Hello everybody...

I'm really sorry to pop in here occasionally, but all my energy goes to promote the album and performing smiley
I am all the time staying in touch with other artists from iCompositions though, and you can always leave me a message if you want to contact me. I will be delighted to get new friends from here!


I was born in Krakow, Poland in 1977 and have been playing piano for over 24 years. I started composing when I was 16 and now I'm addicted smiley
I would not compose and sing, if it was not for all these records I have been listening to for all these years (Massive Attack, Lamb, Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, George Benson,Edyta Gorniak, Steve Wonder)...
I was asked, how do I measure success... I don't measure it by recording contracts or gold labels, I measure it by enjoyment. If I enjoy my music and give enjoyment to others then I have all the success I ever wanted. Enjoy the music.

Spiewam w swoim ojczystym jezyku: po polsku. Wierze jednak, ze muzyka jest jezykiem uniwersalnym i nie zawsze potrzebuje tlumaczen. Dziekuje wszystkim za wizyte na stronie. Pozdrawiam...

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Dancing Dragonfly (studio version) Alternative Sep 29, 2010 840
Lilies of the Valley Alternative Jul 20, 2015 499
Scarecrow Alternative May 1, 2015 539
Older Brother Alternative Jul 20, 2009 1290
Go girl Pop Jun 26, 2011 472
Great Escape Alternative Feb 10, 2011 586
Once Collab Pop Jun 12, 2007 3030
Self Initiated Witch Inspirational May 11, 2009 1596
Przeczekam Inspirational Apr 22, 2009 720
Bolting Horses Pop Feb 9, 2009 1832
Dla Ciebie Pop Dec 10, 2007 1378
Bitter Sweet Pop Jun 26, 2008 1226
Summertime (cover) Pop Feb 4, 2008 1366
Lullabies (new version) Other Sep 14, 2008 947
Nomen Nescio (NN) Pop Jul 4, 2008 1705


Title Genre Released Plays
King Arthur and the Knights of the Previously Square Table Comedy Jul 21, 2012 2502
Robin Hood Explicit Comedy Sep 11, 2011 1638
Sherlock Holmes in The Case of The Big Revolver Explicit Comedy Jun 12, 2011 1949
Once (re-mix) Industrial Aug 25, 2007 2435
Aisha full Soundtrack World Jun 2, 2007 1395
Mantra Pop May 20, 2007 1455
Aisha Intro World May 25, 2007 1925


Title Artist Genre Plays
Winter Sunrise k6 [+1] Folk 1606