Long time...
August 18, 2009 | 1:50 pm see.

I just realized that 11 months have passed since my last blog entry. That's 11 months!! Hmm, does that mean that I have become 11 months older? Nah...

So, I immediately had to create an entry letting everybody know that I have been working on my pop-stuff (instead of my classical stuff) for the past... hmm... 16 months. I have put a band together and we will have our first gig on the 31st of October. I have hired a small caf in Stockholm called Larry's Corner and will invite people for the gigs (which enables me to let them in and then lock the door). The reason for this rather selfish and un-commercial behaviour is that the 3 gigs will be recorded and released as a CD.

Of course the name of our debute will be:
Hold your horses Bob
live at
Larry's Corner

Now, if anyone of you good people will be close to Larry's Corner at the end of October, I'd love to see you there!

Love to whomever stumbles across this blog. And to everybody else as well.



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Oh, I wish I was close enough to pop in. I hope to get a copy of the CD! Y'all have fun!!!
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I'm REALLY happy to see your name again here and i wish you many good things for your band. Who knows..i may be around Stockholm soon...
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bec - I would love to send you a cd for sure! Heck, I'll probably post everything on iComp. In anyway I will let you know!

And Dylan, if you're ever around Stockholm again I know a good place for shots and garlic-spiced food...
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