I live in England. I love making new music. My dad is thenownows smiley My favourite thing in my house is my pets. My brother is called Eddie and I love him. I do not have that many fans, but I do know some of my fans called . . . RubydubyDoubiox she is VERY kind my dad is one of her fans, and I am too. My hobbies are playing video games, weird music and saying weird word weird times. smiley. I love playing ROBLOX it's a free online game. smiley becwil is my favourite moderator. I love school and I have JUST finished school JUST then 1 muinite ago! TRUE ALL TRuE

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
The Mixer Other Jan 19, 2017 229
Max42 cool music(home music) Electronica Dec 18, 2016 190
Reflex Other Jul 29, 2016 226
Please be with me (2) Dance Jun 16, 2016 226
Please be with me (1) Electronica Jun 14, 2016 196
Help me Rock Jun 8, 2016 242
Rain Other Jun 2, 2016 213
England Music Alternative May 22, 2016 303
PiXiEs^^^^^*** §±±§±±§ Other May 8, 2016 231
SERiouSLY, I nEeD hElP! Rock May 5, 2016 324


Title Genre Released Plays
Piano Quartet (For Legs with Traffic) Classical Feb 25, 2009 1174