The Beatles - LOVE
The Sunshine Fix - Green Imagination
The Vines - Highly Evolved
Iron and Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days
Elliott Smith - From a Basement on a Hill
The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow
The Minders - The Future is Always Perfect
Elvis Costello - When I Was Cruel
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Boogie Woogie Christmas
Beck - Mutations
Cake - Fashion Nugget
Eyesinweasel - Wrinkled Thoughts
Movie Soundtrack - Oh Brother Where Art Thou?
Wellwater Conspiracy - Brotherhood of Electric: Operational Directives
Starlight Mints - The Dreams That Stuff Is Made Of
Wedding Bells, iComp match making service 8 years ago
That's too cool. I know of another IC couple who's shacked up, but have not heard of any wedding plans… what a wonderful thing to come out of being a part of a website!
iCompositions or iCovers 8 years ago
I see the polls show 75% don't agree with this post while 24% do… time to stick a fork in this topic… it's done!
Uploading 4 or 5 Songs A Week 8 years ago
Moses… I get the feeling you're just yanking on our collective chains to see what reaction you'll get.

Some pretty good ones too I see!

I mean… what about people like me who used to upload three songs a day but only did three last year… do I get make up points to post more so I am even steven with the community???

What do I get man???!!!

Just pulling your chain… gee, that was fun! smiley smiley smiley
iCompositions or iCovers 8 years ago
This forum topic makes no sense to my mind…
I must therefore mock it relentlessly! All I have
to say is this:

"Music is as music does…"

~Forest Granz smiley
iCompositions or iCovers 8 years ago
why can't we all just get along????
Merry Xmas PM 8 years ago
Today at 8:00am (Pacific Time) Sarah Gurr (Wakegirlsarah) delivered a healthy happy 8 pound baby boy into this world… They named him Xander. No doubt he'll be inheriting her musical abilities and adding to the mix here in a few years. Now that's a gift that keeps on giving!
Merry Xmas PM 8 years ago
I hope this is appropriate for me to include in this post...

Just a little Christmas 2009 news out to our community that the ever so wonderful Wakegirlsarah and her husband are receiving the coolest Christmas gift of parenthood as I type this. My wife drove them into the maternity ward earlier tonight and we are awaiting word on their child's arrival.

PM, have a very happy holiday and may 2010 bring many good things to both you and to this community.

Why do you hide your identity? 8 years ago
I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together
Different Kind Of Bass Player :) 8 years ago
Nice… I'll do the old school thing of posting a dead bass player who blows my mind…
Why do you hide your identity? 8 years ago
I am an open book… I am really Morgan Fairchild!
Guitarplayers 8 years ago
I play guitar and bass…
Photo Album Thread 8 years ago
Me Myself and I.


Someone play the guitar part to my song pwease???? 8 years ago
If I were you, I'd do the whole song and then ask a guitarist to add their part to it. The chord progression isn't too hard and there is room for a little riffing too. All in all a nice song… but personally speaking, I would not collaborate until the song was complete otherwise.

Best of luck!

What is your favorite music format? 8 years ago
2" analog tape in a quality studio through nice expensive compressors and preamps…
What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
Alice Cooper: Pretties for You
Covers? What's Your Opinion? 8 years ago
it has… LOL.
My Absence! 8 years ago
Arrrrrrr!!! Who ye be me laddy?
Goodbye Omar 8 years ago
I will say one last thing. There is a huge feeling of entitlement that I'm sensing as I read some of these reactions.

When we came on to this website we agreed to play by the rules. This is NOT our website. It is a place where we are allowed to post our music and are allowed to chat and pm and work together as long as we play nice.

The feelings of self importance and general paranoia I'm reading is a sad indicator of how so many people feel they are owed good things these days.

I say, grow up and play nice. You are not entitled to anything here. You are not owed anything here. You are not being watched by government secret servicemen in your pms.

This all comes down to the fact that Omar broke a term of service (probably more than once from what I see pm wrote in response here) and is being suspended for a couple of days. We all love Omar. Let's all keep our heads on straight however and keep things in proper perspective. No human rights have been violated. No freedoms have been taken from the iCompositions populace. Grow up.

Remember the good and focus on it. This place is a gift. A gift that has some rules that make it work correctly. If you go to an ocean beach and ignore the signs, you can get into some hairy trouble. That is why there are rules. Rules even make the music you post work correctly and not sound like a cacophony of noise.

All that said... come back Omar. Don't leave. We love you.

Nuf sed.
The iCompositions Flag 8 years ago
sounds fun
Goodbye Omar 8 years ago
Though Yo and I come from completely different backgrounds in so many ways, I have come to really appreciate him and his talents and have had many fun times with him through the magic of this site. So, with that said, I am saddened to read that he went off hook and took something too far, and for that reason is temporarily suspended. It's a sad thing that it had to come to this. The good news is that it's temporary in as much as Yo wants it to be.

On the other hand, I also know the hard work pm puts into keeping a nice community feeling in this website he created, and as that this is his place, he has absolutely every right to ask any guest of his site to excuse themselves if their behavior has become unpleasing to him, and might be causing trouble with the other guest... much the same way if someone who is over at my house might be asked to depart the premises if they were behaving in a way that was disruptive, hostile or rude. This isn't a matter of free speech, but rather asking us to be respectful while in our generous friend's home (iCompositions).

This website is a free gift that pm has given to anyone who will play by the rules. When I first arrived here, I did something that was out of line and got my wrist slapped, and it was okay... I stopped and looked at what I was doing, and came back with a better attitude.

As a parent of two, all I can say is that rules work.

I'm happy to see that pm hasn't banned Yomar, just given a time out. Hopefully Yomar will decide to stay. He is appreciated by so many people/artists here (including myself) that it would be a terrible shame if he decides to remove himself... that's a lot of history, and something he might find he regrets, if he does go through with it. I sincerely hope he stays.

Save Free U.S. Radio 8 years ago
Signed Sealed Delivered!
What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
Lots of old old old Steely Dan stuff...
What Do You Want To See In The Next Version Of GarageBand? 8 years ago
The ability to dispense cold diet cokes out of my computer... or maybe a built in programmable drum machine... and to have the choice to have the metronome on or off at launch as a preference.
Guitarplayers 8 years ago
If it has strings and a fretboard I can play it...
Logic Studio Pro 9 Upgrade 8 years ago
I still don't know how to properly use Logic Studio 8.... I still go right back to Garageband every time.
Best Decade For Music? 8 years ago
Every Decade has something worthwhile.... loving them all.
Official Song Plugging Thread 8 years ago
Goodbye Walter Cronkite. I dedicate my song The News to you today.
Are you on YouTube? 8 years ago
Mindnight Drive
with My Brother's Randy (keys and drums) and Darrell (videography)
Official Song Plugging Thread 8 years ago
I agree wholeheartedly with freisinger...
Where Did The iComper Go ? 8 years ago
Most of my faves are still here, but on a more sporadic level then in the past. We all have lives. This is a wonderful site and the place I personally put all my recorded sonic adventures.... but it's not life. I have a feeling it's the same thing for many who are not showing up as often... or at all.

I do wonder why Mike Patton left though... remember when he was joining in on the chats and uploading a couple of songs here? That was kind of fun.

Is iC Slow? 8 years ago
Is it just me or is this place not loading quickly again? It takes around 10 seconds once I click on a link for me to get a response and as much as twice that when trying to initially get in. This problem is happening morning noon and night for me, and I don't have it with other sites.
Is iC Slow? 9 years ago
Only the initial getting into IC is slow now... sometimes it takes forever for the server to respond, but then once in it seems to be fine.
Is iC Slow? 9 years ago
Sloww as a Leonard Cohen Song... but not as heart soothing while in the process....
Is iC Slow? 9 years ago
Is iC Slow? 9 years ago
Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy Slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Happy New Year! 9 years ago
2009? When did that happen???? I better figure out what I'm gonna do with the rest of it... Happy New Year iCompositions!!!
What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
Blitzen Trapper, Field Rexx album (Highly recommendable).
Covers? What's Your Opinion? 9 years ago
By the way... the second highest rated song I've uploaded here (by way of plays) is a cover...
Covers? What's Your Opinion? 9 years ago
You'll be seeing only covers coming from me for the next... oh I don't know how long, since I've put a cover band together. I'm hoping to get a feeling from the community here as to what works and what doesn't, though my vision for the direction of this band is pretty clear in my mind.

Covers that stray from the original are always a welcome sound. I only have troubles with mime bird versions.
What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
Ween's Latest album: La Cucaracha
Covers That Surpass The Original 9 years ago
Steve Lawrence and Eidie Gourmet singing Black Hole Sun with full Orchestra Backing... and Chris Cornel does a rad acoustic interpretation, but I don't know if that counts since he wrote it.
Covers That Surpass The Original 9 years ago
Jimi Hendrix doing Johnny B. Goode. Live...

nuf sed.
Do you Sit or Stand? 9 years ago
I played in a Band called the Old Joe Clarks who all sat while they played music... was interesting to sit on stage instead of standing. Now I have a band who stands... when I practice at home I do both.

I agree with NG that when singing, standing works best, though in Choir we sit when we practice and stand when performing...

It's complex...
16th October 2008 iComp Meet California: Oasis, Menlo Park 9 years ago
Life being what it is just decided to get in the way of my being able to make it tonight.... Let's just say this displeases me. Please raise a toast from me all the same and have a grand night!

Photo Album Thread 9 years ago
Last Halloween as a Mod.

16th October 2008 iComp Meet California: Oasis, Menlo Park 9 years ago
I'm there... easy trek for this CA boy... will see if Wakegirlsarah wants to join the throng.


Link the oldest track you like from here 9 years ago
A cool crafted pop style classic by Mick66 called:

Spesh for England.

His newer stuff ain't all that bad either...
New iCompositions Moderators 9 years ago
Nice appointments! I approve.
Top 10 Mistakes Artists Make 9 years ago
Well... now I know why I never made it...

iComp 'Top 10' RIP? 9 years ago
I voted no, but will say that I'm not against it and am fine with it being around...
so has anybody else here got a mental health condition? LOL 9 years ago
ADHD baby!
Where Are They All? 9 years ago
Baboon... you are genius. I think your original observations earlier in this post (page 2) are very succinct and deserve more attention.

I would love to hear what PM has to say in regards to it.

Like you, I am just happy to be able to stop on by and see this place is still going strong. It's a nice community and a lot of fun.

100 worst album covers ever. 9 years ago
Back in the 60's everyone was so shocked and outraged by Paul's admission that he smoked weed... well, if the general public was paying any attention at all, I think they would have figured it out themselves after having seen this album... I mean, c'mon... you would have to be high to say "yes, I like this album cover".

Where Are They All? 9 years ago
Where did TheGranz go? I miss his groovin' sounds.
Feedback 9 years ago
Oddly enough, one of the best angry aggressive out of control feedback solos I've ever witnessed at a live show was Bob Mothersbaugh of Devo just ripping into his guitar during the end of Gut Feeling and by the end, all of his strings were broken and the crowd just went bonkers as his guitar went into static chaos.

Yeah, feedback usage can come from the most unexpected sources.

Oh and I, like Jlgerk, totally dig Beck too! smiley

Favorite Album Covers 9 years ago
The dual composed desert scene with the strange drum just does it for me... you might find it a worst cover, but I dig it. It has a cool indie homemade feel to it (and it probably was).
100 worst album covers ever. 9 years ago
Great cover Jules!
100 worst album covers ever. 9 years ago
Here are five horrible album covers for your consideration:

Feedback 9 years ago
I love feedback when I do live solos with my band. My Big Muff really sends my Les Paul to the edge of being completely out of control and when I hold a note it just goes for it... If I want it to really go wild, I face my guitar towards the amp while in the "Muff mode" and bend strings....

Ahhhhhhh, sweet nectar!!!

Hendrix using controled feedback on the solos in his rendition of Johnny B. Goode... awesome stuff!

The Who's Pete Townsend getting some cool Feedback during Young Man Blues at the Isle of White

I find guitar feedback to be an essential part of a live rocking solo... it's a texture that paints a live show with excitement. Nuf Sed.

John Lennon's Plastic 9 years ago
Wow! A theological political conspiracy debate involving the Beatles on iComp! That's pretty awesome!


Favorite Album Covers 9 years ago
This is one of my favorite indie band album covers:


Favorite Album Covers 9 years ago
I'll go for the obvious choice...


Feel free to listen to this cover song while looking at this fine cover

John Lennon's Plastic 9 years ago
Well, despite my absolute revulsion in The Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus DVD where Yoko is dong a primal scream thing over a blues based jam, I would still definitely have to see this DVD about the Plastic Ono Band. I'm sure that there is some great Lennon stuff in it.

Just as an aside, if you ever want to see a great Lennon flick, get the DVD "Gimme Some Truth" which is an absolutely awesome documentary of him making the Imagine album.

Favorite Movie about Music? 9 years ago
What Makes a Song Good For You? 9 years ago
When a song has soul... regardless of genre, it will be a fantastic song...what is soul? If you have to ask, you don't know.
How do you read iComp? 9 years ago
FRONT AND BACK PAGES BABY!!! ...and chatbox!
Can Singers Act /Actors Sing? 9 years ago
I agree with all the above examples of great singing actors (no one mentioned Bing Crosby and Gene Kelly however) but I must make the contention that Susan Sarandon should have never attempted to sing her own parts in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
How do I delete negative, insulting comments? 9 years ago
The best way to deal with this problem is to go back into the past and build a race of robot killing machines that will hunt down the offenders... then when you return to the present the offensive comments will be gone.

Me? I'm currently trying to find Doc Brown...
What size for album art? 9 years ago
That's very helpful... thanks for posting clover and thanks for answering PM!

Two new Genres please 9 years ago
I'm still waiting for Psychedelic Post Punk Power Pop...
Bassplayers 9 years ago
I play bass and can sometimes help another artist.
M-Audio audio interfaces 9 years ago
I would highly recommend a Presonus instead of an M-Audio (having used both). The presonus outperforms M-Audio in every way.

my $0.02

New genre 9 years ago
I want the genre of "Lofi post punk psychedelic power pop" or maybe just a genre titled "Granz"