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Pro Tools LE & Mbox Mini 2 9 years ago
Thanks for your feedback. I assume the Mbox and Pro Tools doesn't include some of the midi and amp simulation tools that GB or Logic Express already have. I already have an M-Audio Fast Track interface and a Griffin imic. So I think may just go with the Logic Express. Thanks again for your input!

Pro Tools LE & Mbox Mini 2 9 years ago
Hello, everyone. I've been looking to move up from GB. I've been thinking about either Logic Express or getting a Mbox Mini2 with Pro Tools LE.

Has anyone had any experience with Pro Tools paired with an Mbox? Any input would be appreciated.


Lennon vs. McCartney 9 years ago
letileti wrote:
Maybe some prefer "melodic" McCartney over the so called "emotional" Lennon - that is a preference but Lennon was a genius-- the rest were just talented. That is the ultimate difference in IMO

That's one person's opinion I suppose. However, it's a difficult leap for me to conclude that Paul is just musically "talented" and not as equally a "genius" as John. That theory just doesn't hold water, in my opinion, of course. smiley And, really, it's quite pointless to argue about it.
Most important decade for music? 9 years ago
Well, now. I assume you mean for music in the past 60 years. If I had to choose the most important decade for music of all time, I'd choose 1700's or 1710's give or take a few years. That's the time period Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the piano-forte. Nothing has been the same since. smiley
Lennon vs. McCartney 9 years ago
artneuro wrote:
Yeah that, or they abandoned Pete Best as quickly as they could. Apparently, nobody's ever been given an explanation on how that all went down, which is curious.

I read an article a couple of years ago about their beginnings. (I can't remember where, but it was in a respected magazine.) This author concluded that John wanted Pete out because the girls paid more attention to Pete than the other band members. He implied that John was perhaps jealous, or felt that it was too distracting for the band.

I don't have any idea as to whether or not this theory was true. Only Paul can answer that question for sure now.

The official story, of course, is that The Beatles admired Ringo and felt he was a better fit for the band. And I don't think anyone can deny Ringo's charisma.
Lennon vs. McCartney 9 years ago
Sorry. I can't choose one over the other. I think they are truly equals. I think Double Fantasy showed that Lennon still had it in him and it's a shame we never found out how far he could have taken it.

A little Beatles note. I was watching Paul and Ringo be interviewed by Larry King the other night. Something Paul said caught my ear. Larry was asking about the early days and how Ringo ended up joining. Paul said (and he sounded like he really meant it) that "Ringo didn't join the Beatles, the Beatles joined Ringo."
The Who vs. Led Zeppelin 9 years ago
Easy for me too. Zeppelin, by far. smiley
Are you on YouTube? 9 years ago

I couldn't get "MessengerBoy" as a user name, so I'm "SeeDeeMoe" on YouTube. No videos of me, but some videos I made of my son and some of his band performing live.
Beatles versus Rolling Stones 9 years ago
BTW, everyone knows that it was the Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, not the Stones, who Paul McCartney saw as his band's primary rival.
Beatles versus Rolling Stones 10 years ago
I agree with B. It really is a matter of preference, not who is better, because "better" will mean different things to different people. Personally, I prefer the Beatles to the Stones, but that doesn't mean I don't like and appreciate the Stones. I think "Gimme Shelter" is one of the best rock songs of all time. (Notice I said "one of the best" not "the best.)
If I had a set, B, I'd give it a shot, but alas, I don't have one or access to one for recording right now. Sorry.
Video conversion question... 11 years ago
Does anyone know of any Mac utilities (besides Flip4Mac) that can be used to convert a video file from WMV (Windows Media Video) to any format recognized by QuickTime (e.g. MOV, AVI, etc.).

I know this is a GarageBand oriented site, but I'm hoping some of us are into video production too.


Suggestions and critique on something I recorded... 11 years ago
Hi there. I'm new here, so I apologize in advance if this post violates any generally accepted conventions around here. If it does, please let me know.

Anyway, I've been playing around with using GarageBand (iLife 06) to record my own instruments and songs. I've recorded something I wrote for fingerstyle acoustic guitar and I'm looking for any suggestions or critiques regarding the sound quality. There is too much hiss, but I seem to be having trouble getting the gain and the effects the way they should be.

Is it best to try to utilize gate and compressor manipulation at the time I record or is it best to go back and apply them to a recorded track?

The instrumental, called "Song for Cats" can be found here: